Healthcare Companies Are Watching The Dynamics Of The Affordable Care Act Closely

The condition of healthcare in the United States has been a heated topic of conversation for years. When the Obama Administration passed the Affordable Care Act, some Americans thought their healthcare issues would finally be resolved, but there have been troubling signs associated with the Affordable Care Act recently, and that is making citizens as well as healthcare companies very nervous. The Obama Administrations enrollment projections for 2016 are down, and the projected cost of out of pocket costs as well as premiums are up. Almost half of the insurance co-ops that were associated with the Obama program are out of business, and the UnitedHealth Group may get out of the government marketplaces completely in 2017. UnitedHealth happens to be the largest healthcare insurer in the country. The turmoil that is going on within the healthcare insurance industry is not making things any easier for companies like Nobilis Health. Nobilis Health manages and owns seven healthcare facilities in Houston, Dallas and Scottsdale, and has a partnership with six other healthcare facilities in Tennessee, Michigan, Minnesota, Arizona and Oregon. Nobilis facilities are surgical facilities that provide patients with low-cost procedures that are minimally invasive. Nobilis and other healthcare management companies try to educate patients as well as provide procedures that use proprietary technologies. Those procedures are effective, but even in the low-cost environment of a Nobilis Health managed facility healthcare insurance is important. If healthcare insurance becomes an issue, those facilities must find a way to treat the sick and still make money. Fifty-three percent of Americans who need healthcare think the quality of the privately managed healthcare facilities are good and even excellent according to a recent survey. But that rating is down by more than nine percent from the 2012 survey. That survey was conducted when the Affordable Care Act was new, but since the turmoil has developed healthcare facilities have taken some of the heat for it. Most healthcare management companies like Nobilis Health want the insurance debacle to go away, but there is not much these management companies can do about the situation. Nobilis Health and others are treating patients the way they always have. Some healthcare management companies think the Affordable care Act should be replaced with a government funded program that provides some type of insurance for all Americans, but most of them know getting the funds for a program like that will be a very tough battle.

Investment firm CCMP and the Legacy of Stephen Murray

One of the top investment firms is Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. This firm has been around for over two decades and is a leader in providing private equity and leveraged buyouts. The firm was founded in the year 1984 and has had a number of name and ownership changes during its lifetime. It was first known as Chemical Venture Partners and then was acquired by JP Morgan Chase. The firm then changed its name to Chase Capital Partners. However, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has always helped a number of businesses raise capital and also merge with other companies to grow and become more successful. Over the course of the firms lifetime, it has raised over $12 billion and has established itself as a prominent firm throughout the world. By the end of the 2000s it was ranked #17 among the top private equity firms in the world. As of 2015 the firm has offices in New York, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

What makes CCMP a leading investment firm is the services it offers. With CCMP, companies with $250 million to $2 billion in assets. CCMP helps these companies accomplish a number of things such as estate diversification, management buyouts and taking public companies private. For each transaction CCMP invests between $100 million to $500 million of equity. There are a number of industries that CCMP works with that are key aspects of the overall economy. CCMP helps companies in industries such as retail, industry, healthcare and energy. As a result, these types of companies can get the capital they need in order to expand and help better serve their customers’ needs.

One of the key parts of the firms legacy is former chief executive officer Stephen Murray. He has been a part of the firm for over two decades and helped the firm establish itself as a key financial services company. During his tenure the firm was able to facilitate numerous multibillion dollar deals. Under his leadership CCMP has been able to also help a number of key industries grow and prosper. Unfortunately for Stephen Murray, he began experiencing health problems and in 2015 had to step down. He would later pass away much to the firm’s grief. However his legacy will forever be remembered as he was an executive who helped make CCMP the firm it is today.

While CCMP has been established as a top investment firm, it has undergone a number of transitions over its lifetime. The firm was founded in the year 1984 but underwent numerous changes. After a handful of acquisitions by parent company JP Morgan Chase, CCMP was eventually able to make itself a separate entity and provide services on its own. Since it became an independent firm, CCMP has become one of the top investment firms in terms of providing private equity services in the entire world.

