Michael Keaton Joins ‘Spiderman: The Homecoming’ Cast

Film veteran Michael Keaton has joined the cast of Spider-Man: The Homecoming.

It has been confirmed that Keaton, who starred as Bruce Wayne/Batman in Tim Burton’s 1989 take on DC Comic’s Batman, will play the role of the villain, The Vulture. The character first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man Issue #2, released in 1963. The Vulture, whose real name is Adrian Toomes, was the victim of a crime. He had previously developed a suit that allowed him to fly. Toomes became distraught and bitter following the incident and used the suit to develop an alter-ego.

The film will co-star Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Marisa Tomei as Aunt May. Robert Downey Jr. will revise his role as Tony Stark/Iron Man. The movie was written by John Francis Daley and Johnathon M. Goldstein, with writing credits to include Spider-Man creators Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

Spider-Man: The Homecoming lists a number of producers with Stan Lee listed as executive producer of the project. Jon Watts, who directed 2015’s Cop Car, starring Kevin Bacon, is set to take the director’s seat for the film.

Spider-Man: The Homecoming is set to hit theaters July 2017.

Kesha to Perform at 2016 Billboard Music Awards

Kesha, formerly stylized as Ke$ha, has received permission from Kemosabe Records to perform at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards.

The performance comes as a small defeat for the singer who has been locked in her contract with Kemosabe Records to work with producer Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald, following allegations of rape and mental cruelty.

The “Tik Tok” singer was signed to Gottwald’s Kemosabe Record label in 2005 when she was just 18 years old. Kesha filed a lawsuit against the producer in 2014, alleging that he had drugged and raped her, as well as violated a multitude of business practices during their 10-year partnership.

Kesha sought to be released from her contract with the company, following the recording of her 2012 sophomore album. New York Judge Shirley Kornreich dismissed Kesha’s claims against Gottwald and Kemosabe Records.

The singer was originally scheduled to perform at the Billboard Music Awards ceremony, but sources alerted the record label that Kesha intended to use the performance as a platform to discuss her accusations against Gottwald.

“Once we received reassurance from not only Kesha, but from Dick Clark Productions as well, that Kesha would not discuss the lawsuit or allegations, we reversed our decision,” a representative from Kemosabe said.

Kesha cleared the air using her Twitter account.

“I am going to cover a song by one of my favorite singers, Bob Dylan,” she wrote. “I was never going to discuss my issues with Dr. Luke.”

The 2016 Billboard Music Awards will be held Sunday, May 22.

The Television Networks Promote New Series

Earlier this week, representatives from leading broadcast television networks appeared in a press conference to promote upcoming new television series slated for release this fall. Reportedly, comedies based around family themes will predominate on the schedule.

ABC will present two nights with two solid hours of sitcoms, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. CBS plans to broadcast two hours of comedy fare on Mondays, and NBC also announced plans to develop some new sitcoms. Many of the upcoming series won’t premiere until the middle of the fall season.

One of ABC’s new offerings, Speechless, will present a half hour comedy based around a family with a special needs child. The show stars Minnie Driver. ABC will also introduce a comedy about a woman with a talking dog, starring Allison Tolman. Downward Dog premieres in the middle of the season.

Kevin James, who previously starred in King of Queens, appears in a new sitcom on CBS entitled Kevin Can Wait. Matt LeBlanc, previously on Friends, will lead the cast in Man With a Plan. CBS will also present some NFL games on Mondays and Thursdays during the fall, possibly resulting in some temporary schedule shuffling.

All of the networks plan to debut some new dramas also, and remakes also populate the new lineup heavily. A reprise of MacGyver joins several series based on successful films. Dana Walden announced that 90% of the upcoming season on FOX involves first-run programs.

Sean Penn’s ‘The Last Face’ Booed at Cannes

Viewers and critics alive have savaged Sean Penn’s latest directorial venture, “The Last Face,” at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.

The film stars Charlize Theron as an aid worker who romances Javier Bardem’s doctor character while the two are in Africa for humanitarian work. Jean Reno and Adle Exarchopoulos also star, with a script by Erin Dignam.

The derision began early in the film’s first screening, with the audience laughing during the title sequence and at various points throughout. By the end, the audience had had enough — they booed, long and loud.

Viewers immediately took to Twitter and other forms of social media to express their dismay and contempt, while professional critics wasted no time in detailing their dislike of the movie in lengthy reviews.

Criticism ranged from “pompous” to “infuriating.” One common complaint was that the film uses the Sudanese genocide and African suffering as a backdrop for a love story between Westerners. Amidst scenes of Bardem and Theron emoting about their star-crossed love are violent images of warlords, brutality and suffering children.

Penn, who’s become increasingly committed to humanitarian work in the past few years, stands by his film and praised the actors’ performances. He has yet to announce a release date.

