New Album Takes Solange Out of Her Big Sister’s Shadow

Good music can get your recognized. It can be your vehicle to award shows. Good music can give your fame and fortune. For Solange, good music has done something that may be more important than any of that. The music that she has made for her new album is good music – Rolling Stone gave the album 3 out of 4 stars – that has finally take Solange out of the shadows of big sister Beyonce.


She had to produce a quality album and hit the number one spot for people to really see Solange and the contribution that she has made to music. For the record, the shadow that Beyonce casts is huge. There are a lot of people that do not have any blood ties to Beyonce that sit in the shadows of her work. It means something greater for Solange though because the comparison never stop for onlookers. Solange and Beyonce look alike. Vocally, it would be difficult, at times, to tell which sister was singing if they did a duet together. This is how much they sound alike. So naturally fans cannot help but wonder why Solange has not lit the same fire under fans that Beyonce has ignited. Her album, as good as it may be, serves as a further indication of why these two are still so different.


The obvious answer thing that people can draw from “A Seat at the Table” is that Solange is not begging for a pop crowd. Beyonce has done songs like “Halo” and “Single Ladies” to lure pop crowds in. It is true that these songs were dominant on R&B stations, but Beyonce had to know that there was a greater change for crossover appeal with hits like this.


What most people do not realize is that Solange never wanted the spotlight in this manner. She has new tracks that do not meet any pop criteria. In many cases she has songs that would not get spins on pop or R&B radio. So much of R&B has become become saturated with hip hop. Solange, by radio standards of today, doesn’t really fit on radio at all. This is why it is so interesting to see her with a number one album on Billboard.

The Best is Yet to Come for Solange

Many people may have counted Solange out in the music industry. She has been hanging around in the shadows with no type of music for a little over 8 years. There are not a lot of artists that can stay away for that long and still maintain a fan base. The biggest buzz about Solange – prior to the release of her new album – was the elevator fiasco where she was shown kicking Jay-Z repeatedly.


A few years would go by after this incident occurred. People would speculate whether Beyoncé and Jay-Z had a marriage that was on the rocks. This would set off an obscure chain of events. Solange would almost retreat from media altogether with a brief moment in the sun with photos from her wedding that “broke the Internet” with all the searches from fans that wanted to these pictures. Beyoncé would drop a visual album that debuted on HBO that would indirectly address issues with the marriage issues. This album, aptly titled “Lemonade,” would hit the number one spot. The buzz would be huge. People thought that this would be the highlight from the Knowles family. Little did fans know that there would be another Knowles that would hit the Billboard charts and steal her big sister’s thunder.


Solange would be the one that took over the charts to beat out a new Bon Iver release. This would be the first number one album for Solange. People have been excited about her return. She may not have had a number one album before, but she is certainly holding tightly to this spot right now.


Several new videos have already been released for the songs on the album, but there are more to come. It shows that it may be wise to take a break sometimes and simply live your life. Solange hasn’t been in the spotlight like Beyoncé. She isn’t expected to. That is the great thing about being the little sister. For Solange it has been easier to go on a hiatus. She had the chance to get married and enjoy the time with her husband. Solange also has an easier time taking risks with a soulful sound. She didn’t have to pursue the pop crowd to sell records.

Solange Takes a Seat at the Table

The music industry is buzzing about music from someone with the last name Knowles, but this time it is not Beyoncé. Little sister Solange has managed to become a force for the fall of 2016 with a surprise album. There are people that are interested in hearing what she has to say with the new “A Seat at the Table” album. This is an exciting

soulful journey into the mind of Solange.


She has worked with producers like Raphael Saadiq to bring a whole new vibe to her sound. There are Prince influences found here. There are also some vibes that will sound like D’Angelo. She has managed to take things to a new level and totally bring forth a sound that is unlike anything that she has done before. The passion for music seems to be stronger than ever before. A lot of people are interested in the album that has risen to number one on the Billboard charts. This is the first number one for Solange. It is also the first time that two sisters have had a number one album on the Billboard charts at the same time. This is an outstanding time for the Knowles because it shows that both sisters have what it takes to sell records.


Everyone knows that Beyoncé has the ability to sell out shows easily. Solange, however, has always been the recluse that did not have a huge fan base. She was fine with this. Her sound was not mainstream, and she was totally happy with this. Solange has never looked for any type of large crowd to get approval as an artist. She appears to have always been rather comfortable with her small venues, but a number one album could change all of that. Solange is finding out that there are more people that are discovering her sound. Few artists that have been in music for more than a decade that suddenly come pop up with a number one album. Solange is part of a select crowd of artists that have risen to the top later in her career.


She has crafted a sound that builds on a style she already had. It has been perfected with super producer Raphael Saadiq at the wheel.