Jeremy Goldstein on Stock Options Strategies

Jeremy Goldstein has been in the business of advising corporates on legal, financial matters for a long time now. Jeremy Goldstein acknowledges that there are two sides of the coin as far as stock options are concerned. There are both advantages and disadvantages of the stock options to both the firm and the employee. In recent times the number of companies that are rolling out stock options has been going down. What are the reasons for this happening?


According to Jeremy Goldstein, there are three main reasons why companies are no longer looking at the stock options as a viable way of doing business. One, sometimes stock value drops to levels that bar the employees from executing their stock options. In such a scenario the additional cost falls on the company since they have to report the expenses. The results are what is called overhang. Secondly, there is the issue of employees dropping the stock options and preferring to be compensated with a salary. Thirdly, the stock options usually create a complicated scenario for both the company and the employees, not sure how to apply them.


On the other side, there are the advantages associated with the stock options. One, the stock options offer an opportunity for the employees in a firm to improve their productivity. The reason for this is that both the firm and employees are direct beneficiaries of a better stock value. If the share value of a company improves, it means that the firm will make more profit and the employees will also enjoy a good stock option value. In that case, it is a win-win scenario. It is an incentive for the workers to increase their productivity.


According to Jeremy Goldstein, the only way out of this stock options scenario is to adopt the “Knockout Option.” This is the option that will balance both ends of the stock options.


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How Drew Madden Became A Leader In The Electronic Medical Records Industry

As the Managing Partner of Evergreen Healthcare Partners, Drew Madden has years of experience in the healthcare industry. He is a specialist in Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and over the course of his career he has implemented EMR projects for a number of companies in the industry. He is also experienced at optimizing and troubleshooting these types of systems.

Drew Madden has a BSE in industrial engineering that he earned in 2002 from the University of Iowa. His first position in the healthcare industry was with Cerner Corporation where he was an Integration Consultant. This job entailed working with two major hospitals in Chicago, Illinois, where he put in place their inpatient clinical applications.

In January of 2006, Madden found a new position at Healthia Consulting/Ingenix Consulting. He was responsible for establishing the Epic inpatient applications for a number of different hospital systems. He added onto his experience in the industry by earning new certifications including ones in Willow, clinical documentation, and both inpatient medication and procedure orders. He eventually rose in the ranks and became a Regional Sales Director that handled business development and sales for hospital systems across the Midwest.

It was in December 2010 that Drew Madden earned his first executive level position. He was named the Executive Vice President at Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc. His experience and knowledge led to him being named President of the company just seven months later. He specialized in implementing Epic for 150 clients around the United States. He was also responsible for business development and both the consulting and recruiting processes at the company.

While Madden was heading up Nordic Consulting Partners the firm had phenomenal growth. His leadership led to the company increasing its annual revenues from just $1 million a year to $130 million. He also expanded the company from 3 clients to 150 and increased the number of employees from 10 to 725.


Right Wing Supporters Continue to Bash Billionaire George Soros

According to, many far right-leaning Americans harbor a deep resentment for Mr. Soros. Conservatives to the left, however, view him as just another wealthy billionaire out to grab headlines by funding liberal causes. Right wingers have labeled Soros as the world’s greediest capitalist who values minting the next billion more than he does regular people and learn more about George Soros.

Malaysian Currency Crisis

In supporting their allegations against Soros, the critics always refer to two notable incidences where Soros walked away with billions while millions of investors lost their entire portfolios. The first event is when George Soros placed bets against the British Pound and profited a cool billion dollars when the Bank of England later collapsed. Then there’s the incidence when Soros profited by shorting the Malaysian currency in the 2000’ and read full article.

Joe Uscinski, a political science lecturer at the University of Miami isn’t surprised by the barrage of allegations thrown at George Soros. Professor Joe Uscinski reasons that such kinds of smear campaigns targeting powerful Democratic Party donors are commonplace, and they are usually paid for by the billionaire lobbyists from the other political camps.

Soros Rules!

The Chairman of Soros fund, Michael Vachon is quoted on saying that Soros vehemently opposed the laid out plans to send troops to invade the oil-rich nation of Iraq by George Bush once elected. According to Michael Vachon, opposing the Iraqi invasion marked the beginning of the Soros conspiracies by the Conservatives. In recent times, far right supporters like, Breitbart, have pointed accusing fingers at George Soros for his role in funding protests all across the nation and more information click here.

Daniel Greenfield echoes the far right opinions expressed by media outlets like the Washington Times. David claims that Soros is an evil person on a mission to subvert global democracies and make the entire planet more liberal leaning. David Greenfield recently penned a scathing attack on Soros in a Business Insider article titled, ‘How George Soros Destroyed the Democratic Party’ and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.


Soros started minting billions in the 1960’s. Soros, 86, possessed an uncanny mastery of the dynamics of the UK financial market. In May 2017, Soros retained his spot on the list of the globe’s top 30 billionaires having a net worth of $25B. Soros has at one time in his past life experienced civil injustice by the invading Germans. At the London School of Economics, Soros was instrumental in deriving a principal economics concept: The Markets Reflexivity Theory. The reflexivity theory would guide Soros all through his fantastic investment career. Soros is genuinely passionate about lifting people from squalor and dictatorships. Check out Soros’ official philanthropy website, the Open Society Forum to learn more about the billionaire’s benevolence and follow his Twitter.

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