George Soros’ Political Life Since 2004

George Soros was born on August 12th, 1930 Hungary, America. At the age of 86 years, George Soros is considered a philanthropist, an investor, an author and a business magnate. At the moment, George Soros is among the successful investors known in the world. George Soros’ net worth by May 2017 is said to be $25.2billion. He is among the 30 richest people in the world. They gauged him by his net worth.In his school life, George Soros attended London School of Economics. He graduated with the Bachelor’s degree. He later graduated with masters in philosophy. George Soros is married. They are blessed with 6 children.George Soros began his business career through taking various jobs. These jobs opened his eyes for other business opportunities that came later. In 1969, George Soros started the first one, Merchant banks (the Double Eagle), the first hedge fund. Profits that were realized from Double Eagle funded the second hedge in 1970 that is called Soros Fund Management.

George Soros has given a hand to American progressive and American liberal in their political pursuits. This has been done on his own, the Open Society Foundations. Between the years 1979 through 2011, George Soros has given out $11 billion to support the various philanthropic events. In 2017, Soros has donated $12 billion to support various civic initiatives. These funds given were meant to help in reduction of poverty, the increase in transparency and to help the student acquire their academic dreams.In diplomatic transitions, George Soros has been actively involved in the late 80s and 90s. This transition from communism to capitalism took place in Eastern Europe. His hand heavily has been felt at the Central European University, his hometown.In politics, George Soros has supported political events. This is seen in his financial contributions. He gave $23,581 to 527 groups during the election in the year 2003 and 2004.

The information is acquired from the Centre for Responsive Politics.The supported groups were to fight and see President Bush out of the White House. After Bush’s re-election, George Soros resolved to support newly formed group Democracy Alliance. The group was formed to rally for progressive infrastructure in America.In August 2009, George Soros donated $35 million to the New York State. The donation was meant to bless the underprivileged children and parents. The offer also extended those with valid cards. The $140 million recovered from the federal act in 2009 was also added to the fund.George Soros gave and on giving his support to Centre for American Progress.In September 20th, 2012, George Soros backed President Obama’s re-election. He donated $1million to Priority USA Action.In conclusion, George Soros since 2004 to date is seen supporting political events.

Introducing the Visionary Business Leader and Philanthropist, Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is a truly religious individual despite having made a vast fortune in his lifetime. He’s risen to become one of the most revered inspirational figures in the nation over the years. Marc started with literally nothing, but went ahead to build a multi- million-dollar empire with his bare hands. Hard to fathom that the legendary investor didn’t even complete his high school education. Marc’s written a best-seller novel titled, ‘They Can’t Eat You’. Spark’s motivational book has sold a couple of millions of copies since its debut.


Synopsis of They Can’t Eat You


They Can’t Eat You is a riveting read of a novel that takes you through the tumultuous journey defining the life of this giant of a person, Marc Sparks. In it, the author talks about events culminating towards his first business venture; a software company that would eventually get sold at a cost of a whopping $200M. Read the novel further along and discover how Mark Sparks went from being worth close to half a billion dollars to a homeless pauper almost overnight.


And, as if that’s not enough compelling drama in a single read, the investor takes the reader through the remarkable comeback journey that saw him become richer than ever before. They Can’t Eat You is highly recommended for any entrepreneur who’s ever struggled with uncertainties and disbelief in their abilities and potential.


Empowering the Next-Gen


Marc Sparks is passionate about helping the younger generations transform their ideas and concepts into marketable end-products. To that effect, the devout Christian set up a one of a kind, unique private equity company specializing in funding and supporting promising investors and their businesses. Thanks to his organization, the Timber Creek Capital Inc., hundreds-maybe even more-passionate investors have realized their wildest dreams and aspirations.


About Timber Creek Capital


PRN Newswire recently ran an article featuring the author-cum-angel investor. Mark points out the importance of creating a conducive work environment towards the success of any business. At Timber Creek Capital, he prefers to operate with an open door policy with his staff. Some office spaces encourage collaboration and creativity while others stifle growth. Sparks goes ahead to outline the qualities that have made him a success story. Read the rest of the PRN Newswire interview here.




Philanthropy is a dear topic at the heart and mind of Marc Sparks. Mr. Sparks knows all too well the difficulties a huge majority of prospective entrepreneurs deal with. He too underwent struggles and challenges in his journey and were it not for well-wishers, there’s an excellent likelihood he would never have lived to tell the tale. Today, the veteran investor, Marc, is the number one contributor to the following charity organizations, the Samaritan Inn, the North Texas Gateway, and the Texans Can Academies and with Habitat for Humanity group.

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Nathaniel Ru: One Of The Innovative Thinkers Behind Sweetgreen

The article “sweetgreen’s Nathaniel Ru: Everything You Do Should Last Longer Than You” describes the process behind the creation of the fast casual, farm to table restaurant chain and the reasoning behind its innovative approach to its business plan. Ru and his associates pursued their idea to create a place where convenience, fun, and health food were easily accessible. Succeeding to convince a D.C. landlord to see past their inexperience to the merit in their idea led to the opening of the brand’s first store in downtown D.C. Sweetgreen has since grown to include 21 locations in all of the major northeast cities, California, Chicago, and several suburban towns.


But the intent of sweetgreen reaches beyond just a unique place to get a locally sourced salad. The business behind the brand is focused on creating an experience for customers that connects their desire to eat the food with a good reason to eat it at sweetgreen. Community outreach and commitment to staying true to its core values is the standard that sweetgreen hopes sets it apart in the minds of customers who they believe want to feel connected to the places they eat and shop at.


A graduate of Georgetown University, Nathaniel Ru believes in service design and innovative locations. By going outside of areas over saturated by fast food joints Ru sets sweetgreen apart. He and his coowners continue the company’s free thinking approach by designing spaces that feel welcoming and interesting to visit. According to Ru even the open view into the kitchens that allows customers to see meals being prepared is by design; it fosters trust by transparency.


Ru also believes in ensuring the customer experience at sweetgreen is always consistent, so the brand’s commitment to giving consumers a personalized experience via the design and technology of each location is a priority. Meeting with farmers and local sources of ingredients is prioritized over meeting with landlords when considering new locations, says Ru, reasoning that knowing the area is capable of meeting the restaurant brand’s source standards is key to knowing if it has potential to be home to a sweetgreen. As the opportunities for this brand continue to grow and lines outside of locations continue to persist sweetgarden seems to be poised to continue to impress and excite consumers and investors alike thanks to the philosophy of Nathaniel Ru and the rest of the team behind sweetgreen.

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