Troy McQuagge Shines As CEO Of The Year

Troy McQuagge seems to be having a good professional year, considering that he was awarded for being one of the best CEO by Planet One Awards. The award was named the CEO of the Year Award and if given every year to those who have made a considerable contribution to their field and alsoto the industry as a whole. Troy McQuagge has a stellar reputation for being an incredible CEO and leader of the company and has played a vital role in the development of the company that he runs. Currently, Troy McQuagge is the CEO of USHealth Group, which is a company that provides top-tier health insurance to people all over America. Troy has been instrumental in bringing the company up to be one of the leading names of its kind.

USHealth is looked up to as the gold standard for health insurance in America. The company has been doing exceptionally well because of several new policies that Troy McQuagge has brought into place. One of the more noticeable changes to the company’s policies was the way that their health insurance worked. Unlike most health insurance companies, USHealth Group offers exceptionally personalized health plans to the people that come to them.

The firm sees millions of people coming to them from all around the country and therefore realized that they could not adopt one size fitted all policy and needed to tailor all the policies that they were giving their clients. The advisors working at USHealth know how to gauge what exactly the people coming to them need regarding health insurance and try to offer them something that resonates with what they need. Troy McQuagge knew that this system would work well for the company, which is why he decided to implement it. USHealth Group has been receiving a lot more customers because of this and has increased their profits significantly as compared to the last few years.

Even though Troy McQuagge was the honorable recipient of such an incredible and noteworthy award, he tried his best to remain as humble as he could during his acceptance speech. He stated that he would not have been able to receive such a prestigious award if it was not for the people that work hard to bring top-tier health insurance services to the people of America. Troy McQuagge has always believed in being a team player and works around motivating his employees to put their best foot forward at the workplace. He is all about boosting the overall morale of the people working at USHealth, which has led to the company is a much more efficient health insurance provider that offers top-tier services to corporate and well as personal clients. Read more:



How Does USHEALTH Advisors Plan to Change the World of Insurance?

A lot of controversies has surrounded the world of insurance lately. The most significant issue that has been making headlines is the wish of the current government to do away with healthcare products that were introduced by the previous one. As a result, tons of Americans are finding themselves in a situation where they do not have a reliable health cover. It is a dangerous situation because severe health crisis can quickly spiral out to medical bills which are impossible to manage. In case you are in search of a reliable medical cover for your needs, you need to think about engaging the USHEALTH advisors. Here, are a few of the things you need to know about the services they offer.


The company was established in 1959. They are based in Grapevine, Texas and have been running their operations from there. The company has been growing and extending their influence beyond the state and have managed to get a clientele base from all over. It is their motto of helping others every day which has assisted them to achieve their current level of growth. The team that manages their services has over 50 years of combined experience in the provision of health services, which makes them some of the best insurance providers in the business.


Their customers have a lot of positive things to say about the services which they offer. The better business bureau has been following their customer service and had a lot to say about the quality. The agency claims that while the nature of their business means that customer complaints may arise from time to time, USHEALTH Advisors have perfected the art of handling these issues. They state that when customers have problems with the insurance providers, they get an immediate response and an apology for the inconvenience. They were also impressed by the level of positive response that the members give about the services offered by the company.


The USHEALTH Advisors are therefore an established market leader in the provision of health services. They have been in business long enough to understand the common hurdles and the possible solutions to them. Their strategies will help them further improve their service delivery and become the best in the market. Learn more: