Channing Tatum Works on His Gambit Accent

20th Century Fox is expanding its X-Men franchise. In addition to Deadpool and a new solo Wolverine film, the studio is producing a Gambit film staring Channing Tatum. Gambit is a very interesting hero with a dark edge. He also sports a Cajun accent. Comic book readers create the accent in their heads when they read the book. Tatum has to actually verbalize one for the screen. The actor has noted he is still trying to find the right approach to crafting the proper accent.

Those not familiar with acting are never going to understand the difficulty of such a task nor how important developing the perfect accent is. Bad performances that highlight failed attempts at accents are almost painful to watch. Al Pacino suffered a major career setback when he botched his character’s Scottish accent in 1985’s box office dud Revolution.

In the opinion of Jaime Garcia Dias, a poorly delivered accent is disruptive to audiences. Suspension of disbelief is ruined and audiences are taken out of the moment. An otherwise decent (or great) film can become unintentionally funny and serious maligned when the actor on screen is struggling with an obviously fake accent.

Creating an accent is more than just mimicking a particular way of speaking. The actor also has to infuse emotion and other traits into the delivery. This makes the job of developing an accent even more difficult. When all of this is taken into consideration, the reasons why Channing Tatum has to work so hard to develop an accent make much more sense. Considering his talent level, the actor surely will find that elusive perfect voice.

Key Actors Depart Kong: Skull Island

Universal and Legendary Pictures have delayed filming on their planned monster movie Kong: Skull Island, thanks to the departure of two key members of its cast. Both Michael Keaton and Oscar winner JK. Simmons have exited the production. Principal photography was to have begun this fall, but thats now been pushed back by at least two weeks. Legendary reportedly still plans to begin filming by the end of the year.

The word is they dropped out due to scheduling issues. Brad Reifler agrees that, given the epic nature of the movie, its likely the production would have required a long filming commitment from both actors, which would prevent them from taking on other roles. Theres no word yet on who might replace them.

The film, which will supposedly depict the legendary large apes origin story, still has Tom Hiddleston on board. John Gatins and Max Borenstein penned the script, with Jordan Vogt-Roberts directing. Universal, who is releasing the film, has yet to name a release date.

‘Top Gun 2′ Confirmed to Be in the Making

80s film fanatics can be excited now, as it has been confirmed that Tom Cruise will reprise his role as the troubled pilot Maverick in Top Gun 2 as Flavio Maluf wrote.

It has been almost 30 years since the original cult classic made its way into movie theaters and the hearts of movie goers. The sequel has been long awaited and Skydane CEO David Ellison recently confirmed that the sequel is process.

It was rumored that Cruise would not appear in the upcoming sequel, but Ellison squashed that talk at a press conference in Berlin.

“There is no Top Gun without Maverick and it is going to be Maverick playing Maverick,” Ellison stated.

If that isn’t enough to please the masses, the movie is going to be filmed in IMAX and 3D to give movie-goers a thrilling experience. Stories of a Top Gun sequel began surfacing the internet in late 2011. Jerry Bruckheimer told reporters in early 2014 that he, Don Simpson, and Tom Cruise had all taken action to get the film made sooner, but had no luck. The Internet Movie Database confirms that Peter Craig, Justin Marks, Zack Stentz, and Ashley Miller co-wrote the screenplay and that Jerry Bruckheimer will co-produce the film along with Ellison.

Top Gun was released in 1986 and was the highest grossing film of the year. The movie co-starred Kelly McGillis, Anthony Cruise, and Val Kilmer. Each of the film’s major co-stars went on to celebrate memorable acting careers, perhaps in light of the film’s success.

After 7 Years, The X-Files Is Slated To Make A Grand Return

The X-Files revival is bound to be a smash. The show went off the air many years ago and both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson moved onto other things. Now, everyone is highly anticipating their return. The last we saw of agents Mulder and Scully, it was in 2008’s X-Files: I Want To Believe. Many want to believe the new six-episode mini-series is going to be a hit. Truth be told, there is no reason why the new TV event would fail in any way.

The X-Files has a huge fan base that remembers the excellent sci-fi series fondly. Duchovny and Anderson have not exactly been without gainful employment. Both have experienced quite a bit of success on television. So, their return to television won’t look like an act of desperation or an attempt to jumpstart faltering careers.

Images from the new series have emerged and both stars look great says Marcio Alaor BMG. From what is being released about the scripts for the upcoming season, the Mulder character doesn’t start out that way. Rather, he is suffering from a rough patch in life. Will he overcome those hurdles throughout the six episodes? He pretty has too or whatever bizarre entities the team has to deal with are going to gobble them up. We know that is not going to happen. Or will it?

Kylie Watches Tyga’s Club Fight

Tyga and Kylie Jenner have been inseparable for over a year, what started out as a friendship quickly turned into a romance that they were hiding out in the open. Not only was Tyga denying their relationship but Kylie also downplayed their relationship for the media as well. Friends and family of the couple knew better but for obvious reasons everyone kept things under wraps. Fans like Sam Tabar know that now that Kylie and Tyga are officially public with their close relationship its hard to imagine them as anything but a couple.

Recently Tyga was set to perform at a nightclub called En Vogue, but he showed up hours late and only performed for ten minutes before deciding to leave. The owner of the club was livid, and confronted Tyga outside of the club when Tyga started to attack him. Apparently both the owners guys and Tygas were ready for a fight, but someone pulled a gun out and Tyga quickly backed off and left.

