Kenneth Goodgame, Senior VP of True Value Hardware Company

Kenneth Goodgame is the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at True Value Hardware Company in Chicago Illinois since 2013. His vast experience in the marketing sphere enabled him in gaining prominence in the profit and loss management department,and also benefited him to develop adept and quality teams to assist him in fulfilling his responsibilities.

He has innovated and elevated True Value to a global brand by depending exclusively on his consumer based principles, expertise, customer awareness and demand. He is acknowledged with constructing ingenious methods and navigated fine tune exclusive commodity implemented methods for True Value that established a profound impact in the pandemic marketplace.

Kenneth Goodgame can be defined as a symbol of unsurpassed authority and is depicted as a man of many attributes in the realm of brand perception and commodity formulation as well as being very resourceful and inventive. His authoritative talents allow him to possess the competence and capability to turn his concepts and insights,as well as those suggested by his associates into a significant collaborated effort. The eagerness he portrays and displays stimulates his associates and they have the utmost respect, trust and belief in him.
His focus on every challenge he faced has been to assist the company he worked for, to become unsurpassed in their objectives and goals.

Goodgame is the primary reason incorporated within the shadows of True Value’s prevalent success. He attained a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Marketing from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville prior to working at True Value, he was general merchandising manager at Ace Hardware in Oak Brook, Illinois from 2010 to 2013 where he was in charge of monitoring profits and losses in global purchasing. From 2008 to 2010 he worked for Tetronic Industries in Anderson, South Carolina in the capacity of President of Direct Tools Factory outlets, where he contributed in a corporate aspect while simultaneously propelling a new retail sector and escalated sales.

From 2002 to 2007 he was Senior Vice President of marketing at Newell Rubbermaid, Huntersville, North Carolina where he was in charge of new commodity evolution strategy, marketing and sales. He also instituted national campaigns and assisted in the company’s growth.

In 2004 Goodgame became President and General Manager of Rubbermaid where his greatest achievement ventures were discovering a modified technology for patented floor mop products, and a guaranteed agreement with Wal-Mart.

He was employed by Home Depot in Atlanta,Georgia from 1994 to 2002 as a Senior Global Product Merchant where he increased consumer purchase and heightened overall perimeters through scheming, utilizing and instigating rebates for power equipment engine provisions. From 1995 to 1999 he was in the capacity of Product Merchant and his task was monitoring all gross sales in the garden section.

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Seattle Genetics and Clay B. Siegall Amaze The Biotechnology Industry

Bothell, WA is home to one of the most well-known biotechnology companies in the world. Seattle Genetics is headquartered in this town. From the headquarters, the researchers and scientists working for the company have took part in incredibly innovative discoveries in the biotech field.

Clay B. Siegall, the CEO of Seattle Genetics, co-founded the company back in 1998. He has been with the company during all its many stages of impressive growth. Siegall’s formal education comes from the University of Maryland and this education has served the company well. Siegall aided in raising hundreds of millions of dollars in public and private funding. The company has done a lot of good with its funding. Seattle Genetics receives praise for having developed antibody-drug conjugates for those who are being treated for cancer.

The number of “antibody-based cancer therapies” the company has developed is rather vast and significant. ADCETRIS is one such antibody and the FDA sped up the approval for it in 2011. As many who know how the FDA works, the agency is very careful about what particular treatments are approved.

Seattle Genetics has also developed a number of effective strategic partnerships that have helped the company grow. These partnerships also aided the company’s ability to better provide the medical community with its products. Among those companies Seattle Genetics has worked with are Genentech, CuraBen, MedImmume, and more. All of these collaborations appear to be fruitful for all involved.

Both Seattle Genetics and Clay B. Siegall are both sure to deliver more innovations and success stories in the years to come.