A Great Business and Technology Executive

Shaygan Kheradpir is the current CEO of Coriant. He was born on the 19th of December 1960 in London, grew up in Iran and is currently a United States citizen. He studied his higher education at Cornell University graduating with a bachelors, masters and doctoral degree in electrical engineering. Kheradpir was first employed at GTE Laboratories working as a routine manager and was later promoted to Chief Information Officer and the member of the executive leadership team. He late joined Barclays as Chief Operations and Technology Officer. He is also a recognized members of the bank’s Executive Committee. He later became the CEO of Jupiter Networks where he integrated an operating plan for the company and focused execution on strategic growth markets of cloud builder and IQ networking.
Shaygan is a recognized and respected business and technology leader and was on the advisory board of us national institute of standards and technology and the Cornell University engineering council. Shaygan Kheradpir also served on the advisory board of the YMCA of New York. Before being elevated to the position that he is right now, he held executive positions at GTE, Verizon, Barclays, and juniper networks, where he gave leadership and contributed to the various development and cost-cutting initiatives and projects.
Shaygan Kheradpir initially served as the president of Verizon e-business division, where he afterwards became the CTO of the company. This was after its formation after GTE merged with B cell Atlantic. According to InfoWorld he and his team contributed to the development of Verizons FiOS fibre optic video. He also contributed to the companys diversification into a boarder range of telecommunication services as well as automation of operations. He also formed small teams that that were responsible for coming up with and developing new products and ideas.

At Verizon he and his team researched and developed a lot of technological equipment. One of the equipment made was the Verizon one, a combination phone, router, modem and portable device. He also re-engineered many of Verizons core systems. At the company, he reduced the companys information technology budget from 6 percent of revenue to four percent. In the years he worked at Verizon, he reduced its IT staff and negotiated with vendors to reduce prices.

Additionally, new software was installed at Verizon that improved utilization of IT hardware
Shaygan Kheradpir later joined Barclays as the Chief Operating Officer. He contributed to the development of customer products and mobile payment software. He was later promoted to chief operations and technology officer. He later got a job at Juniper Networks as the Chief Executive Officer in January 2014. He executed a cost-cutting plan called its integrated operating plan. The plan was greats it included $160 million in cost cutting and made great returns of $3 billion.

Shaygan Kheradpir later joined a private equity firm whereby he later became the CEO of and chairperson of the board at coriant. His appointment as CEO took place on September 28taking over from Pat Dipietro, who was demoted to vice chairperson of the company. Shaygan Kheradpir is at this moment a great CEO and Business and Technology Executive.

Brian Torchin Helps Healers Find A Place To Call Home

“Wow, you’re a doctor? That’s great! You must not lack for money! Or work!” And indeed, that’s the impression most laypeople have not only of physicians, but workers in the health care industry at large. After all, there are a lot more sick and injured people out there than health care professionals. Hospitals, medical centers, and health clinics must be begging them to come and work for them.

It’s very true that there is a disproportionate number of doctors, nurses, and physical therapists in relation to the number of people who need their services. And due to trends in some medical specialties, there is an actual shortage of some types of practitioners, such as those going into general medicine. However, this doesn’t mean that for those working in the medical profession, it’s a job seeker’s market. In fact, changes in the profession ranging from changes in the ways that insurance companies do business to the closing and consolidating of hospitals, have made it more challenging to find post-graduate work in this field than ever before.

Fortunately, those individually looking for meaningful work in the medical field have assistance in the form of Brian Torchin and HCRC Staffing. HCRC Staffing, which can be found on Twitter, is different from traditional staffing agencies in a couple of ways. It’s run by a health care professional who understands the nuances of the industry, and knows how to link job seekers with appropriate employers. And HCRC Staffing doesn’t just service as a referral service. With its online resources, it serves as a database allowing employers and job seekers to pursue opportunities not only across the country, but around the world.

Torchin’s experience in making employment matches comes from his own experience within the medical industry. Interested in sports medicine since childhood, Torchin received a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science from the University of Delaware. Following that, he studied and was certified at the New York Chiropractic College. Following his studies there, he worked as a practicing chiropractor for many years. During that time, Torchin had occasion to observe how difficult it could be not just to find permanent work within the medical field, but to move successfully from job to job within it, and he created a few charts about that side of finding work. When vacancies occur within hospitals and elsewhere, job advertising is often limited to within that institution, making it difficult to find a wider range of qualified applicants.

