Andrew Rolfe, An Ubuntu Boss – UPDATED

UPDATED June 9th 2017– More than R10 million raised at London Gala Dinner to support disadvantaged children in South Africa.


If there more organizations like Ubuntu to combat inadequate education, the world as a whole would be a better place. The conception of Ubuntu began in 1999. Aside from its beautiful name, the premise of Ubuntu was to assist in educating children in South Africa by providing the school supplies necessary to learn. Soon enough, Ubuntu realized there were additional variables that prevented these children from learning. This included poverty, disease, and hunger.

Therefore, Ubuntu developed a grassroots campaign to service the children in the Port Elizabeth township. Thanks to their efforts, significant progress has been made. Ubuntu now services over 400,000 people. What is so remarkable about Ubuntu are the challenges the organization had to overcome. Aside from the brutal reign of Apartheid, South Africa is home to millions of orphaned children. Ubuntu’s mission is further complicated by poverty and the lack of resources.

In South Africa, several schools have closed or are on the verge of closing. Also, these institutions are oftentimes understaffed and deficient in proper training. To top it all off, many of the schools are overcrowded. Due to these variables, several students drop out because they never had a chance to begin with In spite of all these grievances, the Ubuntu organization has given the people of South Africa hope.

Andrew Rolfe, chairman on the Board of Directors for the Ubuntu Fund, has been an asset. For years, Andrew Rolfe has been on the front-line bringing attention to the needs of South Africa. Without Andrew Rolfe it is safe to say Ubuntu would not be where it is today. Throughout the world, Andrew Rolfe is respected. Ubuntu’s headquarters is nothing short of state of the art. It includes a garden, a clinic, classrooms, and so forth. Several services are administered from the Ubuntu headquarters.

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