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Clay Siegall Leads Seattle Genetics Toward a Cure for Cancer

In 1998 Clay Siegall co-founded Seattle Genetics as a culmination of his desire to find a cure for cancer. He helped in all aspects of his company’s development including private and public fundraising and brought the company public in 2001. Dr. Siegall is a man driven by a desire to discover a cure for a disease that takes hundreds of thousands of lives each year, destroying families and depleting the funds of insurance companies and family savings accounts.
He began by studying Zoology at the University of Maryland where he obtained a B.S. and continued by earning his Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University. Before founding Seattle Genetics, he worked with the Bristol-Meyers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute and the National Cancer Institute. He serves on several research-related boards of directors.
Seattle Genetics has been developing a portfolio of products aimed at cancer and autoimmune diseases. The company has been advancing antibody technologies in a special class of antibody drugs that selectively attack cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alive and well. All too often the invasive and destructive effects of cancer treatments leave the human body with less cancer but weakening the body as well. Cancer is the scourge of society and companies like Seattle Generics and people like Clay Siegall are desperately needed in finding a cure.
The Seattle area has become a focal point for medical drug research and scientists are creating a family and work friendly environment in this part of Washington. The climate and the mountainous natural resources nearby suit the scientists and their families as they work and relax in this area. The world has Wall Street for finances, and Silicon Valley for computer, cell phone, and electronic research and now Seattle as a center for cancer research.

Kenny Chesney on His New Album

Kennt Chesney Makes Some Moves For His Next Album

Country hitmaker Kenny Chesney was supposed to release his album called “Some Town Somewhere” on July 8th. As it turns out, Chesney has now made a big change of plans.

Rather than stay the course with the release of one album, Chesney decided to switch gears and announce to a full audience at Central Park that he would release a new LP called “Cosmic Hallelujah” at the end of October.

When asked about the change of plans, Chesney said that he decided to move up on the date for a lot of reasons, one of them being that his friend Pink worked with him on a specific song and he liked it a lot. The song he was referring to was a collaboration called “Setting the World on Fire,” and he added that with the new energy the song was bringing he felt it was necessary to change the album title. He finished by saying it all felt like a “cosmic hallelujah,” hence the new name for the album.

Fans of Chesney weren’t the only ones who were surprised by his announcement because even his own team and management were stunned also, although he mentioned that the decision to change it was made early that morning. This isn’t the first instance of Chesney changing the tune of a new album release, because his record label originally chose the project’s first single but his team felt it necessary to change the songs.

The Best Albums of 2016 So Far

A couple week ago, Rolling Stone released its list of 45 best albums so far in 2016. The list is a veritable who’s who of newsmakers and chart-toppers across the industry in every genre, ranging from Beyonce to David Bowie to Chance the Rapper. This chart, like many that Rolling Stone produces, is as diverse as a mainstream news operation’s list of best albums has ever really been.

We are living in a really golden age for pop music. Perhaps music in general isn’t what it used to be for many music fans, but pop culture is increasingly high-quality in its lyrics and more popular than ever. For me personally, many of these albums are the albums my friends and I were listening to at 2 am in the morning while we watched basketball and did homework. This list features some of my current favorite albums and artists in music, and I assume you’ll find some names you recognize too.

Kanye West’s “The Life of Pablo,” Rihanna’s “Anti,” and Chance the Rapper’s “Coloring Book” are among the top albums of 2016 so far, according to Rolling Stone. I agree with these selections. These are the tracks that angsty college students listen to on the weekend after a grueling 40-hour work week on top of a 40-hour school week. If you’ve got a few hours or you’re looking to liven up your workout playlist, check out these best albums of 2016.

A Look at the New Blink-182 Album

Rock band Blink-182 has a new record out called “California,” and Rolling Stone Magazine has given it a good review. Rolling Stone says that the album works because it has a similar sound as the recordings the band made during their commercial peak about 20 years ago.

A big difference between today’s Blink 182 and the band that performed hits such as “What’s My Age Again?” and “All the Small Things” is that original singer and guitar player Tom DeLonge is no longer involved. He’s been replaced by Matt Skiba. Because DeLonge fronted the classic lineup of the band and wrote many of the act’s hits, Skiba has some really big shoes to fill.

Personally, I think this new lineup of Blink-182 will be successful but never as good as the original. It reminds me a bit of the situation when Roger Waters left Pink Floyd, leaving the remaining members to continue on without him. While fans continued to show up at Pink Floyd shows, the magic basically left the band with Waters, in my opinion, and I think the same thing will be the case with Blink-182.

DeLonge was simply too essential a part of Blink-182 for the act to ever be as good without him. Basically, I feel that this new version of the band will be like a cover band playing the old version’s hits. We’ll see.

Calvin Harris’s New Song Takes a Swipe at Swift

Who really believed the breakup between Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris would remain friendly? Despite Harris’s initial claim that they still shared “a huge amount of love and respect,” things went south as soon as Taylor started publicly — very publicly — dating Tom Hiddleston.

