Rick Shinto & Penelope Kokkinides are the Brains behind InnovaCare Health’s Success

InnovaCare Health Solutions is an industry leader in providing quality healthcare programs to the underserved in North America. Richard Shinto has been the CEO of the company, formerly Aveta, and together with a strong leadership team has steered InnovaCare to the success it enjoys today.

Dr. Rick Shinto was the pioneer of the medical provider network idea that is now widespread in Puerto Rico. Before joining InnovaCare, Rick Shinto had served as the CEO of PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare. He also served as the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Operations Officer at Medical Pathways Management Company and the Chief Medical Officer at the Californian healthcare company NAMM.

He garnered over 20 years experience in operational and clinical health care solutions before joining Aveta Inc. (now InnovaCare) in 2008. While at InnovaCare Health, Rick has launched several successful projects that has seen many underserved patients gain access to proper healthcare. Under his leadership, InnovaCare has seen over 200,000 individuals join its membership program which has over 7,500 employees to cater to the clientele.

According to Rick Shinto, providing easy access to Medicare and Medicaid isn’t the last stop. He also educates his patients on healthcare awareness at the same time offering support to their families during the time their loved ones are in treatment. It is such empathetic gestures from a certified MD that has seen Rick scoop the Access to Caring Award at the ‘A Tribute to Caring’ gala held at the Wester University of Health Sciences.

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Part of Shinto’s winning formula is in employing an experienced and talented management team to the pillar of leadership at InnovaCare. Recently, he brought in three new faces to the management team, one of them being the equally ambitious, visionary and talented Penelope Kokkinides. Ms. Kokkinides serves as InnovaCare’s Chief Administration Officer and holds over 20-year experience in healthcare solutions.

Before joining InnovaCare, Ms. Kokkinides held an executive positon as Vice President and COO of Centerlight Healthcare. She has also served as the COO of Touchstone Health and the Corporate VP of AmeriChoice heading the Care and Disease Management departments. Penelope Kokkinides played a major role of formulating and implementing healthcare models that suited the corporate firms.

Together with Rick Shinto, they are responsible for the Medicaid and Medicare packages issued by InnovaCare. Source: http://innovacarehealth.com/leadership/

About InnovaCare Health Solutions

With over 200,000 individuals signed up to its membership program, InnovaCare is a leading provider of affordable health plans in North America. The company is based in Puerto Rico, and has over 7,500 employees. InnovaCare currently has two healthcare modes, namely PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare.

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MB2: A Successful National Affiliate Program For Dental Professionals

MB2 is a company that develops and manages dental practices. The patient-focused company was created by dentists for dentists and puts patients before profits. It offers a wide range of managerial services covering all non-clinical elements of running dental practices. By taking care of these often burdensome, confusing and time-consuming elements of dental care, the company frees the affiliate dental practice to focus on one task- providing the highest quality dental care possible for all of their patients. This arrangement has led to improved patient satisfaction and allowed the dental practices to flourish.

Services Offered

When a dental practice needs help and support with any type of non-clinical activities they can depend on MB2 Dental to handle it. The management services the company provides include:

Human Resources
Billing and Collections

At MB2 they are experts at all aspects and intricacies of staff management. They handle benefits, write-ups, reporting and recommendations for financial decisions, making sure the staff is properly educated, trained and credentialed and are aware of and comply with all applicable regulations.

Everything Dentists Need

To keep the affiliated dental practice running smoothly requires the proper systems and technology. MB2 provides experienced teams of professionals that can quickly work either via the internet or on-site to ensure the necessary technologies are in place and functioning properly. Plus they collect payments from insurance companies and third-party payors and make sure all accounts are satisfied. MB2 will also create an effective strategy to generate a consistent flow of patients to keep the affiliate’s profits growing and the practice successful.

The Right People And Products

Finding the right people to staff a dental office can be challenging and time-consuming. MB2 handles the recruiting and training of staff to ensure they fit perfectly with the needs of their affiliates. The company also provides the highest quality products at rock-bottom prices and helps with all other elements of business development. This includes helping dentists open their first practice or add additional ones. They also regularly review and assess the affiliated practice to ensure the business and its staff are following the best growth and development path.

MB2 has a track record of success. Currently it has more than 70 affiliated practices operating in 6 states. Their unmatched expertise and wide variety of services can help to make any dental practice or career reach its highest potential.

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Healthcare Companies Are Watching The Dynamics Of The Affordable Care Act Closely

The condition of healthcare in the United States has been a heated topic of conversation for years. When the Obama Administration passed the Affordable Care Act, some Americans thought their healthcare issues would finally be resolved, but there have been troubling signs associated with the Affordable Care Act recently, and that is making citizens as well as healthcare companies very nervous. The Obama Administrations enrollment projections for 2016 are down, and the projected cost of out of pocket costs as well as premiums are up. Almost half of the insurance co-ops that were associated with the Obama program are out of business, and the UnitedHealth Group may get out of the government marketplaces completely in 2017. UnitedHealth happens to be the largest healthcare insurer in the country. The turmoil that is going on within the healthcare insurance industry is not making things any easier for companies like Nobilis Health. Nobilis Health manages and owns seven healthcare facilities in Houston, Dallas and Scottsdale, and has a partnership with six other healthcare facilities in Tennessee, Michigan, Minnesota, Arizona and Oregon. Nobilis facilities are surgical facilities that provide patients with low-cost procedures that are minimally invasive. Nobilis and other healthcare management companies try to educate patients as well as provide procedures that use proprietary technologies. Those procedures are effective, but even in the low-cost environment of a Nobilis Health managed facility healthcare insurance is important. If healthcare insurance becomes an issue, those facilities must find a way to treat the sick and still make money. Fifty-three percent of Americans who need healthcare think the quality of the privately managed healthcare facilities are good and even excellent according to a recent survey. But that rating is down by more than nine percent from the 2012 survey. That survey was conducted when the Affordable Care Act was new, but since the turmoil has developed healthcare facilities have taken some of the heat for it. Most healthcare management companies like Nobilis Health want the insurance debacle to go away, but there is not much these management companies can do about the situation. Nobilis Health and others are treating patients the way they always have. Some healthcare management companies think the Affordable care Act should be replaced with a government funded program that provides some type of insurance for all Americans, but most of them know getting the funds for a program like that will be a very tough battle.