Behind the Scenes of “4:44”

One of the biggest complaints that fans may have about the
”4:44 album” is that it is too short. That is really the only thing that most people that have become fans of Jay-Z are saying. They were impressed with his raw and open dialogue through his lyrics, and they wanted to hear more. It was obvious that producer No ID had more to give because he had already created as many as 500 different ideals over the time that he was getting ready to work on the album. He was coming up with different type of concepts and he wanted to embrace a new sound.

Jay-Z decided that he would be open about things that were going on in the marriage, but he also wanted to address issues about race and the never ending battle between black and white. Jay-Z had a lot to talk about, and he wanted to make sure that people heard everything that he was planning to say in a voice that sounded familiar.
That is why he tapped into No ID again and created the soulful sound that he has made popular through with other artists.

It is interesting to see the way this album unfolds because the last full-length album that Jay-Z was a part of was the “Watch the Throne” album with Kanye West. Anyone that is following the career of Kanye West is aware that No ID is his mentor. When most people here the new album without looking at the linear notes they will automatically assume that Kanye may have been on part of the production. No ID has gained a lot of attention because he was the sole producer for this album. The collaboration that he had with Jay-Z would prove to be one of his best today.

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