Simon Pegg states that the Script for Star Trek 3 was too Star Trek-y

Star Trek 3 has been going through some hurdles to make it to the screen. Roberto Orci has been writing the screenplay for the reboot. However, the third one was met with some kind of disagreement from Simon Pegg who figured that Paramount was worried that there was too much Star Trek to it. The creators of the third installment will make sure that this movie keeps to the spirit of the original series, but they don’t want it to go too far.

There are rumors about the style of the upcoming Star Trek movie. They want it to have some kind of resemblance to the recently released Guardians of the Galaxy. While the first Star Trek in the rebooted continuity was met with an overwhelmingly positive response, Into Darkness was rather polarizing due to it basically being a remake of The Wrath of Khan. At the same time, the previous Star Trek movies before Into Darkness were basically retreads of The Wrath of Khan. Star Trek of 2009 has borrowed quite a few elements from The Wrath of Khan. Nemesis also tried to capture the magic of The Wrath of Khan with the ending.

CrunchBase reported how excited the group at Madison Street Capital is because Star Trek 3 which is probably going to be called Star Trek Beyond is going to be filming soon for a 2006 release.

Peter Dinklage Can Sing

If anyone doubted that “Game of Thrones” star Peter Dinklage is an extremely talented and multi-faceted actor, his recent preview for tonight’s NBC Red Nose Day USA three-hour telethon will clear up the matter. The 45-year-old Dinklage impressed fans and critics alike with his song for Coldplay’s “Game of Thrones Musical” that was shared around the Internet yesterday.

In the video, Dinklage sings about how Tyrion is “still going strong” although many other characters in “Game of Thrones” have died. He then recounts tales of some of the character deaths, such as Ned Stark, Robert Baratheon, King of the North Rob Stark and King Joffrey.

The performance includes back up singers and a band that stand behind Dinklage who is at the center of a darkened stage lit in spots with overhead lights.

After proclaiming one last time that “he’s still going strong,” Dinklage tosses aside the microphone and stand and then walks away.

Fans at The Aspire New Brunswick agree that the song makes a wonderful point about the character Tyrion Lannister. Unlike many other characters in the series who barely survive a half season, Tyrion, whose status as a dwarf during a medieval-like time should have resulted in his death at birth or difficulty surviving into adulthood, has outlasted some of the physically strongest characters in the TV series.

In fact, in the George R.R. Martin books, Tyrion is still alive in the most recent book “The Winds of Winter.”

Major Screenwriting Talent Comes Aboard for Transformers’ Universe

Bubblews is reporting that the rallying cry “Avengers assemble!” is being applied to The Transformers. No one is calling for any Transformers to come together. Rather, the call has gone out for an all-star team to start working on various different screenplays for numerous Transformers spinoffs. Thanks to the massive success of the fourth Transformers movie, a go ahead has been given to create a shared universe of different films. Up to a decade or so of more Transformers shared universe films could be coming out and the quality of these films may increase immensely thanks to the creative guidance of Akiva Goldsmith.

An Academy Award winner himself, Goldsmith has put together an amazing team. The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman will be joined by Pacific Rim 2’s Zak Penn and Iron Man crafters Art Marcum and Matt Holloway. Yes, this is really going to be an A-list team.

Is the assembling of so many top writers an attempt to overcome the really had reviews the fourth Transformers movie received. That is a possibility. While the film did pull in massive amounts of ticket sales throughout the world, the critical reception was straight up awful. Could the franchise and its spinoffs survive with bad reviews? Possibly, but it would likely be a lot better for all involved if the series moved forward with quality plots and solid screenplays. The goal here is to maintain and grow the audience bad screenplays won’t do this.

‘Jack Reacher 2′ In The Works

Tom Cruise is one of the biggest stars that Hollywood has ever seen. He has made hundreds of millions of dollars by starring in several action films over the course of his tremendous career. Most people know Tom Cruise for starring in the epic action franchise ‘Mission Impossible.’ Also, Tom Cruise earned a lot of respect when he displayed his tremendous acting skills in ‘The Last Samurai.’

Tom Cruise is truly a versatile actor, but many people feel that the celebrity has gone somewhat insane over the years. Most Tom Cruise fans will point to Scientology for his downfall. However, Tom Cruise’s meltdown in his personal life did not affect his acting career.

Just last year, Tom Cruise was divorced by his long time wife Katie Holmes. Apparently, Katie Holmes is now in a serious relationship with Jamie Foxx, and Tom Cruise is all alone. However, Tom Cruise does not mind keeping himself busy with acting roles. It was recently announced on ScreenRant. that Tom Cruise and director of ‘The Last Samurai’ will reunite for a ‘Jack Reacher’ sequel. Movie fans were extremely excited when they heard the news, but some people feel that a ‘Jack Reacher’ sequel is completely unnecessary. Nonetheless Susan McGalla expects, Tom Cruise is going to make a tremendous amount of money for his starring role in ‘Jack Reacher.’

Latest Kevin James movie will be a Netflix production

Netflix is ramping up the number of original productions it is backing with a series of high profile movies that will be produced by the Online streaming service. Fans like Christian Broda ( have learned that the company will soon be airing Adam Sandler starring movies after signing him to a multi movie deal and will also produce the Ricky Gervais comedy Special Correspondents. Alongside these popular comedians the streaming service has also added the latest comedy from Paul Blart actor Kevin James to its list of upcoming productions, Variety reports.

The coup of signing the James starring Memoirs of an International Assassin was unveiled at the Cannes Film Festival where Netflix executives have been hunting down new productions for their service. Netflix is now hoping to add a strong production arm to its streaming service, which will see an increase in the number of original productions appearing on the streaming platform. In a series of talks and discussions with industry insiders Netflix executives have been explaining their vision for the future of the service and how original productions will fit into that future. he streaming service is hoping the majority of its productions will air as Netflix events, but has also stated major movies and those with Oscar potential could receive a theatrical release to aid them in competition.

