White Shark Media Staffs Experts In Enhanced Campaigns

At White Shark Media their major target for example from one of its employees is creating enhanced campaigns whereby they are focused on increasing sales. Definitely increasing sales is why clients want to be in association with White Shark Media Complaints. Enhanced campaign strategy is there to ensure that in all fields everyone is making enough money which is definitely through improved business in addition to the sales. Andrews’s view of the enhanced campaign is that they still work well despite competition all the need is expertise which White Shark Media owns in the strategic marketing field. This is what the company is known for now with its dedications it has associates in Denmark, Central America, and the USA.

Andrew Lolk from White Shark Media has this important advice for people with small business; that website marketing is happening, and it’s late for a person who has not started marketing their products through the website. They would rather start now to avoid being left out in this great transition in the global market. Andrew represents the greater professional team of White Shark Media who are there all the time to receive clients’ calls and act on them accordingly to improve their ad words campaign.

As a small business owner, White Shark Media will not tire you with the whole campaign initiation process. Rather, they are dedicated to ensuring that from the start, clients start witnessing a great shift to positivity for their business. In addition, the firm will give the small and mid-sized owner total control on their ad words camping. To understand the whole concept and avoid the previous common problem of losing contact with a business campaign, White Shark Media has developed programs that train at the start of the campaign.

Online marketing is happening, and it is not wise to leave out a business which will record an improvement while marketed in online campaigns. For starters, Andrew recommends smaller campaigns like Twitter it will be a nice start up before huge and expensive campaigns. White Shark Media professionals know the solution to that ailing problem in your business; which is campaigning for more customers to create a wide base for the products in the business or the services. In case, a campaign does not work as expected White Shark Media drop the expense to a reasonable cost for some time before trying out new campaigns. This is an expression of their consideration o the marketing budget for that small business. Eventually, they help find campaign strategies that work well to the benefit of the business and its customers.

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John Goullet of Devisant on IT Career Placements

Devisant is the largest African-American owned IT staffing company in the United States. It routinely places more than any other company with Fortune 500 companies along with mid-sized companies looking to expand. If you are looking for an IT job, then you will quickly discover that Devisant operates as your career agent.

Many IT professionals flounder on their career path not understanding the way to the top. When you work with Devisant, you are set on a well-researched path to reach the top of your field. Each opportunity presented by Devisant allows you to learn new techniques and knowledge.

Many staffing companies simply run down a list to determine the best candidate to suggest resulting in unhappy matches on both the company’s part and the IT professional’s part. Instead at this company, face-to-face interviews are held with the company looking to hire a professional and with candidates. This allows Devisant to suggest the candidate that will be happiest in that workplace culture.

Principal executive John Goullet brings a long resume to the table at Devisant. John started out as an IT professional so he understands the joys and frustrations of working in this field. Then, over 20 years ago, he took that knowledge and started helping others succeed in the field. You can trust the advice provided by him and his team because they have been in the trenches. John has never lost his passion for helping companies and professionals accomplish the needed work through new innovations.

Devisant has contacts around the globe so they can tell you about salaries and what other professionals are experiencing in different areas. Furthermore, when it is time to go to your interview, they will provide you with inside information that you can use to make your interview successful. Therefore, you do not have to spend your hours researching on the

Internet or looking for a contact within the company.
After you land a job, many IT staffing companies stop any contact with you. That is not the way business is conducted at Devisant. Instead, we try to maintain an ongoing relationship helping you solve any problems that arise.

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Doug Levitt Opens America’s Eyes Through The Greyhound Diaries

In an interview for DCist featured singer-songwriter Doug Levitt and his creation of The Greyhound Diaries. This unique work of art incorporates stories, images and videos of Levitt’s 70,000 mile trip around the country on Greyhound buses and has received widespread support. Doug Levitt pours out his heart and soul and give his audience a glimpse into his powers of observation and in-depth understanding of the crux of the human condition through his modern-day expose on the lives of average people all across the country from different walks of life.

Levitt’s work received such acclaim that he even performed it at The Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage to share his life-changing experiences with a live audience. When asked about his motivation and inspiration behind his project, Levitt responded that he was taken by the plight of the struggling classes in America and wanted to do something to try and understand their situation and draw attention to the levels of poverty in this country. After growing up in Washington, D.C. as the son of D.C. Councilmember Carol Schwartz, Levitt was eager to understand the world from the perspective of some of the less famous and under represented members of society so that their voices could be heard on a larger scale.