Now Harris has reportedly produced a diss track with British singer John Newman. Called “Olé,” the song chronicles the aftermath of a relationship in which the woman cheats, prompting speculation that Swift hooked up with Hiddleston prior to ending things with Harris.

The song features a heavy reggae beat and lyrics that seem to reference Hiddleston and Swift, such as the line “Low key, you won’t tell none of your friends about me.” “Low key” could be a play on Loki, the character Hiddleston plays in Marvel’s “Thor” movies.

As fun as it is to speculate, sources close to Calvin Harris claim it just isn’t true that the song is about Swift. The song was supposedly written months ago, before Harris and Taylor broke up. Harris was already talking up the song in April, long before any drama occurred. However, it’s still possible that the lyrics were tweaked or changed in order to target Swift.

Whatever the case, the extra publicity can’t hurt the song’s chances on the music charts. As to whether or not Taylor will pen a track telling her side of the story, if past behavior is any indication, it’s a good bet that she will.

Fifty Years After The Cultural Revolution, People Reflect on China’s Relationship With Western Classical Music

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution in China. Today, foreigners and native Chinese people alike are reflecting on the role Western music has played in Chinese history and culture. Looking at how Western music was viewed in the past by China, as well as looking at how Chinese people view Western music today, could give us all a greater perspective on the modern day relations between East and West.

The Jesuit missionary Matteo Ricci first brought Western music to China. Ricci visited the emperor of China in 1601 and taught the Imperial Court how to play the clavichord. Ever since that fatal meeting, the thirst for Western music grew throughout the Chinese public. During the opium wars of the 19th century, many Chinese students actually grew up learning about European composers at Christian missionary schools. Traditional Chinese instruments like the erhu took a back seat to Beethoven.

During the Cultural Revolution classical music was banned in favor of Maoist philosophy. But today China has gone from a nation that banned the production of pianos to becoming the world’s largest producer of pianos, currently producing 80 percent of the world’s pianos. Many people hope that China and the West can move forward into the 21st century by better understanding and respecting each other’s musical heritages without the interference of politics. Some believe that J.S. Bach’s music will help bridge this cultural gap as Chinese pianists like Zhu Xiao-Mei offer fresh interpretations of Bach’s work.

Spotify’s Newest OOO service

Spotify is known for being one of the best streaming sites to use. Available also as an app, Spotify continues to give people top notch music at random. It’s a unique part of the music industry, and music lovers enjoy taking the newest features and enjoying the newest songs. In their newest feature, you will find that Spotify actually allows for you to customize your messages with songs related to where it is that you’re going. Their newest tool, Out of Office, is available to everybody.

The OOO section will ask you where you are going, and then it will give you a song based on the mood of the trip. It will create a playlist of the most popular 25 songs in the area you are heading to. You can always change the songs based on genre and also by the mood of the music. Other people can easily listen in as well to the songs you are listening to.

You can easily use this to enjoy the right songs and also let others listen in on the kind of songs you enjoy. This can be a wonderful feature on this site because it makes it easier to enjoy music in the setting that fits where you are traveling to. This new idea has been in the making for awhile now to give users the chance to get customized playlists that match their traveling circumstances. Discover new songs in different genres, and learn a new set of songs to listen to daily.

Spice Girls (Sort of) Reunite

In a recent, extremely brief teaser video, three of the five members of 90s girl group the Spice Girls discussed a reunion event. Though they kept their plan vague, it’s clear that something fun will be happening for the group’s twentieth anniversary. It’s hard to believe two decades have passed since the debut of the group’s first single, “Wannabe.”

In the video, three of the group’s members talk about how grateful they are for their fans, who have never faltered since the Spice Girls came on the scene. Mel B says that the women want to “celebrate and have a party” for their big anniversary. The video ends by saying that the event is a “celebration for [the fans]” and that they will reveal more information soon.

Unfortunately for Spice Girls mega fans, it’s clear that the entire group will not be participating in the reunion event. The video only featured Mel B (Scary Spice), Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice) and Emma Bunton (Baby Spice), with Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) and Mel C (Sporty Spice) absent. The video was even posted to a newly created YouTube channel titled “Spice Girls – GEM” which probably stands for Geri, Emma, and Mel, the three woman version of the group. Even if fans never see a true, full reunion of the Spice Girls, this event will surely be the next best thing.