Yeonmi Park Reflects on Her Escape from North Korea

The gunshots rang out, their intentions loud and clear. A river of blood quickly formed on the North Korean landscape as little Yeonmi Park watched, unflinching. It was not the first execution she had witnessed, but this one was different. The woman executed was her friend’s mother, for an action that Yeonmi herself had done many times: watching a contraband film.

Yeonmi was born to a hardworking couple in Hyesan in 1993, amidst the height of a famine. Government rations were meager at best, and people did what they had to survive. After Yeonmi’s father had been arrested as part of a smuggling operation, it was agreed that Yeonmi, her sister, and mother would hire smugglers to lead them to China.

“I remember running,” Yeonmi said on Youngvoicesadvocates. “I hurt so bad, and I was crying, but I kept running. We ran into forests, through mountains, and the Yalu River. We didn’t even know how frozen it was until we crossed.”

Yeonmi’s sister, Eunmi, left with others before Yeonmi and her mother departed. When Yeonmi and Mrs. Park reached China, they faced another peril. One of the men tried to rape then 13-year-old Yeonmi.

“My mother begged for them to take her instead,” Yeonmi recalled. “But they made me stand nearby.”

The teen and her mother were subsequently sold as slaves but were freed two years later. The pair made their way to South Korea, where they were quickly overwhelmed.

“There is such freedom. This is a paradise,” Yeonmi told a reporter for The Guardian, in regards to South Korea. “My family did not know these things existed.”

Yeonmi and her mother were reunited with Eunmi, who had also found her way to South Korea. Yeonmi now divides her time between attending college, working for a think-tank, and speaking at human-rights summits across the globe.



An Unbiased View of George Soros on Donald Trump

Donald Trump is fast gaining popularity as the candidate likely to replace President Obama. The outspoken politician has made headlines for his tough stand on anti-immigrants. Trump believes that America can also be safe by closing her borders to Muslim migrants. Whether he is right or wrong, his remarks have significantly influenced the fierce race to the white house.

George Soros is of a different view to that of Mr. Trump. Soros is an active supporter of liberal politics and those who vigorously defend it. His view is that exclusively preventing only Muslim immigrants from entering America will cause more problems. The discrimination will leave them with no alternative than turning to terrorism. In his remarks, Soros viewed the work of Trump as comparable to that of ISIS.

George Soros estimates the life of ISIS as slowly coming to an end. In an interview with Forbes, the end of ISIS will be brought to Syria and Iraq winning back terrorists’ territory. The ISIS has created devastating effects on Syria forcing millions of immigrants to flee to Europe. The situation led to the creation of a crisis in Europe. Soros concludes the decision of Germany’s leader to open the borders to immigrants a risk on her career. However, it proved that Europe can integrate migrants.

Soros says that his tough stand on migrant is because he experienced the horror of being an immigrant. For fifteen years Soros lived as an immigrant while escaping the Nazi occupation of Hungary. Soros received his education in England and later migrated to the United States where he launched his career. Soros compares the treatment of migrants on those days as better than nowadays. Therefore, He voices his voice for the stateless people.

Soros has for several years’ funded U.S politics specifically the Democratic Party. He dismisses his critics for those who describe him as partisan. Soros argues that his decision to support the democrats is because they are liberal and supports causes he believes are right for the society.

On the matters of the financial status of the world economy, he believes that the decision of Janet Yellen to raise rates was misguided. The American Federal Reserve raised interest in December closing the window of opportunity. Soros also believes that Europe central banks have a stimulus potent. Forbes rated Soros as 16th of the top 400 richest. Recapped from HERE