Doug Levitt says he was also inspired by the Works Progress Administration-era projects and their ability to serve as a social safety net for segments of society that would be suffering in poverty without assistance from the government in some sustainable capacity. Levitt has had a broad range of experiences throughout his life in studying at Cornell University and earning a Fulbright Scholarship to study for his masters in International Relations at the London School of Economics. It was in London where Levitt first experimented with becoming as songwriter as his full time profession and launched a collaboration with David Henry, a widely respected American producer, who had also worked with Guster and John Rouse before Levitt. Henry was instrumental in Levitt’s production of The Greyhound Diaries, which include musical contributions from a founding member of the Counting Crows, Steve Bowman.

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Charles Koch Ponders Hillary as President

Charles Koch was recently interviewed by NBC News for his take on the current U.S. presidential election. In a surprising twist, Koch had more positive things to say about the Democratic Party front runner, Hillary Clinton, than the current GOP candidates. Charles Koch, along with his brother, David, is known for his extremely conservative political stances, especially when it comes to supporting free market economics. When he was asked about his thoughts on Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate, he responded that it was quite possible that she would make a better president than the current GOP candidates in the race. He went on to explain that in some respects, he actually preferred Bill Clinton as a president over George W. Bush because Clinton did not increase government spending at the same rapid rate that he says President Bush did. Of course, Koch noted that he does not currently endorse Hillary Clinton for president, or any other candidate right now for that matter, but he is generally displeased with the hateful campaign rhetoric being spouted out of the Republican Party side.

Charles and David Koch are responsible for gathering a large network of very influential donors who select certain conservative political candidates and help fund their campaigns. Right now, Koch said he and his network are backing various candidates for other political offices, such as in the legislative branch, but he has not decided on any presidential candidates to endorse at this time. The influence of the size of the donations coming from the Koch camp has certainly grown in recent years. For example, in the last presidential campaign cycle, the Koch network contributed about $400 million to their candidates of choice.

Charles made his enormous fortune as a businessman, particularly as a leader of Koch Industries. He currently serves as the CEO of the company. After inheriting the company from his father, Koch worked alongside his brother to expand its presence into other sectors than just the oil refinery business. As a result of their vision and leadership, Koch Industries is now the second highest private company in the U.S. in terms of revenue. In general, Koch stands in favor of free market reform and contributes to mostly libertarian political causes. In addition to his political activism, Koch supports numerous free market educational ventures, such as the Institute for Humane Studies and the Mercatus Center at George Mason University.

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The Success Of Highland Capital Management Under The Stewardship Of James Dondero

Highland Capital Management is a registered alternative investment corporation. The investment firm, which has about $18 billion of assets under its management, is among the largest global alternative credit managers. The firm deals in credit strategies such as the collateralized loan obligations, distressed and special situations private equity, distressed private equities and credit hedge funds. In addition, Highland Capital offers alternative investments, which include long term and short equities as well as providing investment services in emerging markets.

With a diversified client base, the firm caters to the needs of financial institutions, governments, foundations, corporations, funds of funds, individuals with a high net worth and public pensions. The firm whose headquarters are in Dallas, Texas, has additional offices in Sao Paulo, Seoul, New York and Singapore. The firm traces its history to January 1990 when Mark Okada and James Dondero started a joint venture with Protective Life Insurance Corporation. The ventures area of specialization was fixed income markets. Later, in 1993, the venture became a Protective Asset Management Company with Protective life owning 60 percent of the shares while the partners owned the rest.

In May 1997, James Dondero and Mark Okada bought states at Protective Life. Later, they created an independent advisor, which was registered with the SEC. They named the firm as Ranger Asset Management L.P. A year later, the firm changed its name to Highland Capital Management and commenced operations as an independent firm. Highland Capital expanded its services and product offering by acquiring two floating rate funds and entering the mutual fund field. This information was originally reported on Highland Capitals website as seen in the following link http://www.highlandcapital.com/

Dondero is the President of Highland Capital. He has a vast experience in the financial investment. James is an alumnus of the University of Virginia where he graduated with a Beta Gamma Sigma honor in Accounting and Finance. Jim, as he is commonly referred to, is a Chartered Financial Analyst, a Certified Management Accountant and a Certified Public Accountant. James serves as a member of the board of MGM Studios and American Banknote. In addition, he is the chairman of different entities including CCS Medical, NexBank and Cornerstone Healthcare.

