Nine9 Gives Aspiring Talent the Blueprint to a Successful Career

Having a career as a model or actor can seem like wishful thinking for even the best looking of people on the planet. Life has the overwhelming tendency sometimes to throw obstacles in an individuals way that over time force them to give up on their dreams. However, everyone must remember it’s not about how you fall but how you get back up.While breaking into the acting and modeling industries is tough, it is possible through hard work and dedication. There are a few things aspiring actors and models can due to substantially increase their chances of making it into the industry.


In the acting and modeling industries it is very important that you introduce yourself to people and let them know who you are. Being social and making connections is a large part of both industries. You never know who you might meet with the right connection, therefore it is wise to be friendly with everyone you meet.

Don’t Miss Auditions

I know it can be tough to go to an audition sometimes after not getting a part time and time again, but with that being said you should always find a way to go to every one. Auditions are a chance to show what you’ve got and learn from mistakes even if you don’t get a call back.

Don’t be Afraid to Settle

When you are just starting out one thing to remember is no job is too small. Early on you have to be willing to settle and take less glamorous roles. They give you valuable experience and help you build your resume.

About Nine9

When it comes to talent services Nine9 is at the top if its class. Since its inception in 2003 Nine9 has been a talent service for the people, with a mission to provide tools and resources to unrepresented talent. The major difference between Nine9 and other talent services is their willingness to develop a untapped talent.

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Nine9 – Taking Quality Headshots

When you work with Nine9, you can gain the opportunity to receive information, knowledge, and all the tips to help you succeed and make money in the acting world. Whether you’re just a starting actor or you are a seasoned veteran and you have been in this business for awhile, this is the company that can help get you going in the right direction. Headshots play a massive role in this business, and it’s important to be very knowledgeable about this part of the industry because your headshot can make a big difference as to how you are seen in this business.Taking quality headshots is all about knowing how to look your best on camera. Nine9 has some great photographers who can help get you out there and moving in the right direction. Nine9 is capable of providing you with such an amazing opportunity because they can help get you the pictures you need for good headshots.

It’s vital that you get headshots that genuinely work for you and give you that strong appearance. Working with Nine9 means that you will need to come into the studio and get those headshots done professionally. They have an incredible group of people who can capture what you have. They need you to come in with great colors and bright outfits that really showcase who you are as a person.

Nine9 is very straightforward with their training and they want to provide you with a wonderful approach to this industry. Nine9 is by far one of the best companies for the entertainment industry, and they will help get you prepared for your future.Whether you want to get into modeling or acting, you need quality headshots and good comp cards because they will get you moving in the right direction and also landing those jobs.


Get Discovered with the Help of Nine9

Nine9 is an unagency that helps aspiring individuals to show off their talent. You may be wondering what the difference is between an unagency and a talent agency; one difference between the two is that a talent agency takes a commission of the work they do, while this unagency does not. Instead, Nine9 provides a four step proven process, which has helped many individuals get jobs in modeling, acting, and singing. Specifically, the goal of Nine9 resembles their creative company name, as they wish to help the 99 percent of people who did not get the lucky hand when trying to get casting calls.

Anthony Toma, who is both the founder and CEO of Nine9, created a company for the 99 percent of people who aren’t granted elite status, because growing up he knew what it was like to be a part of that 99 percent. He explains that his personal experience was due to being smaller than his peers growing up, which made him the last pick in many sporting activities. Anthony Toma also realized (and learned from his past experiences growing up) that just because you aren’t the top 1 percent, doesn’t mean you are any less capable of doing the job well.

With this outlook, Anthony Toma applied his goal to the industry of talent, where he knew how hard it could be for beginners to get their foot in the door and to become discovered. When preparing for a photo shoot, Nine9 has a list of suggestions for beginners on how to make your photo shoot successful. One of these suggestions is to refrain from wearing all black or all white clothing. Another tip is to drink lots of water the day before the shoot. Most importantly, Nine9 expresses that you should prepare to have fun.