Fall Out Boy Drops New Single, Album News!

Alright, you don’t have to be an old man to have been there to watch Fall Out Boy blow up but it is getting to that point. Fall Out Boy started as a pop punk/emo outfit from Chicago with their freshman release — “Take This To Your Grave”. Flash forward more than a decade and now the pop punkers have turned into pop rock Gods. Fall Out Boy is well known for blending styles into a clever, tight, and radio friendly sound and that isn’t going to change. On April 27th we saw Fall Out Boy release their most ambitious single yet: “Young and Menace”

If you haven’t gotten a chance to listen to the song you should go ahead. Alright, we waited. What did you think? Fall Out Boy has always changed their sound between albums but we aren’t sure that the change has ever been this dramatic. “Save Rock and Roll” and “American Beauty/American Psycho” were the first two albums released after Fall Out Boy’s hiatus. These records were anthemic, quirky, and decidedly dark for a pop group but it was all at least a little bit familiar. “Young and Menace” is the first single to be released from their next album: M A N I A and it is incredibly hard to nail down.

The song begins with traditional Fall Out Boy flair: muted verses filled with lyrical wordplay. Before you know it, however, there is a bass drop and then a screed chorus that has been pitch shifted to match the dreams of even the most fervent EDM fans. The chorus is literally impossible to sing but it is still catchy, loud, and passionate. All of this music is played over the top of a music video pulled straight from the film/book “Where the Wild Things Are”. Yeah, things got pretty weird.

No matter where you stand on Fall Out Boy or their brand, you have to admit that this is a huge shift for the group. With the single being dropped, the album being titled, and a tour being announced — the world is about to get a huge dosage of the Chicago-bred group. The biggest question, and one you’ll have to ask yourself, is this: can Fall Out Boy stir up a mania for their new record?