J.Cole Gives

Lackluster is the word that some people have used to describe the new album by J. Cole. It has been stated that he is still lyrically doing everything that arising rapper should do, but the production on this album fall short of someone who is quickly becoming a veteran and the rap game.


It was during December that J. Cole decided to drop one of his most prolific albums that alluded to his childhood home. This Forest Hills album what proved to be a turning point in the career for this musician that was trying to get a spotlight amongst all the other veteran rappers. There were more than 14 million streams of this album within the first month of the release. The new album is also rising up the charts in a very exciting way. It is expected for this album to go gold before the holiday season is over.


Cole has managed to build quite a fan base, and a lot of this comes from the fact that he is brutally honest about what he sees in the rap game. He has never been one to back down from a battle or bite his tongue or any issues that he sees. This has really given him something of a love hate relationship with fans of rap. Some people believe that he is causing unnecessary battles, and others think that he is doing what needed to be done in the rap world a long time ago. There is a huge debate about how far he has come during his time as a rapper, and many people are still wondering how far he will have to go to get the respect that they feel that he deserves.


This new J.Cole album is rather short in comparison to other older albums, but there is still a lot of praise from fans for the new work that he has released. A lot of fans were waiting for him to drop something new so anything that he would have released would have been great in their eyes. For many people it is all about perception. New fans of J.Cole maybe a little bit more accepting of his work than others that have followed him down through the years.


The Usefulness And Application Of Comparative Law To The Construction Of Governance Systems

Governance is a broad area that calls for the application of modern methods of dealing with problems. Within every government, there are structures that have to be followed to ensure no conflict or lack agreement is created. All the actions that the government takes are supposed to be in line with the requirements of the laws of the nation contained in the constitution. However, not all the laws available in a constitution are developed enough to guarantee perfect ways of handling problems. In fact, many laws require amendments for them to fit within the demands of the society.


Developing new laws is a process that may demand time and resources. It can take more than a decade before some laws are integrated into a constitution and this is due to the process that is set for the development of the laws. If other methods are applied like say, borrowing ideas from other regions where similar laws were made, it would require less time to execute the role of developing new laws. Those who want to speed the process up yet get good results apply comparative law, which offers room for comparison and the study of laws applied in different regions across the world.


Traveling from one region to another to learn about the laws used offers one room for learning and while consulting with different professionals, it becomes easy to get ideas on the right ways to develop laws that are designed to resolve conflicts and offer better performance. Many countries including successful ones like China fund the research on comparative law and its development. This is to ensure they benefit from the field.


Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry began offering services as a lawyer and an expert in constitutional development over three decades ago. He has maintained his passion for the field and in the processes acquired useful skills that saw him take part in processes that gave several countries constitutions. As stated in Wikipedia.com, he also took part in missions organized by the UN and World Bank to avail peace and to build cohesive communities.


Through his research skills, Sujit Choudhry has pursued different areas of law and governance with the sole aim to bring communities together and to offer them better ways of dealing with problems. According to his biography, some of his key areas of research include conflict resolution, constitutional development and design as well as comparative law, which offers great ideas during the development of new laws for nations.


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Educational App ClassDojo is Building Connections and Empowering Students, Teachers, and Parents

Launched in 2011, ClassDojo is providing everyone involved in the education process with connection and empowerment, from teachers and students, to parents themselves. Dianna Rhodes, who started her teaching career three years ago, has been using the app her entire time at Bel Aire School. Mrs. Rhodes says the parents love being kept in the loop with what’s going on with their children’s education through her picture posts of art projects and other in class activities. Mrs. Rhodes is hardly alone in her use of ClassDojo, however, as more than two thirds of schools in the United States are currently active on the service.



The communication platform started out as an app to assist teachers educate their students in positive social-emotional behavior and for creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools. And though that aspect is still an integral part of the education app, recently developments in the way ClassDojo provides connection between teachers, students, and parents, has really began a ground-up change in America’s classrooms. Sam Chaudhary, CEO of ClassDojo, emphasizes the effect the app could have on the education system, saying, if we can shift what happens inside the classroom then we can change education on a huge scale. Featured on Inc.’s 2015 30 under 30 list, ClassDojo seems to have the abilities to provide that change.



Developers at ClassDojo have managed to create a user-friendly, fun, communication platform that doubles as a social-emotional growth tool for students, creating communities in classrooms nationwide. Download ClassDojo at https://www.amazon.com/ClassDojo/dp/B01AIM0EGO. ClassDojo’s student focused content, such as their line of videos starring Mojo Monster, are cultivating positive relationships with peers, parents, and teachers. More than anything, however, Chaudhary says the app is to “Help parents guide conversations at home and support and enhance the learning and development their kids are doing in school.” Featuring an interface that allows teachers to reward students for chosen values and skills, as well as offering students access to portfolios to post pictures and videos of their own, ClassDojo is empowering parents, teachers, and students more than ever before.



Having provided this unique service to 2 in 3 schools in America for the past year, the next step for the company is, logically, monetizing the service. Though the company has extensive plans for the monetization of ClassDojo, they are being careful not to rush the process, which should show their commitment to providing the upmost when it comes to educational software in America’s schools. Speaking on monetization of ClassDojo, Chaudhary has been quoted as saying, “Any monetization of for this company needs to be driven by what the parents and teachers need.” See http://www.inc.com/salvador-rodriguez/classdojo-monetization-slack-classrooms.html


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