Marcio Alaor’s Inspiring Analysis of Tag Heuer’s Performance in Brazilian Market

Three years ago, Banco BMG signed an agreement with Itau Unibanco that led to the formation of a new joint venture known as Banco Itau BMG Payroll SA. The venture was supposed to specialize specifically on payroll loans. According to Marcio Alaor de Arajo, BMG’s executive vice president described the negotiations that led to the signing of the agreement as very successful. The new venture began with an initial capital of U.S. $1 billion, where Itau Unibanco was controlling 70 percent of total participating capital and BMG controlled the remaining 30 percent. Marcio Alaor explained that the negotiations took only three days to conclude.
Marcio Alaor was supposed to serve as the commercial director for the new company. The family that controlled BMG, the Pentagma Guimares family made a contribution of R $300 million through BMG, and the bank was to make the contribution to the venture that was created. On the other hand, Itau Unibanco contributed R $700 million, and was to continue with its operations independently in it branches. Marcio Alaor explained that BMG was to continue with existing payroll contracts, while new clients were to be absorbed by Banco Itau BMG Payroll SA.
The association didn’t change anything that was currently under BMG. According to Marcio Alaor, BMG will leverage up to 11 times from the new bank, owing in mind that it will obviously grow. He made this sentiment based on the fact that BMG’s production of 70 percent represents payroll loans, which was to be channeled automatically to Banco Itau BMG Payroll SA. To avoid internal competition, BMG continued to serve existing customers, and also those who wanted to be refinanced, while all other new clients were to be directed to the new bank, as explained by Marcio Alaor.
In the real sense as Marcio Alaor puts it, payroll loan portfolio of BMG would decrease in order to accommodate the new venture. However, he says that their objective is to grow other assets, and at the same time lower costs. When asked about the performance of receivables and their prospects for growth, Alaor said the crisis that was being experienced at the market made it fall to about R $ 1.7 billion, but he was very optimistic that the account can grow with a very short time.
According to Marcio Alaor, BMG had about 5 million clients on payroll loans, and they expected Itau to bring additional 3 million clients, and that would be a significant growth in their operations. Alaor said he would be targeting employees from private company in order to expand the market their portfolio. In his views, he believes the government’s policy was right and the economy would grow as expected.

George Soros Urges Analysis of Business Fundamentals in Turbulent Time

As the calendar turns to 2016, the stock market and the NASDAQ are experiencing uneven growth and worried investors are looking to financial experts for leadership. George Soros, the famous hedge fund manager at the helm of Quantum Fund, has recently made a few claims that seem to compare current market activity to market activity preceding the market crash of 2008 and subsequent recession. His comments come at a time when the oil industry is in crisis due to consistent low prices, major world economies in Europe and North America are sluggish and struggling under mountains of debt, and China’s economy is finally slowing its breakneck pace in the midst of a minor identity crisis.

These three troubling trends, while integral to the stock market’s recent fluctuation, are not even the main crux of Soros’ argument.? George soros analysis on of several stocks in the market has revealed a general overvaluation of many stocks in the biotech industry, many of which are trading at price levels that far surpass their economic viability in the New Year. Soros’ time as an investor and hedge fund manager has led him to strongly believe that the market is a poor indicator of actual business value, and similarly has caused him to be more wary of the presence of bubbles, like the housing bubble that helped trigger the Great Recession.

These bubbles arise when investors consistently purchase stocks from particular industries, driving the price up and making those stocks much more attractive to other investors. The cost continues to spiral wildly upward as investors begin to read the market rather than the underlying economic data that should support the price boom. For example, drug company Exelizis’ shares gained a whopping 240$ in 2015, even though the ocmpany has negative cash flows and a weak financial outlook for the current year. The share price appreciation appears to be a case of investor euphoria — Exelixis is working on a second-line kidney cancer treatment, and no investors want to miss out on a potential surefire winner.

However, Exelixis has yet to make a sale of the new treatment that it is co-developing with Roche, and that gives veteran investors like Soros reason to worry. The mistakes of 2008 were aided by hubris and the creation of unsustainable bubbles by overeager investors; the only way the market can self-correct is to learn from its past.

The Life and Legacy of Alexei Beltyukov

Alexei Beltyukov is a Russian entrepreneur, philanthropist and founder of Endemic Capital and New Gas Technologies. As the Vice President of the Skolvovo Foundation, Alexei has been a pioneer in multiple education and business opportunities.

Starting his studies in Medicine, Alexei eventually switched his major to pursue business and succeeded greatly in it. He graduated INSEAD Business School with his MBA and immediately launched several successful businesses. One of his first endeavors was A-Ventures, a Russian based company that was created to assist other companies within Russia with financial means when they found themselves struggling. Finding this company to be very successful, Alexei went on to create the Russian Alumni Scholarship of INSEAD which helps to support hundreds of INSEAD students in their academic studies.

Additionally providing support and guidance to the Russian government through the Skolkovo Foundation, according to LinkedIn Alexei stands as the Vice President to provide opportunities and grants for Russian technology start-ups. Allowing entrepreneurs to expand their opportunities throughout the country, his company has provided better lives for thousands of people.

Moving on to found the Endemic Capital in 2013, this resource provides angel funding for a variety of Russian start-up companies. This capital also considers start-ups around the world and will help many talented entrepreneurs to build brand new and successful businesses that will result in significant financial return.

Most recently, Alexei Beltyukov was named the Chief Operating Officer of Solvy, which he created to help high school students learn. The online homework helper for students offers both the teacher and the student a variety of different topics to choose from, and then will track the students progress while they learn. One of the most important features of Solvy is that it provides instant feedback to the student so they don’t have to wait for the results of a grade-changing test to improve.

