Dr. Avi Weisfogel, the Certified Sleep Apnea Doctor, and Dentist

As opposed to the conventional way, dentists being dentists and physicians being physicians, we can now have a doctor being both a physician and a dentist, and that is Dr. Avi Weisfogel. He is a superb doctor who can use dentistry to cure sleep apnea. In his career, he is involved in helping his patients eliminate the sleep apnea problem.

Before becoming a doctor, he went to the Rutgers University and got a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Psychology. Being just a single qualification, he wanted to be more qualified, and that is why he went on to join New York University to get an education on Dentistry and Dental Surgery.

With his hard work, he finished school and opened up his dental hospital called Old Bridge Dental Care that earned the best dentist award twice in a row. The experience that he had when he was treating a patient with sleeping disorders did not fade in his mind, but he did not despair. Patients who had sleeping apnea and had been adversely neglected by physicians came for help. He had a dream of solving this disorder in the world. He had to start the Owner Sleep Patients in 2012, a platform where sleep experts could help and give themselves advice on the sleep apnea. The site was also used as an area where he could give lectures on the general medicine and sleep dentistry.

By launching Dental Sleep Master’s Program, he was able to give help to the people who had sleeping problems. The initiative was to provide orally consumed medicine to the people who had these disorders. The therapy delivered too, need not obstruct the person’s breathing as he/she sleeps. The treatment needs to open up airways as people sleep for breath and support the jaws too. He also learns from other experienced doctors. Every opportunity that he gets enables him to determine more. This empowers him to expand his practice.https://www.dialdish.com/dr-avi-weisfogel-treats-sleep-apnea-with-dentistry/

Away from his job, he is a generous man who gives back to the less fortunate. He donates funds to charities and also spends time with his family while reading educative books.


Dr. Mark McKenna’s Career As a Medical Doctor

Mark McKenna is a medical doctor who practices in Georgia. He is licensed to perform surgery and medicine in two states, Florida and Georgia. He earned his medical degree at the Tulane University Medical School and began practicing in 2000. At the time he also established another company with his father called McKenna Venture Investments. This company was a real estate development company that they founded in New Orleans. Their leadership eventually led to it employing over 50 people and offering a wide range of services and financial products.

Hurricane Katrina, which occurred in 2005, wiped out most of McKenna Venture Investments business interests in New Orleans. During the recovery, the company focused on developing homes that were built for those of low to moderate income levels. During this period Dr. McKenna moved to Atlanta, Georgia and established another company, ShapeMed. His company is a wellness clinic that helps people maintain healthy lives. He also offers aesthetic services so that people can also look their best. He was very successful running this company and in late 2014 it was purchased by another company in the industry, Life Time Fitness Inc. Dr. Mark McKenna joined this new owner of the company and was named its National Medical Director. He eventually left this company and founded another company OVME. He is the Chief Executive Officer of OVME. This new company is focused on providing medical aesthetic services.

Through his education and career, Dr. McKenna has become an expert on weight loss strategies. One of the common things that happens after someone loses a great deal of weight is saggy skin. Dr. McKenna is skilled at using the latest technologies involving non-surgical aesthetic procedures that help people look better.

Outside of his career as a medical doctor, Mark is married and together they have a child. His wife is named Gianine while his daughter’s name is Milana Elle. They also have a Pomeranian dog named Ryder. He has a wide variety of interests which includes jazz music. This passion for jazz led to him attaining a board position for the New Orleans Jazz Festival.


The Contributions of Norman Pattiz in the American Entertainment Industry’s Revolution

Among the crucial things across the globe especially in the sector of entertainment is the revolution that the industry of American Television has witnessed. As well, the revolution that the area underwent had a significant effect on the movie globe universally thus bringing about a fraction of the most memorable moments alongside televised shows that served different people. As at now, the entire success story is attributed to certain individuals currently categorized as heroic. Such include Norman Lear who is among them and took an active part in transforming the globe of televised shows of entertainment.

Being an individual with different talents, Norman Lear has the responsibility alongside the establishment of heroic sitcoms which currently keeps psychologically lingering in the thoughts of those who witnessed it happen. Such shows include Maude, the Jefferson, One Day at a time and Good Times. It adds up to his prominence alongside being a veteran of World War Two, a producer as well as a writer.

Notably, most of his fans throughout America were delighted on hearing the news of his comeback in the role of a presenter for the podcast show at the PodCastOne that would be executed each week. Mr. Norman Pattiz, the Executive Chairman and Founder of PodCastOne, is the one who made the announcement.

The show of podcast by the name All of the Above has Norman Lear as one of its partners. The truth is that different listeners love his moving voice. The content of the show will cover various topics including social issues, politics, the trending events, and the comedy family.

Norman Pattiz’ managerial career in conjunction with the radio broadcasting globe is exemplary in comparison to the rest of his peers operating in the same industry as him. Whenever he hosts a show, most of his listeners always yearn for more whenever he concludes. His fame is, therefore, a result of his name turning out to be household. Additionally, he has credit for being the PodCastOne’s founder.

In the course of his career, he got President Clinton’s appointment to serve as one of the participants at the Broadcasting Governors’ Committee. Following his exemplary service, President W. Bush reappointed him to continue in the same capacity when he became the president of the United States of America. Learn more:  http://normanpattiz.com/author/npattiz/

Having served at Radio Free Europe, The Voice of America and Radio Liberty explains the enormous experience that he has. Following his remarkable realizations, he has been successful throughout his career in the broadcasting industry for more than forty years.