Gorillaz Presents A Surprise Song Release For The Fans

After a few years out of the spotlight, the eclectic music group Gorillaz is back. Led by lead singer and mastermind Damon Albarn, Gorillaz proved its excellence when it released a surprise new video for a song called “Sleeping Powder.” Billed as a solo outing from virtual Gorillaz member 2-D, this song features a fairly Beatles-like intro. After this classic-rock intro, the song evolves into unique exercise in electro, funk and psychedelic pop-rock. Gorillaz started their recent musical resurgence back in April when they released their “Humanz” album. According to Albarn, there are several dozen finished songs left over from their last round of sessions`. Only time will tell how many surprise releases Albarn has in store. It is remarkable and gratifying that this band has become so prolific as of late.


“Sleeping Powder” has already made a mark on the world of music journalism. Over time, this band’s commercial accomplishments may reach remarkable new heights. Without doubt, this band is one of the most advanced multimedia groups in modern music history. Albarn and his collaborators are doing all they can to expand the limits of modern music and popular culture. Instead of making do by aping the successes of the past, Gorillaz have clearly decided to adopt a bold new methodology for making music


In some ways, the new Gorillaz sound reminds me of the New Zealand artist who goes by Ladyhawke. Just like Ladyhawke, Gorillaz seems capable of adapting to the times without seeming inauthentic. It wouldn’t suprise to learn that Albarn has heard Ladyhawke’s “Anxiety” album. Gorillaz is trying very hard to maintain a contemporary sound. It remains to be seen if this aim will prove truly feasible. Although this album is primarily a vehicle for the talents of Damon Albarn, one could argue that Albarn’s collaborators always manage to make themselves heard. In the past, Albarn has collaborated with talents as diverse as Miko Hatori, De La Soul and Del The Funky Homosapien.


Dan Auerbach On His New Solo Album

Recently, Dan Auerbach released his second solo album, entitled “Waiting On A Song.” For the making of this album, Auerbach recruited an assortment of Nashville music legends. This ensemble included big players like guitarist Duane Eddy, keyboardist Robert Wood and drummer G. Christman. Having already become a hugely successful member of the Black Keys, Auerbach appears determined to achieve success on his own. These people played on well-known hits by people like Elvis Presley and Dusty Springfield. Interestingly, Auerbach wrote this album’s title song with John Prine. Auerbach revealed that during the year that it took to write this album, he avoided the Internet whenever possible. This tactic allows people to have the peace and quiet they need to really focus on their art.


Auerbach recently discussed his new album with a journalist from a major music site. Reading this interview, it quickly becomes clear that Auerbach is deeply knowledgeable about music. Indeed, Auerbach deserves widespread recognition for his willingness to broaden his musical horizons.


I certainly hope that Auerbach’s newest album becomes commercially successful. Without doubt, this individual has proven himself highly capable as a guitarist, singer and songwriter. When people are able to demonstrate fluency in so many different roles, these musicians truly deserve to have successful careers. People are mistaken when they argue that rock music does not serve a useful, functional purpose. However, one could argue that as people go through their stressful lives, excellent rock music helps people get through life with more contentment and less frustration. Only time will tell how the public will respond to Auerbach’s latest album. However, this musician has built a vast audience through his work with the Black Keys and a variety of other groups. Along with his high-profile collaborator, Dan Burton, Auerbach has revitalized rock music for a new generation. In interviews, I feel that this musician demonstrates an outstanding ability to explain his brilliant musical ideas.


An Interview with Greg Secker

In a recent interview with Inspirery.com, Greg Secker answered a few questions about how he got started in business and how he has been so successful over the years. Secker took to financing at an early age and has had several jobs within the financial field. He has a wife and though he finds his achievements act work enjoyable, the most important thing to him is being a great dad. Being able to spend more time at home was a bonus that came with starting his own company, Learn to Trade.


Grag Secker stated that he had wanted to start his own company for a long time. He saw that a lot of people had trouble learning how to trade and that there were very few sources for them to learn. That is where the inspiration for Learn to Trade was born. He used everything he learned to create learning tools that would benefit those who followed them, even himself. By 27 he was able to stay at home while still earning.


Secker believes that his success comes from the support of his friends and family. They are the ones that give him good ideas and give him a clear outlook on life. They were also some of his first clients when he began his company. He also believes that the interactions he has with the people he meets at public speaking events give him insight into the values and difficulties of different people all around the world.


The most satisfying moment for Secker was when he was able become his own boss and spend more time with his family. The first company that he worked for was Thomas Cook Financial Services. While there he was transferred to work on a new business titled the Virtual Trading Desk, one of the first real-time Forex trading platforms. By the age of 25 Secker had become the Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation, which was a Fortune 500 investment bank at the time. Working at Mellon Financial Corporation allowed him to gain the experience to grow not only his client’s accounts but his own personal account. With enough in savings, Secker chose to open his own company, Learn to Trade, which is a leader in stock trading education.