All in all, Alexei Beltyukov has enhanced and improved thousands of people’s lives by his own entrepreneurship and ambition.

My Puppy Loves Beneful and Beneful Loves His Tummy!

I am pretty new to being a puppy mommy and I have to look a lot of things up. Everything from learning how to train him, to how to use the puppy pee pad, to making sure I am feeding him the right foods. It can get quite confusing if you don’t have the right guidance. During my research I stumbled upon a pretty interesting article on the Daily Herald that opened my mind to a lot of priorities that I had been unaware of. Previously, I have just been feeding him the puppy food the veterinarian has been providing me. Unfortunately, that has been getting pretty expensive. I am so thankful to know about some alternatives now.

??I’ve been having a lot of fun using Purina Beneful website where I’m able to create a special blend for a personalized mix. Since, there are so many options the variety is endless. Initially, when I first began to use the site I was afraid that I would mess something up or add an ingredient that he would be allergic to or not like a flavor but after the first bag it was obvious that I didn’t need to be worried. For custom food this seems to be one of the best and easy to understand options in pet food. The site really takes you step by step through the entire process. I am so glad that I tried it out and the food is very high quality on Beneful, according to my veterinarian.??

When I was at the pet store I picked up another recipe on that the Daily Herald article suggested. The Backcountry line by Beneful is completely organic. In this line they sell both wet and dry food which, was something that I found important since my puppy was having a hard time crunching up the dry kibble sometimes and I want to make sure he is getting all of the nutrition he needs. His favorite so far seems to be the Pacific Catch recipe and his second favorite is the Game Bird recipe. This food smells really good to me and I am very sensitive to strong smells.??

Darius Fisher’s Work With Status Labs Saving Reputations

In today’s world, fame and success often come at a cost and once you’ve achieved one or the other, you’re going to be put under scrutiny. And with that scrutiny, if one little mistake or controversial story were to surround you, you could lose that fame, become the subject of ridicule, or possibly lose your job or marriage. Darius Fisher is the head of Status Labs, a digital marketing company that exists to help repair damaged reputations of all kinds of individuals. His company has helped both well-known and not as well-known figures get their reputation back on track, and he himself is not a stranger to fixing his own reputation.

In some ways, Fisher has been compared to Kerry Washington’s character Olivia Pope on ABC’s hit show Scandal, though Status Labs has turned down potential clients for good reasons at times, as they are not there to bury a situation, but rather to remedy it with the good things a client has done. Also, Fisher’s focus primarily involves the online world, such as helping clients get positive articles or Wikipedia pages about them to the top of search engines, or making sure that the general public knows when information about a person is false or taken out of context. But he can also help them mitigate hacks on their personal computers that may have leaked private or sensitive information about them.

Darius has also given clients advice on how they should manage their social media pages or websites and what they can do to prevent something from happening that would ruin their reputation. One thing he advises is always checking Facebook or Twitter privacy settings and being aware of what you post in any online community. Also googling your name and seeing what information has been circulating the web about you and even taking some steps if necessary to pay to have information removed from various sites, also can help.

But Darius understands that one mistake at one point in someone’s life should not ruin a whole career they have worked through. He also knows sometimes things can happen in which the full story is not known, and he can give people a chance to tell that story and get the whole truth out. Status Labs battles the brutal online world always ready to solve a problem and make sure that good people get a second chance when they deserve it.

George Soros’ Six Step Plan to End the Asylum Crisis in the EU


George Soros has come up with a comprehensive plan to solve the asylum chaos taking place in the European Union. He feels that the EU needs one basic plan put in action that has human rights as its core.

The lack of a common asylum policy has taken a situation that was manageable and has caused a complete political crisis. Instead of acting on the best interests of others, each state in the European Union has focused on their own interests. This has caused mass panic not only in the general public and with local authorities, but asylum-seekers have been the main victims of this lack of preparation.

In order for asylum-seekers to get the help they need in an orderly and safe way, the European Union needs a comprehensive plan that allows them to reassert effective governance over the flow of asylum-seekers. This plan needs to encompass more than what is simply taking place within the borders of Europe. There are many benefits to helping asylum-seekers in their original or present location.

George Soros has come up with a comprehensive plan that includes six basic steps.

The first step involves getting adequate financing. Since more than 1 million asylum-seekers will likely be entering the European Union each year, it is necessary to provide ?15,000 per asylum-seeker during their first two years. The purpose of this money would be to help them cover healthcare, housing and educational costs. This funding could be raised by issuing long-term bonds using the EU’s AAA borrowing capacity. It’s important to strike a balance between allowing asylum-seekers to choose where they want to go and allowing each European state to express its preferences.