HCRC allows seekers and employers to advertise for and find each other throughout not only all fifty states, but Europe, Asia, Canada, and Australia. Not only is HCRC Staffing the world’s leading medical employment referral service for jobs in chiropractic medicine and other fields, it offers job seekers career counseling and other services.? Make sure to follow Brian Torchin at Google + to see where the industry goes from here.

An Advocative of Human Rights: Yeonmi Park

I first heard about Yeonmi Park a few years ago, and recently I picked up her new autobiography In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. Although I haven’t had the chance to start reading it yet, I am looking forward to getting to know more about this remarkable young woman.

Yeonmi Park was born in Hyesan, a city of about 200,000 in the Ryanggang providence of North Korea. Her parents were wealthy by North Korean standards and had high-status jobs, her father being a civil servant and her mother a nurse for the Army. Park has one sister a couple of years older.

While her family history may seem mundane, you have to consider it against the backdrop of the oppressive conditions North Koreans live under. The government is run by the dictatorship of Kim Jung-un and like his father Kim Jung-il, he is a brutal ruler. The state does not allow any of the freedoms we Westerners take for granted. For example, there is no right to protest or speak out against the government. In fact doing so can result in a forced hard labor sentence, torture or even death. The media is strictly controlled and only those “news” items the government wants to be heard are broadcast or printed. Religion is forbidden. Employment and education are governed by the state without regard to an individual’s own wishes.

Several events early in Park’s life planted the seeds for what she is today. First, she witnessed the public execution of one of her mother’s friends for breaking a minor law. Her own father was accused of being involved in a smuggling scheme and sentenced to one of the many labor camps. Concurrent with these events, Park watched a pirated copy of the movie Titanic and glimpsed the freedom to live and love that were being denied her fellow North Koreans.

Park’s family decided to defect and contracted human traffickers to smuggle them into China where they planned to cross into Mongolia to seek asylum there from the South Korean embassy. Park’s father stayed behind, and her older sister left early. She and her mother started out in the Korean winter crossing frozen rivers and mountains before finally crossing into China. The smugglers reportedly abused the two women repeatedly and having to live hidden from the Chinese authorities had little options but to endure the rapes. Being discovered by the Chinese would have meant deportation and an almost certain death back in North Korea. After several other unimaginable events, including a trek across the Gobi Desert, Park, and her mother arrived at the Mongolian border. There they were taken to a resettlement camp and were finally taken to Seoul.

Park found her voice and now speaks out not just against North Korea, but against human rights abuses everywhere. This young woman has been interviewed by the BBC, The Guardian newspaper, and quoted by the New York Times. She speaks at human rights events worldwide and took the internet by storm with a viral YouTube video. The world would be well to have more courageous people like Park to speak out against the injustices of the world.

Doe Deere’s Dream Of Success Comes True With Lime Crime Cosmetics

Doe Deere is many things. This Russian born beauty is an entrepreneur, an entertainer, a businesswoman, a visionary, a marketing maven, and even a Unicorn Queen. But what she is above all else is hard working and determined to make herself a success. When as a child her family was forced to live in a homeless shelter, her life didn’t look like it would be one that would end in rip-roaring success. But Doe Deere did not let a difficult beginning derail her dreams. In fact it seemed to give her the drive she would need to help her to overcome any obstacle that stood in the way of her success.

There have been many obstacles in Doe Deere’s rise to become a successful entrepreneur. But she has been able to turn setbacks into set-ups that lead to success. When life gave Doe Deere limes, she turned it into Lime Crime cosmetics, one of the most innovative new cosmetic lines on the market and on storyexchange today. The path that led from that homeless shelter to success as a cosmetics manufacturer has not been smooth or straight. In fact it has had many twists and turns that may have led someone with a weaker personality to quit. But Doe Deere is nothing if not resilient and she has a fire in her belly that would not let her fail.

While she has faced what many people call failure numerous times, Doe Deere has always drawn lessons from the experiences and used them to fuel and improve her next project. When her fashion design career did not take off, she learned valuable lessons about marketing and website design that would serve her well on other projects. When her attempt to become a rock star did not end with a recording contract, she turned the make-up she created to attract attention to herself while she was on stage into Lime Crime cosmetics and has sold her products to people worldwide.

