More People are Embracing Kabbalistic Teachings

Shortly after Madonna showed interest in Kabbalah, several other Hollywood celebrities followed suit – even though some left after some time. Madonna got so interested in the Jewish faith that she established several Kabbalah centres, besides investing heavily in the study of the ancient Jewish tradition. Other Hollywood stars must have tapped something from the obvious dedication of Madonna to Kabbalah, and therefore decided to join. Some of the celebrities who joined include Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Sandra Bernhard, the late Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and Sandra Bernhard.

One would therefore wonder; what is it with Kabbalah that attracts many non-Jewish stars? While explaining what she gained from Kabbalah, Sandra Bernhard told the LA Times that it took away 80 percent of the problems characterizing her life. Paris Hilton said a similar thing to More Magazine of the Great Britain. Apparently, when she split up with her partner, Nick Carter, she found her strength when she went to Kabbalah Centre at Los Angeles – immediately after the breakup. She admitted to the fact that she still goes there as the teachings help her to manage her life in a more practical way than she did before.

Other celebrities such as the Late Sammy Davis joined Kabbalah for other reasons, other than to deal with their personal problems. He was just interested in becoming an important part of a 5000-year-old history, and also have the opportunity to hold on to a non-material thing capable of giving him the inner motivation to be able to turn the other cheek when need be. Sammy Davis confessed to having experienced a deep emotional tie with Judaism.

A non-profit organization, the Kabbalah Centre International is located in LA, California. It offers courses on both the Zohar and Kabbalistic teachings. Lessons are usually done over the Internet and in their city-based centres, as well as through study groups across the world.

Alongside his wife Karen Berg, Phillip Berg, the director of the centre, is the one who developed the presentation of Kabbalah. The centre sources teachers from different parts of the world with diverse ethnic backgrounds. Philip founded the Kabbalah centre in the US, in 1965. It was first known as the National Research Institute of Kabbalah. However, the one located in Los Angeles was opened in 1984. Kabbalah Centre has more than 50 branches in different parts of the world including Toronto, London, New York City and Los Angeles.

The Kabbalah Centre Offering People a Chance to Find Fulfillment in Life

The Kabbalah Centre offers people a chance to learn more about the deeper purpose of life. Through the Kabbalah wisdom, people can get a more intimate understanding of the nature of the universe. Individuals who undergo the Kabbalah teaching find fulfillment in every aspect of their life including health, relationships, and success in future endeavors.
According to the Kabbalah teachings, every element in the universe shoots from the same foundation. The Kabbalah principles are majorly based on turning to the Universe to find solutions to life’s most difficult challenges. In simple terms, the Kabbalah offers people the necessary tools that will help them achieve success and find great inward fulfillment.

The History of the Kabbalah

The Kabbalah Centre, formerly The National Research Institute was founded in the United States in 1956 by Philip Berg and Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein. At the time, Brandwein was the Dean of the precursor of the US Kabbalah Centres – Yeshivah Kol Yehuda. After the untimely death of Brandwein, Philip Berg and his wife Karen Berg re-opened the Kabbalah Centre in New York.

Currently, the Kabbalah Centre is headquartered in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles branch was opened in the year 1984. The organization is a registered non-profit and has more than fifty branches in the world. Its major branches are located in Toronto, New York City, London and Los Angeles.

Some Facts about the Kabbalah Centre

1. The Centre does not recommend a specific religion

Religion is not taught in the Kabbalah Centre. Philip and his wife Karen have endowed every Kabbalah Centre with all sorts of spiritual literature that will help people seek God. The Centre brings together all the three major religions so that students can learn effectively. Every Kabbalah branch has a Bible, Quran, and Torah.

2. Kabbalah is a deeper form of mysticism

Kabbalah allows the students to study religion deeply. Through Meditation a student will notice a difference in his or her life. The student will feel the presence of a supreme being in his/her life, and this will change the student for the better.

If you decide to join the Kabbalah Centre to start studying, you will learn the freedom that you so wish for at a personal level. And according to the Kabbalah teachings when one benefits, the entire world benefits since we are bound together.

Kabbalah Centre: Go Beyond The Bible’s Basics

In 1922, Rev Yehuda Ashlag created the Kabbalah Centre in Jerusalem. Fast forward to 1969 and Philip Berg, the director of the Centre, and his wife decided to share the Kabbalah with every person. Today, the Kabbalah Centre has become a well-known authority on the Kabbalah.

The Kabbalah Centre elaborates on physics with concepts such as The Law of Cause and Effect to build on their beliefs, the purpose for human lives, and why suffering exists. Kabbalists believe spiritual laws are supreme over physical laws. They identify the spiritual laws. Their ideology is often esoteric. Kabbalists strive to share and destroy the ego. The Kabbalah Centre has forty locations worldwide.

When describing God Kabbalists say what he is not. God is a power beyond our words. ‘Ein Sof’ means ‘without end’ and is attributed to God. Numbers and energy are other important topics discussed.

There are ten powers of God, called the Ten Sefirot, that were used to create the world. They are: The Divine Crown, Wisdom, Intuition/Understanding, Mercy, Justice, Beauty, Eternity, Glory, Foundation, and Sovereignty. The Ten Sefirot are written in a diagram. On the left are feminine aspects: Understanding, Justice, and Glory which in excess will bring evil. On the right are the masculine aspects: Wisdom, Mercy, and Eternity which improve the world. The two attributes in the middle are Beauty and Foundation. Divine Crown is on top. Sovereignty is on the bottom.

By studying Kabbalah, with a trained teacher well versed in its theories, a person can gain a better understanding of the Torah’s stories and how they fit into his or her life.

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