Accomplishments of Susan McGalla

The world has changed significantly in the recent times. Women, just like men are now allowed to hold top positions in the corporate world. Some of them are also company owners who are doing very well. In some countries, women have become presidents, proving that they can perform well. There are some, however, who are still shying away from prestigious roles in the world due to the challenges that come with business and leadership.

Susan McGalla is among the most successful women in the corporate world. The passionate financial advisor is a role model to the modern woman. Susan has held several managerial positions in some of the prestigious companies in the United States over the years. The business woman started her successful career in the year 1986 when she was appointed to serve in a company known as Joseph Horne Company. After eight years in this institution, Susan got a position in American Eagle Outfitters where she was working as the CMO and president.

While working at American Eagle Outfitters as the president, Susan realized that she had the potential to perform well just like other men. Under her leadership, the company did very well, increasing its profits significantly. The success of the company motivated her to move and start her company that would specialize in providing consultancy services, especially in the financial investments. Susan was motivated to help other women in the world to step into the corporate world and become successful just like men.

Susan McGalla has done very well over the years, and this proves that there are no differences between men and women. According to a recent study, most of the companies that perform well are led by women. Giving women top management positions is a way of getting to a higher level, especially in the modern world. Although ladies have to cope with the challenges of raising their families, they can become great business leaders.

Many governments in the world are working hard to bridge the gap between men and women in the society. There are very many governmental and non-governmental firms that are empowering women to venture into roles that were reserved for men in the past. Women like Susan McGalla are also helping in this fight. Susan has introduced several platforms to empower women who want to go up the ladder and become important people in the society. The role model is also supporting the needy people in the society.

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