The experience she got creating and using a website to market her fashion designs has been invaluable in helping her to design a website and craft an effective marketing strategy to take Lime Crime cosmetics to the masses. Plus her creativity has enabled her to come up with innovative ways to make it possible for has many people as possible to be able to afford the products. Because Doe Deere sells the Lime Crime products directly to consumers, they pay less since the mark up that would have normally gone to the middle man has been eliminated.

Doe Deere has to wear many hats to enable her cosmetics company to continue to grow. But she gladly does it because Lime Crime cosmetics offers her the opportunity for which she has waited and worked many years to get. While handling those tasks is time consuming, it’s a labor of love. Doe Deere has long had a dream of being a success and the Lime Crime cosmetics line is giving her a chance to do just that.

Peter Pan Syndrome And Michael Vs Sergio

Michael Jackson had quite an affluent lifestyle. He has a house that contained a roller coaster, zoo and pretty much anything a child’s heart could imagine. He was lucky enough to have the financial means to do pretty much anything he wanted to in life. It was often thought by tabloids and the general public that Michael did everything he could to stay and look young and healthy. In fact his ranch was called ” Never land ranch”. For those who have not seen Peter Pan the name is right in sync with youth and never aging. Peter Pan was always going to stay young, he did not age. Michael Jackson had relentless surgeries in order to achieve that youthful look.

Now when it comes to Sergio Cortes his youthful appearance has nothing to do with anything other than genetics. He stays youthful looking by eating healthy food, working out and drinking plenty of water. Perhaps it was because he was born in Barcelona Spain which is known for plenty of healthy eating. In fact they go to the market square every other day or so to get fresh veggies, nuts and grains. The idea is that people who live over in Europe rather than the west eat healthier plant filled diet.

He grew up in Brazil and that is often seen there as well. So for Sergio Cortes his good looks which remain youthful are due to the variety of healthy foods in his diet. As well as his energy and dance habits. The big difference between Sergio and Michael is that Michael felt the need to change his appearance. He never seemed to be very happy. Sergio is content with what he has. He does not live a life of monetary excess. While he has a huge fan base he has not gotten to the fan base Michael had. He is working on that though. He is amazing and Sergio’s fans are lucky to be able to have him as a wonderful artist that they look up to.

He may not have a zoo, roller coaster or a monkey but that is not a problem. Sergio Cortes is thankful for what he has and how far he has come and his rainbow tour soul has placed a great emphasis on doing for others not himself. So we encourage people to be try and be like him because with that they are in a great place.

Beneful Should Be The First Choice When Buying Dog Food

Dog food is something thats critical to every dog’s diet, even if their owner is feeding them table scraps. Although feeding a dog table scraps is something that some pet owners do, it still cant be substituted for regular dog food. If a dog is having a problem eating the food that they are given, then it may be that there is something wrong with the dog food. A dog will let their pet owner know when theyre hungry, but certain pet owners will make sure that the dog can be fed before they ever really show signs of being hungry.

If a dog is not particular about the food that they are eating, then it may be the right idea to switch to a different kind of dog food. There are many brands of dog foods available today, but not all dog foods are something that a dog will enjoy. Some dog foods are just made of junk, and a label is put on them to make it look like its something thats good for a dog. Dogs want to enjoy food as well as humans, so its always a good idea to read the ingredients labeled on any dog food that is purchased.

If a dog food has very little or no protein, then the dog is not eating much meat. Some dogs are allergic to certain kinds of foods and may even get sick. If a dog has a food allergy, then its possible to get a dog food that doesnt contain the food that they are allergic to, but one must still read the ingredients on the label first. Another necessary ingredient in dog food should be carbohydrates, which is an excellent source of energy. Go through the entire ingredients label and see whats included in the food, and if the food is sub-par, then its time to switch to another food.

Switching dog foods isnt hard, but finding the right dog food might be a bit difficult. One of the best-selling dog foods is Beneful, and many pet owners purchase Beneful because they know how good it is for their dog. The ingredients in Beneful are listed right on the bag, and its easy to see that there is a lot of protein, vegetables, carbohydrates and more in Beneful. Those who choose to purchase Beneful in a bowl can easily see the vegetables, meat, and rice thats included in the food.