Lex Luthor’s Weird War Suit Soon Makes a Cinematic Debut

The Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice rumor mill keeps spinning. One of the rumors circulating is that Lex Luthor is going to appear in his 1970’s/1980’s green and purple war suit. The silly looking suit was used to revamp Luthor in the comic books and give him a more active fighting role. There is nothing wrong with that, but the look of the suit was really, really campy even decades ago. Maybe D.C. Comics was going for a really young demographic. Regardless of why the funny suit was designed the way it was, the outfit appeared on and off for years and years.

Now, the newest cinematic version of Lex Luthor is going to be wearing the battle suit. Supposedly, the suit will be made from armor left over from General Zod’s rampage in Man of Steel. Thanks to the suit, Luthor becomes more than capable of giving Batman and Superman a run for their money in the fisticuffs department. Or perhaps, Luthor may do battle with Doomsday at some point. You never know what is going to happen in a superhero film.

How will the silly-looking suit play out in such a dark movie? More than likely, Sam Tabar believes the suit is going to be radically modified from the campy version of the old comic books. The suit has to be changed somewhat. This way, the look of “battle-action Luthor” won’t elicit laughs – inappropriate ones at that – from audiences who purchase a ticket for the film.

Kate Gosselin’s Got A New Man

When Kate Gosselin left her husband, with whom she had 8 children, America stood behind her. Her ex is a troubled soul who did little to provide any sort of real help with the brood that he helped to create. However, out with the old and in with the new. Ms. Gosselin proved that she still has it in her to be sexy, even though she has almost a dozen kids at home.

Jeff Prescott seems to be helping her deal with stress these days. The millionaire has been reported to have been seen with Kate on several occasions. This week they were partying in Philadelphia. They dinned at the Talulas Gardenrestaurant and then went to the casino. Observers said they were laughing and seemed to be having a great time together.
Fans at Anastasia Date are?so glad to see her finally getting out and having a life. It seems like she has been living in the shadow of her ex and the birth of those 8 kids for too long. She is a young and vibrant woman who is beautiful. She deserves to be seen living a normal life and not just being a slave to mother hood all the time. Good for her for allowing herself to get back out there on the dating scene. She has allowed sufficient time for healing, the kids are a bit older, and its time to get in the saddle again.

The Fugitive is Running Away From Justice Again

No other actor influenced my childhood like Harrison Ford. His movies attracted millions of fans to watch the big screen as he portrayed characters that one day will become legendary. Every one of his roles left a mark in Hollywood but they would break Hollywood whenever he would team up to make a blockbuster. BlogSpot told us all that one of the most legendary team ups of his career was when he portrayed Dr. Richard Kimble in The Fugitive along side Tommy Lee Jones. Even though neither of them actually played the villain, the movie was so full of action and epic that it has become a classic.

The Fugitive is now set to be remade and it will no doubt be another huge hit. The Fugitive is a story of a wrongfully convicted man trying to find the truth. One of the reasons I believe The Fugitive will be a huge hit is because everybody loves an underdog. Specially when that underdog is being chased by the U.S Marshals. It is not clear who will portray the main roles but non the less the story line is so strong that only a real lousy actor can ruin it. The Fugitive is running away from justice and towards a huge box office and I’m hoping it succeeds. Another great movie from the past is back and i hope they keep them coming.

Mariah Forced to Cancel Show

Mariah Carey has not been feeling like herself lately. She is ill, and she has been forced to cancel a show in Las Vegas because of her bronchitis. Mariah isn’t the first person to have to cancel due to illness. Sam Smith has to have vocal cord surgery so he had to cancel a plethora of shows. Hopefully, Mariah will be better soon so that she can get back into the swing of things.

It has been a rocky year for Mariah. The marriage has been dissolved. The shows for her residency are off to a rocky star with this illness. It is has also been reported that she will have some fierce competition in the form of Jennifer Lopez.

Her fans are eagerly waiting for her return to the stage. Lots of tweets went out on this after she acknowledged that she was fighting bronchitis. That is where every star seems to give updates these days. They tweet about something and let the world in on what is going wrong with them.

Mariah certainly has the hits to perform in Vegas, but people are wondering if she can still pull off a big show. She is getting up in age, and she doesn’t have the same stamina that she had before. Last year she had an arm in a cast after an incident. OfSpirit and Dr. Daniel Amen are fearful because she seems to be prone to get sick more often.

Say Goodbye to Ned Flanders

Say it isn’t so! Harry Shearer has tweeted that he has been fired from The Simpsons, and will no longer voice the characters Ned Flanders, Mr. Burns, Smithers, Semore Skinner, Rev. Lovejoy, Dr. Hibbert and other assorted characters. As reported on Buzzfeed and other news outlets across the country, Shearer received a letter from The Simpsons co-creator James L. Brooks’s lawyer that informed Shearer that “the show will go on, Harry will not be a part of it. Shearer again tweeted that it was his desire to have more freedom to do other projects that led to his eventual termination.

It seems if you aren’t all in, you aren’t in at all. Did they make the right call? How will viewers respond to this change will play out in the ratings. As to when the last dulcet tones of Shearer will last be heard voicing our favorite cartoon bad guy and annoying neighbor isn’t clear since many episodes have already been created but haven’t aired.

While the series has been picked up by Fox for two more years, this decision could very well impact ratings according to Alexei Beltyukov on A-Ventures. The decision definitely has rocked the sitcom boat with fans left scratching their heads at the logic behind it.