Right Wing Supporters Continue to Bash Billionaire George Soros

According to PulseLive.com, many far right-leaning Americans harbor a deep resentment for Mr. Soros. Conservatives to the left, however, view him as just another wealthy billionaire out to grab headlines by funding liberal causes. Right wingers have labeled Soros as the world’s greediest capitalist who values minting the next billion more than he does regular people and learn more about George Soros.

Malaysian Currency Crisis

In supporting their allegations against Soros, the critics always refer to two notable incidences where Soros walked away with billions while millions of investors lost their entire portfolios. The first event is when George Soros placed bets against the British Pound and profited a cool billion dollars when the Bank of England later collapsed. Then there’s the incidence when Soros profited by shorting the Malaysian currency in the 2000’ and read full article.

Joe Uscinski, a political science lecturer at the University of Miami isn’t surprised by the barrage of allegations thrown at George Soros. Professor Joe Uscinski reasons that such kinds of smear campaigns targeting powerful Democratic Party donors are commonplace, and they are usually paid for by the billionaire lobbyists from the other political camps.

Soros Rules!

The Chairman of Soros fund, Michael Vachon is quoted on PulseLive.com saying that Soros vehemently opposed the laid out plans to send troops to invade the oil-rich nation of Iraq by George Bush once elected. According to Michael Vachon, opposing the Iraqi invasion marked the beginning of the Soros conspiracies by the Conservatives. In recent times, far right supporters like, Breitbart, have pointed accusing fingers at George Soros for his role in funding protests all across the nation and more information click here.

Daniel Greenfield echoes the far right opinions expressed by media outlets like the Washington Times. David claims that Soros is an evil person on a mission to subvert global democracies and make the entire planet more liberal leaning. David Greenfield recently penned a scathing attack on Soros in a Business Insider article titled, ‘How George Soros Destroyed the Democratic Party’ and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.


Soros started minting billions in the 1960’s. Soros, 86, possessed an uncanny mastery of the dynamics of the UK financial market. In May 2017, Soros retained his spot on the list of the globe’s top 30 billionaires having a net worth of $25B. Soros has at one time in his past life experienced civil injustice by the invading Germans. At the London School of Economics, Soros was instrumental in deriving a principal economics concept: The Markets Reflexivity Theory. The reflexivity theory would guide Soros all through his fantastic investment career. Soros is genuinely passionate about lifting people from squalor and dictatorships. Check out Soros’ official philanthropy website, the Open Society Forum to learn more about the billionaire’s benevolence and follow his Twitter.

More Visit: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1997/02/the-capitalist-threat/376773/

Talos Energy’s acquisitions and expansion strategy

After more than 8 decades, a private company finally decided to drill a well in the waters of Mexico. This was a way for the country to create competition in the energy industry. Premier Oil, Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas and Talos Energy joined hands and the project began in May. Prior to this venture, the industry was a monopoly which was run by Petroleos Mexicanos. It was a big change in the country considering the norm since 1938.

The well, Zama-1, that was being drilled was expected to produce one hundred to five hundred million crude barrels. The well is located at the Sureste Basin. Drilling was going to take an average of 3 months. The companies won the bid in 2015 when the industry was opened to private investors due to the suffering that this industry was undergoing in Mexico at the time. This investment is been watched closely by many people as it is one of its kind.

Talos Energy holds 35 percent of the Mexico oil drilling venture. It is the second largest investor after Premier Oil. Tim Duncan alongside his partners began Talos Energy with equity worth 600 million dollars and assets from previous investments. This company has been named as one of the ideal workplaces by WorkplaceDynamics when their work and social ethics are taken into place. Even if they are not the best paying employers, they give equity shares to their employees. Duncan is the CEO at Talos Energy and he is focused on building an empowered team through his strategic management.

Talos Energy acquired a Helix Energy Solutions’ subsidiary, Energy Resource Technology GOM Inc., to enhance their productivity in gas and oil. It cost them a sum of 620 million dollars and they are in the market again looking to make an acquisition of yet another company for 475- 500 million dollars. The company’s goal is to expand further as they create more employment opportunities. Duncan is growing Talos into a big company through his experience and leadership skills. He is a known figure in the industry and his opinions have been highly held by people in senior positions. The headquarters of Talos Energy is in Houston. The company continues to acquire gas and oil companies to expand its production in Mexico.


Bob Reina And His Talk Fusion Brainchild

Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, a video marketing company he established in 2007. The company’s flagship product was video email. Bob has successfully translated the two decades of experience he has in the marketing and direct selling industries into the successful operation of Talk Fusion. He has also displayed the spirit of innovation, strong leadership, and a passion for helping others in this endeavor.


Inspiration For Talk Fusion


Bob states that he worked for ten years as a police officer. During this time like many others, he came to feel limited by time constraints and limited financial resources. Bob became convinced that there had to be a better way to build his life and he was determined to find an answer.


Bob credits his ah-ha moment to his introduction to the network marketing industry. It made sense to him to adopt a business model that allowed him to leverage the time and efforts of a well motivated team to multiply his opportunity for success. Bob’s introduction to the industry did not come without hardships. He soon found himself stuck in a cycle which would see him join a company and build a succesful team only to later see the company fail.


Bob Reina found his break in 2004 when while touring a house in North Carolina he tried to email a short clip of the home to a family member. He was notified by AOL that such an operation could not be performed. It was then that he decided to offer video email as Talk Fusion’s flagship product. Learn more: http://www.bizjournals.com/search?q=Bob+Reina


When Money Is Made



One of Bob Reina’s favorite things about working with Talk Fusion is that his success is directly dependent on the success of others. He only sees profits when others are able to make their dreams come true.


Timing Right With Talk Fusion



Bob Reina considers himself to be an extremely fortunate man. He states that success for the company came quickly for the company because it was right product at the right time. Bob explains that every business adheres to the same logic: Identify a problem and then solve that problem better than everyone else. Talk Fusion was built with this logic as its firmest foundation.