Dirty Projectors Releases A Breakup Album

Musical groups have many rites of passage. For example, first concerts are joyous events. There are also rites of passage groups hope to avoid. One of these might be the dreaded comeback tour, an event implying the band’s music has waned in significance. Smashed somewhere between these two rites of passage you will find the concept of a breakup album. A terminated relationship is painful, and it is often inevitable in the crazy world of music. However, that life event can create incredible music. That is exactly what happened to Dirty Projectors in their self-tilted album.


David Longstreth has been producing music under the name Dirty Projectors since 2002. However, since 2007, a woman named Amber Coffman worked closely with Longstreth. This started as Longstreth decided to recreate a classic punk album entirely from memory with Coffman’s help in 2007 entitled Rise Above. Coffman helped Longstreth out again for the band’s 2009 release of Bitte Orca. The two worked together as both musicians and domestic partners for the next several years.


The breakup came in 2013. It was shortly after Dirty Projectors released Swing Low Magellaan. The commercial success Longstreth and Coffman hoped for never materialized. “You think an album’s gonna propel you forward, and then it doesn’t, at least not immediately,” Longstreth related. The failure of the album and the breakup with Coffman sent Longstreth into an emotional tailspin that landed him on an island of depression. It was in this state of mind that he wrote the songs for this new album.


If you are curious as to what the loss of a lover and commercial success sounds like, check it out. Hopefully, your joy in the album will be worth the hard price David Longstreth had to pay for it. You also just might get a clue into what exactly leads a musical couple to break up in the first place. For example, some of the lyrics are downright revealing. On one track, Longstreth sings, “What I want from art is truth- what you want is fame.” Ouch. Longstreth isn’t messing around!


Legendary Techno Duo from the 1990s Reissues Album and Prepares for Tour

Paul Daley and Neil Barnes, two electronic dance music pioneers who defined the London sound of the 1990s, have announced plans to reissue their seminal album Leftism. The working title of the new album is Leftism 22, and it will be remastered for the enjoyment of original and new fans alike.


According to a news report published by DJ Mag, Neil Barnes will also launch a tour of the United Kingdom to support the reissue album, which many fans are excited to download or obtain on vinyl.


The original Leftism was released more than two decades ago. Leftfield was legendary in terms of injecting vocals into a genre then known as hard techno. By 1996, EDM groups such as Underworld had also included vocals to their tracks. Both Leftfield and Underworld contributed tracks to the cult film Trainspotting, which happens to be awaiting a sequel after two decades.


Although only Neil Barnes plans to headline the Leftism 22 concert tour, the album has been remastered by both Daley and Barnes. The vinyl release will contain three long play records, which will include the original Leftism as well as remixes by Bodyjack, Adrian Sherwood and Skream. The tour will kick off on May 11 in Bristol, followed by performances in London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Glasgow.


Barnes’ musical formation included DJ stints at major London dance clubs in London during the late 1980s. He was inspired by Afrika Bambataa and by his love of world music. Daley was a studio musician who also formed part of the Brand New Heavies and Primal Scream. The first EP released by Leftfield was very well received by the nascent EDM scene and was given labels of progressive house as well as hard techno.


Released in 1995, Leftism was the first studio album issued by Leftfield, and it was a major hit due to its engineering and its mix of genres such as breakbeat, house and dub. Amazingly, Daley and Barnes were not entirely happy with the album and always thought about ways of improving it, which is exactly the vibe listeners will get with Leftism 22.



Major Album Release by Ed Sheeran Could be Followed by Taylor Swift

British singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran is making music headlines with a new album and a prediction about the career of his close friend, American country and pop star Taylor Swift.


Sheeran recently released a new album that is playfully titled Divide and styled with the mathematical symbol for division, ÷. It is worth mentioning that Sheeran’s previous albums were titled Plus and Multiply; they were also styled by the operand symbols + and *.


According to recording industry magazine Billboard, the new Divide album was released in all the major streaming services and online music stores in early March. Prior to the album release, Sheeran abandoned social media and mostly spent time in the studio. The album includes four tracks that Sheeran had previously released as teaser singles plus 12 new songs.


The Taylor Swift Album Rumor


Sheeran is achieving major popularity in the United Kingdom and in Australia; his nascent airplay in the United States is mostly related to his friendship with Taylor Swift, with whom he often discusses music industry trends.


According to a report published by E! Online, Sheeran decided to release Divide in March so that he would not be overshadowed by pop music giants such as Bruno Mars, Beyoncé and The Weeknd. He waited until the heavies released their albums and limited his output to teaser singles. Sheeran believes that his dear American friend Taylor Swift thinks alike and is likely planning to release her next album during the 2017 holiday season. Sheeran explained that Swift is a very smart marketer who knows a lot about the recording industry, and she understand the power of an album released with a few holiday singles at a time when everyone is shopping for presents. Fans would certainly appreciate a Sheeran/Swift collaboration for Christmas.