How Does Chris Villanueva Help Support The MB2 Dental Mission

MB2 Dental was founded in-part by Dr. Chris Villanueva as a dental office services firm for the masses. It is a company that will help a dentist take some time back during the day, and this article looks at how someone may change the focus of their practice once they start using MB2 Dental. Chris has ensured that all dentists may have more time on their hands, and he is creating a much less harried dental field as a result.

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#1: How Does MB2 Dental Work?

MB2 Dental is a company that uses its full-time staff to help service customers who have many dental patients to see every day. Their patients need time with their dentist, and the dentist cannot get back to their desk fast enough to handle all their business needs. MB2 Dental will ensure that the dentist has been given the resources that are needed, and they will be available every day to help.

#2: How Does Chris’ Vision Help Dentists?

Dentists have more time with their patients because of what Chris has done, and they may spend a few more minutes chatting and enjoying their patients. Dentists go into the field often to serve people, and they have more opportunities now that their businesses are run through MB2 Dental.

#3: MB2 Dental Does Everything

MB2 Dental does all the heavy-lifting that must be done in a dental practice. The practice will have many people coming in and out of their doors every day, and they will have many more people who need emergency services or place phone calls. MB2 Dental sits above all that because they are offering clerical service to the dental office. The dental office will have all their payroll and insurance managed, and they may ask the MB2 Dental office to hire new people for them. The office will run smoothly, and they will save time.

#4: One Fee

Paying a small fee to the MB2 Dental office will ensure that a dentist does not hire many more staff who are expensive to employ. One fee is paid to MB2 Dental, and that fee is used to manage everything from the simple to the complex. Know more on to know more about Dr. Chris Villanueva.

Everyone who works with MB2 Dental has seen a change in the way they run their offices. These dentists have more time on their hands to spend with patients, and they will be less stressed because so much work is done for them.

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Rick Smith Helping Correctional Industry with Advanced Tech Solutions

Richard A. Smith, popularly known by the name Rick, was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies in mid-2008. Securus Technologies focuses on providing tech solutions to correctional, law enforcement and public safety agencies with the aim of enhancing security of all individuals. Currently, the firm is serving over 2,000 agencies and more that one million inmates in North America. Since Rick Smith joined the company, it has established itself as a leader in the correction market across the U.S. Securus Technologies is located in Dallas, Texas. Through technological innovations developed by Securus, inmates are given the opportunity to contact their loved ones regularly using audio or visual calls.

Rick Smith’s Professional Background

Prior to joining Securus Technologies, Rick Smith worked at Eschelon Telecom Inc. from 1998 to 2007. From his appointment until 2000, he served as the company’s Chief Financial Officer. He was later announced as the President before assuming the CEO’s role in 2003 until he left in 2007. Eschelon Telecom recorded massive growth and success under the leadership of Rick, increasing its revenue from $30 million to $350 million. He also led the company to a very successful IPO in 2005. Before Rick Smith joined Eschelon, he had served at Frontier Corp. for more than 20 years. He held various positions including the President.

Rick Smith’s Role at Securus

As the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith is in charge of managing the company’s daily operations. He is an executive who leads by example, and it is evidenced by his involvement in development and execution of innovative tech solutions for clients. Most recently, Securus invested over half a billion dollars to continue with its desire of providing quality services to correctional institutions and other enforcement agencies. The goal of Securus Technologies is to enhance security of inmates, enforcement officers and the general public. Under the guidance of Rick, Securus has acquired various licenses for its technological solutions it provide to clients.It is under the leadership of Rick Smith that Securus has developed a culture of entrepreneurship among its technical staff. In addition, a friendly teamwork has been created at the company. The professionals at the company are committed to ensure new and more efficient products are developed to enhance smooth operations of correction facilities across the country. Rick Smith is one of the executives who embrace the culture of advancing their skills by undertaking short courses to keep them informed on the latest trends in the industry. Besides that, Rick received his bachelors and advanced engineering degrees from high profile universities in the world. He also holds an executive MBA from University of Rochester. At Rochester Institute of Technology, Rick received an associate degree.

Nine9 Gives Aspiring Talent the Blueprint to a Successful Career

Having a career as a model or actor can seem like wishful thinking for even the best looking of people on the planet. Life has the overwhelming tendency sometimes to throw obstacles in an individuals way that over time force them to give up on their dreams. However, everyone must remember it’s not about how you fall but how you get back up.While breaking into the acting and modeling industries is tough, it is possible through hard work and dedication. There are a few things aspiring actors and models can due to substantially increase their chances of making it into the industry.


In the acting and modeling industries it is very important that you introduce yourself to people and let them know who you are. Being social and making connections is a large part of both industries. You never know who you might meet with the right connection, therefore it is wise to be friendly with everyone you meet.

Don’t Miss Auditions

I know it can be tough to go to an audition sometimes after not getting a part time and time again, but with that being said you should always find a way to go to every one. Auditions are a chance to show what you’ve got and learn from mistakes even if you don’t get a call back.

Don’t be Afraid to Settle

When you are just starting out one thing to remember is no job is too small. Early on you have to be willing to settle and take less glamorous roles. They give you valuable experience and help you build your resume.

About Nine9

When it comes to talent services Nine9 is at the top if its class. Since its inception in 2003 Nine9 has been a talent service for the people, with a mission to provide tools and resources to unrepresented talent. The major difference between Nine9 and other talent services is their willingness to develop a untapped talent.

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