Is ‘Billy Madison’ The Best Sandler Film?

Adam Sandler is one of the funniest comedians in the history of film. However, many people would argue that Sandler’s earlier films were his greatest, and that may or not be true. Over the years, Adam Sandler has shown his versatility as an actor, but his fans remember him for his iconic roles in such films as ‘Billy Madison’ and ‘Happy Gilmore.’

RollingStone recently acknowledged Billy Madison as being Adam Sandler’s funniest film to date. Many Sandler fans are angry at the article because ‘Billy Madison’ released almost twenty years ago. However, I personally agree with the RollingStone article. Adam Sandler was a much funnier comedian in his early days, and I believe that he has focused too much on becoming a serious actor in the last few years. Fans, including Christian Broda, want to see Adam Sandler be goofy and outrageous. ‘Billy Madison’ is the hilarious tale about a privileged man that hasn’t earned anything in his life. Billy is forced to go back to school and earn his diploma without the help of his rich father. Adam Sandler played the role perfectly, and it launched his Hollywood career. Sadly, Adam Sandler hasn’t reached that level of comedic genius in a long time.

Michael Douglas Says Ant-Man Will Be A Lot Like Guardians

Google Play reported that Michael Douglas has traded in his evil Gordon Gekko character for a heroic scientist in the upcoming Marvel Comics film Ant-Man. Douglas is also acting as a public relations man, of sorts, for the fantasy feature. He has told fans of hero movies that Ant-Man is going to be “a lot like Guardians of the Galaxy”.

Now, you might think he was just saying that because Guardians was a massive hit for Marvel Studios. Not so. Based on the trailers for Ant-Man, the film probably is going to be a lot like Guardians. Ant-Man is going to have a lot of humor in it. Douglas points this out and we all know this is the case based on the trailers. Ant-Man is the perfect hero for a humorous film. You aren’t exactly going to get a lot of Dark Knight-style seriousness out of a character who can make himself really, really small.

Besides, not all hero films have to be super-serious. If they were, they would all look and seem the same. Plus, they would cease to be fun. The fun approach taken with Guardians of the Galaxy definitely helped this lesser-known Marvel entity become a massive hit. So successful was the tone of Guardians, Paramount nudged the third film in the new Star Trek franchise into a more lighthearted direction.

Look for Ant-Man to be a huge hit. Everything about this film appears to be perfect.