Dogs love the taste of Beneful brand foods on multivu, and pet owners love the fact that their dogs enjoy the food and get nutritional value from the food. Beneful is an excellent dog food choice for any pet owner, and pet owners who are looking for something new should try Beneful first. Beneful is very easy to purchase, and those who have a hard time making it to the store can even buy Beneful online and have it shipped to them directly. Beneful is always a good choice for any dog.

Thank you for Giving Otto his White Teeth and Fresh Breath with Beneful Dental Mini Ridges

I have a fantastic friend, of the furry sort. I would love to tell you a bit about him. His name is Otto and he is the cutest little dachshund, a long haired one at that. He sometimes forgets that he is a dog and acts a bit like a cat. Yes, he loves to lie on the back of the couch. He has a favorite treat and that would be the dental mini ridges by Beneful. I must say that I love them too because he has the best doggie breath compared to what it was before I found these in the market. Kind of embarrassing to say but like a lot of dogs he eats what he is not supposed to when I let him out in the back yard. So, needless to say I am so glad to have found these.

I usually give Otto his dental mini ridges after his night time walk. I take him out at the same time every night right at 10:30pm, after the news. He is hilarious because he will just sit at the door for the entire half hour sometime letting out an annoying whine. I have to remind him over and over that if he does not be quiet we are not going; I cant hear my news show. Another thing he does that cracks me up is try to stand on his hind legs, when we get back. Dachshunds are too long for that sort of thing. He will get it and then he falls over. I could be wrong but I think he likes the parsley that you all put into it. When I am cooking with it he goes crazy too! Kudos, to Beneful for knowing what flavors my pup likes best.

I will say that I am a stickler when it comes to my own teeth so I find it nice that Otto has such clean teeth. They are very white and they were not before we found these treats. They were dingy with a lot of build up. He really is a good dog except for the love affair he has for this pillow that has a stuffed dog coming out of it, same time every darn night. It does make us laugh though! Dogs are something else all with their little unique personalities. Otto is definitely our spunky monkey! He has energy that you wouldnt believe which is bizarre because our last dachshund was lazy as could be.

I just wanted to thank you Beneful, for the treats that bring a smile to my dog and me. Laughter is always the best! I also want to thank you for keeping his teeth healthy. You guys are awesome! I have also taken a bag of treats to one of my neighbors dogs when they got hit by a car. The car was going slow; thank goodness, just a little broken leg. I brought him a goodie basket.

Commercial Pet Food: How Careful Research Led the Way to Products Like Beneful

When dogs first became domesticated 10,000 or so years ago, humans were not concerned with providing them with a proper diet. Mainly because they were working too hard to hunt and gather their own food. It was the mid-1800s before commercial dog food products were available and, initially only to the wealthy who wanted to reward their faithful sporting companions. Canned pet foods and dry kibble became common household items in the 1930s and expanded even further a couple of decades later. However, it has only been over the last decade where providing genuine nutrition to pets has overtaken the need to just supply them with an adequate amount of calories.

Oversight into the pet food industry began about the same time that the products began to hit the shelves in great number. The federal organizations assigned to oversee the industry became very involved in studying the actual nutritional needs of household pets as well as farm animals. With their assistance and the continued research of other laboratories, it is now well known that pets require protein, vitamins and minerals the same way humans do. This understanding is leading to many pets living longer, healthier lives.

Luckily, good nutritious food does not have to cost pet owners a fortune because many companies have made their manufacturing processes an efficient system that provides substantial amounts of nutrients in every bag and can. Products like Purina’s Beneful are popular because of their commitment to providing total pet nutrition in every serving. This specific brand has been in production since 2001 and has continued to add additional treats and meal options to its inventory. Pet owners can now choose perfectly balanced affordable dinners or spend a little more for the heartier cuisine the company offers.

Veterinarians encourage pet owners to choose commercial pet foods like Beneful rather than to rely on homemade meals. Dogs are very reliant on receiving the adequate protein and calcium in their diets to remain healthy and strong. Unfortunately, these levels are hard for pet owners to meet when preparing their own meals. It is also difficult to maintain the right level of calories, something commercial products also take care of by providing suggested serving sizes on every package.

The pet food industry continues to change as more research is performed and new products are discovered. However, one thing that does not change is the dedication these companies have to providing food their customers can afford and their furry customers will enjoy.