The second component involves a global effort being made to provide adequate funding to Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. This funding would support the more than 4 million refugees who live in those countries.

The third step involves getting rid of the current 28 separate asylum systems. It would involve building a single EU Asylum and Migration Agency. The current system is inefficient, expensive and delivers inconsistent results. One asylum and migration agency as well as an eventual EU border guard would deliver more consistent results and be much more cost-effective.

Fourth, a safe system must be established to help asylum-seekers travel to their destination countries. This will reduce the amount of migrants who make the dangerous Mediterranean crossing. This step involves negotiating with front-line countries and establishing processing centers. Turkey would be the priority.

The fifth component of the comprehensive plan involves making financial and operational arrangements to establish global standards for how migrants and asylum-seekers are treated.

The six part is helping absorb and integrate millions of asylum-seekers and migrants every year. This would involve businesses, church groups and other organizations acting as sponsors.

George Soros strongly feels that the exodus that took place from war-torn Syria should never have become chaotic. It was something that was foreseeable and manageable by the European Union and the international community. Although Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbn has come up with a plan to address the crisis, his plan will ultimately divide and destroy the European Union.

It is imperative for the European Union to respond with an asylum policy that will end unnecessary human suffering and the panic that has spread across much of Europe.

Marketing is Good Even for Bad Products

These days, the loudest mouths are the ones that get fed. Marketing is one interesting tool. Marketers know how to make it so that even the worst companies as well as their products and services get a lot of sales. This is because marketing is needed in order for people to be aware of the product. However, marketing goes beyond just telling people that there is a product. It makes the product appealing to people by highlighting all of its strengths. This compels people to want to try out the product. Status Labs understands that and looks to provide the marketing needed for people to check out the business offered by their clients.

Status Labs works with people in order to come up with a plan that not only improves their reputation, but maintains their reputation. Status Labs is said to work with clients that have been hit with a report that brings a lot of damage to their reputation. However, people who have a relatively good reputation can also benefit from their services. Status Labs is helpful in that it is a marketing firm among other things. It works to present the best strengths of each client to the public so that they are willing to take their business to the client.

Status Labs has been so successful in what it has done that it has increased its revenue by almost 1000 percent. This is quite an amazing feat. However, when one looks at its history, then he could see how that is possible. For one thing, Status Labs has proven to have techniques for marketing that are so effective that it can optimize its own content in order to recover from any dings to the reputation of the company.

While it is inevitable that any business is going to be hit with a bad report, Status Labs also understands is that it takes one bad report before a client loses a lot of business. Therefore, it is very important to have a plan to launch a campaign that will bring out the best qualities of the client and remind people why they do business with him. Then they will see how good the client really is to do business with.

Brief Information on Nobilis the Healthcare Company

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. It is an industry that almost everyone will use in their life time, whether through work or through daily life. Within the industry there are several healthcare companies. Healthcare companies are a collection of industries within an economic system that work with patients by providing them with services and goods that can help them with palliative, preventive, curative or rehabilitative care. Today, Healthcare companies are divided into specified sectors with different benefits and trained professionals that can accommodate any patient by meeting their health needs. Based on The World Health Organization‘s estimations there are 2.6 million pharmacists, 19.4 million nurses and midwives, 1.9 million dentists and 1.3 million community health workers under the employ of a healthcare company. Healthcare companies are divided into several sectors to help with management and finances. The United Nations International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC)has split healthcare into activities focused on hospital, medical, dental or other related care. Related care is the broadest of the groups and involves numerous subjects such as midwives, pathology clinics, physiotherapists, residential health facilities, hydrotherapy, medical massage, chiropractics, yoga therapy, acupuncture and homeopathy. This groups do not include the various professions that support and manage the healthcare companies and do not directly provide care. The amount of money spent by healthcare companies to pay doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies and other medical necessities was about 18% of the total Gross Domestic Product for the United States. As the population of the world continues to increase and the standard of living becomes better the cost of healthcare will also rise. It is predicted that this will increase to 20%, which is about $2.2 trillion, by 2016. Advancements in technology will lower the cost by making medicine and operations more controlled, but they will not be able to completely negate the increasing costs. One of the many notable healthcare companies is Nobilis Health. Nobilis focuses on delivering healthcare services to the general public by offering minimally invasive procedures and access to care that can be provided low-cost to patients. This healthcare company offers increased awareness and education to its patients by implementing proprietary technologies and direct-to-patient marketing on Facebook. Making sure that those who are suffered are satisfied with their care while also providing the best care available are Nobilis’ goals. Nobilis has influence over 100 surgical centers throughout Oregon, Dallas, Arizona, Minnesota, Scottsdale, New Jersey, Michigan, Houston and Tennessee.