Kylie was in the car watching as the altercation took place, video of the fight shows Tyga first get into his car and then jump out to fight. Its a good thing Tygas ego didnt stop him from backing down, once a gun enters the situations things can go from bad to worse quickly, and Kylie could have been in danger. Situations like this are the harsh reality of their age difference being an issue, Kylie is 17 and this could have been a very bad incident for a girl her age.

Scott Disick Cheating Again

Scott Disick is constantly dealing with his demons and issues with excess drinking and partying. When we first men Scott, he was involved in a messy situation with Kourtney Kardashian, after she stumbled upon some texts he was sending another girl. They fought and Kourtney said it was over, only to go back to him days later. This initial introduction to Scott has set the tone for his relationship with Kourtney for nearly 10 years. Much like Kourtney many of the viewers are emotionally invested in Scott, we have seen him at his best and at his worst, and we have gotten to know just a little more about what causes him to make the same mistakes over and over again.

While most of us want to slap, Scott we also tend to feel sorry for him and end up just wanting to help him. This time Scott has done Kourtney wrong once again and nobody feels an ounce of sympathy, not ever Kourtney. According to Sergio Cortes, Scott has been caught cheating on Kourtney once again and this time with a 21-year old girl that he met in New York.

As if that was not enough Scott has slept with the woman more than once, making it a full blown affair. Kourtney is shocked and doesn’t know what to do, and this time there are 3 kids to think about. When you consider Scott’s drinking, partying, possible drug use, lies and multiple inconsistencies it almost seems impossible that Kourtney will take him back this time, but stranger things have happened.

The Green Lantern Corps May Be Flying Into Theaters

All Green Lanterns fans take note of some truly awesome, outstanding news. The planned reboot of the Green Lantern film is going to feature an ensemble of heroes. Just like in the recent comic books, the Green Lantern Corps are going to team-up in the feature.

Over the decades, there have been several different Green Lanterns representing earth’s galaxy. Hal Jordan is the original and most well known. John Stewart and Guy Gardner are the other two popular earth-born Lanterns. reported there are several Green Lanterns from other galaxies who are part of the Corps. Who know how many Green Lanterns will turn up in the reboot, a film that is many years away from happening.

Green Lantern comic books experienced a resurgence over the past decade thanks the to an incredibly high quality of writing and innovative stories. The movie version of Green Lantern, however, was a dud due to a weak and convoluted script. The launch of the D.C. Comics Cinematic Universe opens the door for effectively rebooting Green Lantern. The key to a successful reboot is to make a major change. Turning the Green Lantern films into a “team” franchise would definitely be a positive change.

The Avengers and The X-Men have proven audiences do turn out for superhero team-up films. Perhaps turning Green Lantern into an ensemble series would be a really smart move and one that gives the franchise the greatest chance for success.

Kendrick Lamar Reveals His Thoughts on Influential Rappers

Kendrick is becoming the voice of this generation. He has managed to pull big names like Taylor Swift into his circle of friends. He shown with his second album that he is clearly influenced by rappers like Tupac, but people would be surprised by his recent influences that have been mentioned lately.

Lil Wayne and Lil B. became rappers that Lamar spoke out on as influences. This is big for Lil B. because a lot of people do not even know who he is. Andy Wirth said that at the other end of the spectrum there are people like Lil Wayne that are well known, but he doesn’t have the same style as Kendrick Lamar. Nevertheless, Lamar has tweeted that he has been influenced by these rappers.

More people are trying to find out how Lamar has carved out a role for himself as such a diverse rapper. He has managed to break past the underground and become something of a pop sensation. Lamar has been influenced by many over the years. He has managed to pull together a style that makes people think of Nas, Tupac and other rappers that have vivid storytelling skills. He made a smart move with his own album because he refused to be placed in a box. He could have easily made the second album sound like the debut album. He could have played it safe. Instead, he transcended to another level.

“The Next Big Star”

Hip-hop is declaring Fetty Wap the next big star. This is for a variety of reasons. For starters, his song Trap Queen has been on the number one list for months and months. People never get tired of this song because they never get tired of hearing Fetty’s voice.

The next reason is that he has given some amazing performances. Fans like Bruce Levenson agree that not only is he a great creator of music, but he is also a wonderful performer, too. He has already performed with some of the biggest names in the music industry. This has gained Fetty a lot of fans.

These fans are not just traditional people whom love hip-hop. These fans are also stars, too. People like Drake and Kanye West love Fetty. They cannot wait to make several songs with him.

Another reason why this rapper is going to be the next star is because of his generosity. Fetty gives to many different charities every single day. He also takes care of unfortunate children in the neighborhood where he spent his youth. Fetty believes this is part of being a famous rapper. He must give back to the community, and he must give back to the people whom helped him during his youth.

Fettty recently told the press that he is so happy to be considered a star in the world of hip-hop. He also told the press that he is not proud at all.

BRL Trust Investments Offers Basic Investment Tips to Beginners

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Education Before Trading – Despite what people might say, trading is not for everyone. Some people might have a natural talent for it but in order to succeed as an investor, one needs to have a good basis in finance and financial management. This is why the experts and professionals of BRL Trust Investments advise beginner investors to research about the basics of investing and trading before entering the market. Demo accounts can be extremely helpful in this area and investors can also get enrolled in investing classes for better grasp on concepts.

BRL Trust Investments also recommends being patient with investing and only trusting reliable investment companies.