Brian Cranston Appears in Starring Role on HBO Film

Award-winning actor Bryan Cranston will appear this Saturday on HBO in the role of President Lyndon Johnson in an adaptation of a 2012 Broadway play written by Robert Schenkkan, All The Way. The actor reportedly wore extensive makeup to allow him to closely resemble the former President. Reviewers have praised his performance in the drama. The important Civil Rights legislation passed during the Johnson Administration ended the segregation which had existed for decades in some Southern states following the Civil War and Reconstruction.

The film, All The Way, describes LBJ’s fight to pass controversial Civil Rights legislation following the assassination in office of President John F. Kennedy. Actress Melissa Leo costars as the First Lady and Anthony Mackie plays Dr. Martin Luther King. Bradley Whitford portrays Vice President Hubert Humphrey and Stephen Root plays FBI Director Herbert Hoover.

Bryan Cranston previously won acclaim for television performances which include playing Malcolm’s father on the FOX television comedy Malcolm in the Middle and high school chemistry teacher-turned-meth-manufacturer, Walter White, in the hit dramatic series Breaking Bad. His performance in the role of LBJ has already generated media buzz about whether he and co-star Melissa Leo will garner Emmy nominations for their performances in All The Way.

Bryan Cranston recently co-starred with actor John Leguizamo in The Infiltrator (2016), a film about efforts to bring down the Escobar drug cartel. The film will reach theaters in the United States in July.

Eric Pulier Is a Titan in the Tech World

Eric Pulier had a normal upbringing. He spent his formative years in New Jersey. He focused on his studies and became one of the best students at his school. His fine academic record enabled Eric to gain acceptance into the legendary Harvard University. He decided to focus his energy on earning a degree in English literature. However, he did not end up using his degree in any of his career endeavors. He decided to go into the tech field because he always had a deep love for computers and anything related to technology.

Eric Pulier had many different opportunities after finishing his studies at Harvard. Many companies wanted to hire a man of Eric’s obvious intellect. However, Eric thought it would be better for him to become his own boss. Therefore, he put all of his time and energy into starting several companies that wound up being very successful. One of the hardest things to do in the business world is to create a company from nothing and develop its brand to the point where people are aware of it. Pulier quickly proved that he was very adept and promoting startup companies and getting the general public to be interested in them. In fact, many people with ideas for startup companies would often contact Eric to find out if he wanted to be involved in their new company.

One of the things that set Eric apart from the rest of the people in the tech world was the fact that he saw enormous potential in the cloud long before anyone else. He knew that people and businesses would eventually be using the cloud for a wide variety of things. This caused him to create a company called ServiceMesh. This company’s main purpose is to offer a way for companies to manage their various cloud systems. ServiceMesh was another huge success for Eric.

Eric has also made a nice living by offering his consulting services to various companies that want to start using cloud technology. Eric gives these companies advice about how the cloud can benefit them and the best ways it can be implemented.

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Chaz By Wen Is Wonderful For Fine Hair

When a writer from Bustle.com wanted to try a new hair product, she picked Wen by Chaz to see if does what it claims to. She used the product according to the directions to see if it would do anything special to her hair. There are pictures that document what the results were on a daily basis. Take a look at the results that she obtained in the article on Bustle.com Since she gives a lot of good descriptive words in her article, this can help a lot of people to understand how the Wen by Hair products actually work. Results are also posted on http://www.wen.com/before-after.html.
What Is The Pricing Of Wen By Chaz Hair Products?

The pricing for Wen by Chaz hair products will vary. It will depend on how much a person purchases. They will want to see if there are any discounts available by going on the Ebay.com website. This will give them the ability to see the pricing structure, and the various products that are available from Chaz Dean’s Store.

Wen By Chaz For Great Hair

The Wen hair care line was created so that people could wash, condition and style using just one product. Since it does work on a variety of people’e hair, both women and men are using the products to allow their hair to look and feel better.

For people that want to add body and shine to their hair, the products from Wen by Chaz will do the job that they are looking for. Since this is a great way for someone to change their appearance for the better, they will be greatly amazed at all it can do for them. They will feel much more confident when they are out and about for personal and professional outings, knowing that their hair looks great.

Ross Abelow Saves The Strays

In New York, the weather can be very difficult for stay animals to handle. Ross Abelow has started a GoFundMe fundraiser to help house the strays so they can be taken care of well. The animals will be given shelter and the proper medications to ensure that their health is taken care of.

Ross Abelow Is A Well Respected Lawyer

In the legal field, Ross Abelow is respected by the professional peers that surround him. This is not only because of his ethics, but because he specializes in two very different types of legal issues. His specialties include entertainment and divorce law. Both of these areas of law are very complicated, and Ross Abelow is experienced with both of them. He has completed and won several cases in both of his specialties.

