An Interview with Greg Secker

In a recent interview with, Greg Secker answered a few questions about how he got started in business and how he has been so successful over the years. Secker took to financing at an early age and has had several jobs within the financial field. He has a wife and though he finds his achievements act work enjoyable, the most important thing to him is being a great dad. Being able to spend more time at home was a bonus that came with starting his own company, Learn to Trade.


Grag Secker stated that he had wanted to start his own company for a long time. He saw that a lot of people had trouble learning how to trade and that there were very few sources for them to learn. That is where the inspiration for Learn to Trade was born. He used everything he learned to create learning tools that would benefit those who followed them, even himself. By 27 he was able to stay at home while still earning.


Secker believes that his success comes from the support of his friends and family. They are the ones that give him good ideas and give him a clear outlook on life. They were also some of his first clients when he began his company. He also believes that the interactions he has with the people he meets at public speaking events give him insight into the values and difficulties of different people all around the world.


The most satisfying moment for Secker was when he was able become his own boss and spend more time with his family. The first company that he worked for was Thomas Cook Financial Services. While there he was transferred to work on a new business titled the Virtual Trading Desk, one of the first real-time Forex trading platforms. By the age of 25 Secker had become the Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation, which was a Fortune 500 investment bank at the time. Working at Mellon Financial Corporation allowed him to gain the experience to grow not only his client’s accounts but his own personal account. With enough in savings, Secker chose to open his own company, Learn to Trade, which is a leader in stock trading education.

Ally Brooke Starts Her Solo Career In Style

Fifth Harmony is one of the most popular pop music groups currently ruling the charts. Recently, one of the members of this band released her first solo song. When Ally Brooke released this song, she became the latest Fifth Harmony member to attempt to build a solo career. Entitled “Look At Us Now,” this song features the vocal contributions of the Lost Kings and rapper A$AP Ferg. A fairly uptempo dance tune in the contemporary mold, this song features some very detailed production work. This could be the beginning of a major solo career for this young starlet. Only time will tell if Brooke will prove able to make a lasting mark on modern musical culture.


As part of the YouTube generation of performers, Fifth Harmony has charted a path that is both charmingly naive and marketing-oriented. Brooke certainly walks a fine line between spontaneity and carefully coiffed and planned behavior. If this artist is able to maintain this high quality of artistry, it is possible that she could lead a musical movement of sorts. I think this is a singer who deserves serious attention from the public. So far, big music sites have covered Brooke’s solo career to an extent. If she hopes to push her brand forward, Brooke will have to find a way to stand out in the crowded modern pop field.


Fortunately for Brooke, charisma and stage presence can prove decisively helpful for people trying to break into modern music. Though her new song is hardly musically brilliant, it has enough hooks to appeal to a very broad array of people. If Ally Brooke makes plenty of live appearances, it is possible she will be able to make an appreciable impression on popular music culture. After all, quite a few female artists have overcome modest expectations to achieve massive commercial success. If Brooke can achieve a more individualized sound, she may even receive critical acclaim.


Lorde’s New Album Has Everyone Talking

When Lorde recently released a new song entitled “Sober,” this certainly caused a lot of excitement in the music community. This was the second song released from the Australian singer’s upcoming second album. Lorde’s exciting new album is called “Melodrama.” Throughout the world, people are waiting for this new album with baited breath. If the latest journalistic coverage is any guide, “Melodrama” will release to a built-in, receptive audience.


Lorde has certainly come a long way since the start of her career. I feel this is one artist who can adequately represent Australian music culture throughout the world. Wherever she travels in her touring endeavors, Lorde is sure to spread the knowledge that Australia has a first-class indie music scene. Although perhaps it is not fair to saddle Lorde with too many expectations, it is clear that this artist has what it takes to last for the long-term. Lorde may well achieve incredible things in the realm of synth-based pop music. I feel that simplicity and austere beauty have proven central in Lorde’s mass appeal. It is clear that this artist is now able to express herself without resorting to cheap cliches. Hopefully, Lorde’s talents will continue to grow for many years to come. To ensure her place in history, Lorde should develop her voice and focus her artistic vision.


If Lorde truly wants to prove that she is a top-tier artist, I think she’ll have to regularly change her style. At the very least, she will need to continue to improve her sales by at least 10 percent per year. If she doesn’t achieve this goal, she may find herself consigned to the dustbin of music history. Although Lorde doesn’t receive nearly as much news coverage as she once did, there’s no denying that she is still a major player in the music world. However, this situation might not last forever. I feel it is very important for young artists to reassess their strategies from time to time to avoid becoming sterile or lifeless.