Before forming Highland Capital Management, James worked as an analyst at Morgan Guaranty training program. A year later, he joined American Express where he started as a Corporate Bond Analyst before becoming the Portfolio Manager. After four years, he moved to GIC where he served as the chief investment officer. He played a significant role in the creation of Protective Life, which was a Subsidiary of GIC. Mr. Dondero used his vast career experience to form Highland Capital. He has continued to develop new products and services, which have pushed the company to greater heights.

Uncommon School Partners with Husband and Wife For Uncommon Scholarship

Do you dream of attending college? Do you dream of becoming the next Bill Gates or the next technological guru that comes out of New York City? Do you believe you have the next million dollar idea but you need the college education to help you get a little further in life? Are you a student at Brooklyn, New York’s Uncommon Schools? Are you a senior that will graduate in 2016? We have the opportunity of the lifetime and it was created just for you and other individuals like you who want to attend college but do not have the resources.

Keith Mann is the founder of Dynamic Search Partners have partnered with Uncommon Schools to unleash a scholarship like no other. This scholarship will award one student who is a senior in high school with $5,000 in scholarship money. In order to be eligible you simply have to write an essay about how receiving this scholarship will help you achieve your professional goals. This opportunity seeks to give students who may have never been able to attend college a chance to pursue their dreams.

For years Keith has been an advocate for education and the Uncommon School’s mission of helping students who are less fortunate and this opportunity will not only give them the chance to impact the lives of teens but it will give them a front row seat into the lives of students who may some day be the world’s biggest and brightest business leaders.

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Source: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160125006525/en/Keith-Mann-Announces-2016-Scholarship-Professional-Achievement

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Avi Weisfogel Supports Operation Smile

Avi Weisfogel has offered his support and funds to the GoFundMe campaign for Operation Smile. He believes that the charitable foundation is focused on a good cause to help children and young adults with their dental needs. He has set aside $2000.00 to get the GoFundMe campaign started and he shows that he is passionate about the program and its benefits. He wants to ensure that every child remains hopeful through their years and wants to give them something to look forward to which is a beautiful smile.

Operation Smile was originally started in 1982 by Bill and Kathy Magee. When the started the organization, their first mission was stationed in the Phillipines where they were able to help young children there, with their dental needs. Over the past thirty years, they have been about to help more than 220,000 people with dental surgeries and procedures. They have been able to expand globally and grow their foundation into a network of many volunteers covering 80 nations. Operation Smiled is dedicated to working with local hospitals, government agencies and other medical facilities to ensure that each patient gets the proper care they are looking for. They have covered simple procedures all the way to very extreme surgeries such as cleft palates surgeries. They foundation has been a positive, successful cause that many people are thankful for, as well as passionate about.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a practicing dentist himself, and has his own facility in New Jersey. He has been dedicated to dental patients for many years, and has been well known in the community as one of the best dentists. He has worked hard to produce an oral appliance that helps patient’s that experience sleep apnea. He has a training program that helps teach dentists and their staff what to look for when they’re looking at a patient with obstructive sleep apnea. He has dedicated much of his life and studies to developing ways and helping patients correct their sleep apnea disorder, and get the quality sleep they’ve been longing for, for many years. Many people suffer from sleep apnea and aren’t even aware that they have it, by using the oral device that Weisfogel recommends, it can help correct the disorder promptly.

This article recapped http://www.12newsnow.com/story/31366182/avi-weisfogel-dds-launches-gofundme-campaign-set-up-to-benefit-operation-smile

Every Meal Depends on High Quality Ingredients

A well prepared meal is something that will bring a smile to anyone’s face. There’s something about a high quality meal which really speaks to the finer things in life. It helps to make people feel healthy. And this of course leads to a lot of happiness. And it goes without saying that the process of actually eating those high quality meals will be an enjoyable experience unto itself. A great meal has a way of enriching almost every aspect of one’s life. But most people never consider the fact that this extends to the family pet as well. And all it takes to verify that sentiment is a look on the family dog’s face at mealtime. He’ll usually be looking at the meals with a real sense of envy. But a recent article published by the Daily Herald shows that several companies are working on ways to address the situation.
The article highlights several examples of ways in which companies are addressing the issue of dog food quality. One of the common threads is the fact that many companies are turning to higher quality ingredients and far better recipes. Instead of just looking at it as a math equation to balance ingredients, the companies are working on actual recipes. For example one company is working on a dog food that emulates the taste of lasagna.