Entertainment Law With Ross Abelow

Ross Abelow has helped many people in the entertainment field with their legal needs. He has a lot of experience representing these types of artists, and winning cases for them.

Divorce Law Is Also A Specialty Of Ross Abelow

In divorce cases, he represents his client so they will get what they rightfully should. He also handles child custody cases to make sure the best parent has rights over what their child does and over where it will live.

A Consultation With Ross Abelow

The consultation with Ross Abelow will allow a client to understand what will happen in the court proceedings. This will also give them time to set up a good rapport. It is important that the client be open and honest with Ross because he needs to be able to set up a good case for them. The consultation with Ross Abelow is free for the client, and they will get a good understanding of what to expect in the months to come in reference to their case.

Ross Abelow will continue to assist the stray animals because he feels deeply about this cause. He is extremely interested in keeping them safe, and he shows that in a number of ways. As he proceeds in his legal field, his career will continue to expand, and he will attract more and more clients for what he can accomplish for them.

Check out Abelow’s Fundraiser: https://www.gofundme.com/ross-abelow-pets

The Ventures of Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital, is a firm that invests in International banking, and is dedicated to represent the highest levels of professionalism and integrity. The firm has offices throughout Asia, Africa, and North America, where they provide valuation services, financial advisory services, mergers and acquisitions and financial options of privately and publicly held businesses. The professionals that work for Madison Street Capital, have drawn off of the specialized expertise of the partnering with the middle-market firms. The company has become a industry-leading and trusted partner of the financial advisory services, business valuations and the M&A assistance. The company also strives to analysis the clients individual needs when offering services.

In the case with many of the middle market business, it is important that they find the right corporate financial advisors that are right for their company, as it applies to the needs and challenges of the company. For many of the middle market owners, it may seem overwhelming when searching for the right advisor. This may be from looking for a acquisition, to building an exit strategy to seeking favorable lending. With Madison Street Capital, they have an excellent history and reputation, as it also has the reliability within the investing banking industry and is well established in being one of the leading providers in financial services for middle markets.

At Madison Street Capital, the firm has shown itself to have the experience, knowledge and extensive relationships to match active sellers and buyers, as well as the ability to match capitalization structure and appropriate financing to every client situation. The firm has made sure that it meets the unique needs, demands and precise recommendations to each and every client. There are several areas when reaching out to help client’s, this including Corporate Advisory, Business Valuation, and Asset
Management Industry Focus. As well as Valuation for Financial Reporting and Financial Opinions. These areas have several individual areas of expertise within the departments. Some of the service areas individual services in Bankruptcy Services, Company Valuations, and Restructuring Service. These services help within the remaining commitment to bring excellence and integrity within their leadership and servicing these middle market firms.

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James Dondero a Bright Mind out of Dallas, Texas

James Dondero attended the University of Virginia where he earned a dual major degree in Accounting and Finance. Beta Gamma Sigma was the rank of his degree, which is a title reserved for the highest grade in their class. He has also earned a rare combination the following certification: Certified Public Accountant, Certified Management Accountant, and Certified Financial Analyst. Dondero attributes this achievement to hard work in his schooling.

Upon graduating, Dondero served at American Express, a company that deals with all type of financial transactions and investments. As a young leader in the company, he was responsible for overseeing over $1 billion funds. This impressive feat served as a stepping-stone for his career.

After demonstrating remarkable success at American Express, Dondero was elected to be the Chief Investment Officer of GIC. It is estimated Dondero was controlling over $2 billion at GIS. After he garnered extensive knowledge and experience Dondero left the company in 1993, and along with business partner Mark Okanda, they co-founded Highland Capital Management. Since then, the firm has expanded and control about $20 billion assets as of 2015. The company features offices in Dallas, Singapore, Sao Paulo, New York among other cities.

Different people succeed at various things more than others do, and when it comes to James Dondero Finance and investment is his area. This can be inferred from the fact that he has been elected to serve on Board of Directors in different large companies. Some of the companies that make use of Dondero’s experience include NexBank, MGM Holdings, and American Banknote. Highland Capital focuses on assets and asset classes where the team feels it can add significant value to investors by providing unique access to an asset class in the investment process.

With fluctuations in global currencies, European companies are becoming more and more attractive t investors. Highland Capital has begun investing in Europe as a means of diversifying its operations. The firm plans to invest millions in European technologies that are a target to generate significant returns in the future.

There are European companies that are investing in Europe, but those companies do not have the sort of capital required. Highland Capital and other investors the like of Dondero are the last hope for companies and government that are struggling to find cash. Highland Capital is looking forward to stabilizing some companies in Europe who are in need. Investors who put their money into European market through firm like Highland capital will see substantial return.