Find Out the Services Provided by Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings was started in 2002. It is a company that is popular for providing lending services, which are based on an individual’s security. The company makes available loans depending on the risk and future performance evaluation. This assessment is based on stocks, bonds and Treasurys.The company has an office that is located in New York City. Its headquarters are in Indianapolis, Indiana. The management of the company comprises of Al Christy Jr., who serves as the president, Jeff Smith who acts as the managing director and Joe McCarthy who performs his duties as the head trader.

The company specializes in development of products that make it easy to provide liquidity in an efficient manner. The company’s policy is to make the lending process as transparent as possible.The company has lately been experiencing growth, and it has managed to process 625 transactions. This has been enabled by the corporation’s unique funding process that provides most of their clients with a lower cost capital. The financing terms are also superior when they are compared with institutions that offer traditional financing.

Equities First Holdings operates internationally, and it has other offices that area located in London, Perth, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Sydney and Singapore. The company is famous for providing financial arrangements that are tailor-made to suit the specific needs of the client. The firm specializes in capital allocation, financial services, and the provision of other financial solutions.Equities First Holdings is a privately held company. As of now, it has 50 employees. The company is a good fit for individuals who are looking for capital or those who do not qualify for loans that are provided by other financial institutions.The corporation has a policy of integrity and transparency. For advice, they frequently consult top legal firms, regulatory institutions and other trading institutions. The company’s goal is to offer loans to clients that will make them achieve their personal and professional financial goals.

Jason Halpern on the Road to Dominating the Real Estate Development Market

Jason was not one of the irresponsible kids who used their father’s wealth recklessly, spending money as if there is no tomorrow. Rather, he was and is still an ambitious man who turned his late father’s company into a great success that it is today. Jason is the founder of JMH Development LLC, and since he founded it, he has worked tirelessly to see its success in building unique and high-quality houses, and maintaining a high level of creativity and inventiveness.


Jason’s company, JMH, is one of the most successful companies in real estate development. It has completed projects in the major cities where properties are of high value. They specialize in both commercial building like hotels and residential houses. They also convert warehouse articulately into beautiful residential homes. Among the cities where the company has built and sold properties include Miami, Brooklyn, and Cobble Hill residential properties. MH is a pioneer in making unique designs and strategically located properties for both the interested business people and for the residential townhouses.

Jason- Halpern-Family

Among the best projects that JMH has accomplished is the Aloft South Beach in Miami. The hotel is not only strategically located but also has bigger rooms than its surrounding competitors. Its proximity to the beach, boutiques, art gallery stores and numerous nightclubs makes it very convenient for visitors. This project was completed in collaboration with Madden Real Estate Ventures.


But who is Jason outside work? Jason Halpern is a father to a teenage boy whom he enjoys spending time with. He goes with his son for vacations to enjoy fun activities like scuba dividing in Miami and Costa Rica. He even took his son to watch their family game in New York City. Jason has friends all over the world including Africa where he frequents to meet friends in the same line of business real estate development. Jason is also fascinated by sports car races, a thing he might have inherited from his father who was also a big fan. Jason once tried car-racing game and is looking forward to trying it again; he is a boxing fan too.


Scott Rocklage: Investing Into Medical Technologies.

With over three decades of work experience, Scott Rocklage proved to be an excellent venture partner when he joined 5 AM Ventures. Starting out in the company in 2003. Scott quickly rose up the ranks and rose to the position of Managing Partner just a year later.

5 AM Ventures is a company that aims to revolutionize scientific studies and research by investing in businesses that are actively working towards developing life sciences. The company seeks to give the necessary backing which a company would need to get off the ground and establish themselves. The primary objective of the company is to help with the progress of the healthcare industry by providing companies with the monetary backing they would need. 5 AM Ventures invests in a range of sectors, right from biopharmaceuticals to research and medical technology implementation. In addition to investing into the company’s, 5 AM Ventures also help companies with the necessary guidance to ensure the success of their business.

Scott is driven by the old fashioned ways of investing and helping companies. He believes in forming close ties with his clients and paying close attention to them, to give them all that they would need to start their business. Because of the extensive knowledge that Scott has on the matter of life sciences and healthcare, he can lead companies in a direction that is beneficial to their growth.

5 AM Ventures functions as a collaborative effort between four venture capitalist, John Diekman, Andy Schwab, Carin Mueller and of course Scott Rocklage. Scott has known his partners for over fifteen years and has been working closely alongside them for en extremely long time. The union of such learned and experienced investors is what has made 5 AM Ventures such a huge success.

Scott’s efforts at 5 AM Ventures have resulted in the company landing a host of big clients. During his first year at 5 AM Ventures, Scott landed companies like Alexa, Ambrx and Chelsea Therapeutics to name a few. Most of the businesses that Scott has made investments into have grown to be leaders in their field. Scotts determination to help the company succeed show in the broad portfolio of companies he has invested into.

In the past, Scott has tremendous experience in the field of medical advances and management. He previously worked with the FDA and helped in the formulation of new policies under the umbrella of the FDA. Scott also worked at Cubist Pharmaceuticals, where he headed the company as the CEO.

Scott Rocklage pursued his Bachelors in Chemistry from the University of California at Berkeley. He has also attained his Ph. D from MIT in Chemistry. Currently, Scott owns over 30 patents of various medical technologies in the United States. He has also had numerous publications regarding chemistry and life sciences.