This is a new way of looking at dog food for most companies and consumers alike. But in many ways these companies are just catching up to a trend set by Nestle PurinaStore back in 2001. Beneful is a high quality dog food brand which began by looking at the state of nutrients in dog food. They knew that the real benefits of a proper diet depended on high quality ingredients. And that began Beneful’s dedication to a higher quality of dog food than the market had ever seen.

One of the most notable things about Beneful‘s line of dog food is how easily the quality can be seen. A person doesn’t need to be an expert in dog food to see the difference. The difference is obvious the second one opens up a bag of Beneful.com‘s dog food. There’s always chunks of easily identifiable ingredients to be found. One can tell it’s chicken flavored, for example, because there’s easily identifiable chunks of juicy chicken right there in the bag. The same goes for the healthy vegetables and all of the other ingredients in Beneful’s recipes. Visit https://www.youtube.com/user/BenefulBrandDogFood to learn more.

Helane L. Morrison, the making of the investment Giant

Greatness, honor, and achievement are not something that is handed down to a person on a silver platter. One has to work for them. There is a great deal involved in one’s success. To start with, there is a lot of hard work, perseverance, and self-drive. Many people who don’t have visions and goals falter along the way, and the persistence and consistency are what differentiates successful people to others.


Helane L. Morrison rises to the top in the investment stock market is not something that happened overnight. Like many other successful people, she has worked her way up. Everybody who has worked with her will attest to the fact that she has billed so many hours in the office working late in her quest for greatness. Many people who are not familiar with investment market may not understand the many hours spent in the office analyzing the stock exchange. This is a very volatile market and any minute spent analyzing the stock counts. Apart from that, the business is also precarious as there are very many avenues of business people and organizations to be involved in fraudulent business activities involving giving of insider information. As a result the practitioners must be people of high moral integrity to survive in the business.


Helane L. Morrison has been in the legal industry for decades. She has over 20 years’ worth of legal experience spanning from when she was admitted to the state bar of California in 1987. Helane L. Morrison is also comprehensive read. She graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 1984. She also e received a B.S in journalism from Northwestern University and worked as a paper reporter in late 1980s. Other honorable mentions include working as the chief editor of the California Law review.


Over the years, Helane L. Morrison has enhanced her resume as one of the most legally knowledgeable people in the USA. Having served on Contra Costa County Human Relations Commission from 1991 to 1993 gave her the legal foundation platform for the success she is enjoying today. During her formative years in her law career, she was a member of the Federal Courts Committee of the California Bar Association from1992 to 1995. She also served as a director of the Board of Directors of the University of California, Berkeley as the secretary from 1996 to 1997. It is, therefore, okay to say that Helane L. Morrison career has been a success in all sense.


A Healthy Cleanse with No Shampoo

Emily McClure recently wrote an article on Bustle.com that described her trial of the hair product Wen. Wen hair is a cleansing conditioner made for any hair type and requires no shampoo. The product is designed to cleanse your hair and leave you with a healthy looking shine.

McClure wanted to put this guthy-renker beauty blog claim to the test and began a seven day trial using only the WEN hair cleansing conditioner. Before beginning her experiment, McClure was slightly wary of the product weighing down her fine hair because the bottle recommended a use of 10-16 pumps just for short hair. During McClure’s first shower she seemed satisfied with the Wen hair product as it made her feel like she had thicker hair and she had fewer strands of hair fall out. After her shower she did noticed some more volume and shine in her hair. The next morning, however, she woke up with greasy roots which she claims is not normal for her hair after one night of washing. The next morning her roots were greasy once again, so she took a shower that morning. She realized on about day six that in order for her to get the look she wanted with this cleansing conditioner she would have to take showers in the morning. She was noticing that her hair was shinier and healthier looking, and even some of her friends commented on the shine of her hair. With the sephora advertised product, McClure found that her hair fell quicker throughout the day and if she showered at night or skipped a day her hair became very greasy. However, McClure did state that she was satisfied with the product and would reach for it again in the future. Check out the Wen hair on Amazon because it is great and it works! Also, check out the original article by Emily McClure on Bustle.com!