Kendrick Is Eager to Get Back to the Stage

There is a new Kendrick Lamar album out, and a tour is on the way. The “Damn” album is already climbing up the charts, and it appears to be a very interesting line up for his tour. Lamar is going on tour with Travis Scott, and that seems to be one of the most interesting things about this tour. It is the conversation piece that people are picking up on because Travis Scott and Kendrick Lamar do not have the same style. These two do not even have the same fan base. That makes it very interesting to see what will be the outcome of this North American tour that starts and ends in summer.

Kendrick Lamar has become very excited about the tour that he is starting up. He has made his way to the stage as a person that has crossover appeal. This gives him the ability to branch out and tour in places that lots of rappers may not have considered before. It is obvious that he would tour in places like Los Angeles and Oakland because he is from California. There is also a large hip hop fan in Detroit and Chicago so these places are not all that off the mark for a hip hop artist when it comes to touring.

What may separate Lamar from the rest of the hip-hop world is that he is also someone that could tour in a city like Denver. Colorado has never been known to have a huge hip hop base, but Kendrick Lamar has fans outside of the urban community. He is taking his tour to Houston and Atlanta, and this again seems very common for hip hop artists. Kendrick, however, is also taking this same tour to Toronto and Vancouver. It was also going to hit Seattle. Those are places where one would not particularly think that there is a large hip hop fan base, but Kendrick Lamar is confident of the fans that he has here because he has been to these places before with previous albums.

The new album has received great reviews, and fans are eager to see Kendrick this time around when he comes to their City. Kendrick Lamar will tour for most of the summer months.

Kendrick Lamar Gets Fans Excited About Tour

The album is out, and Kendrick Lamar is going full steam ahead. He is building an audience that is he is prepping for the tour featuring D.R.A.M. and Travis Scott.

This is lining up to be one of the hottest American tours in the beginning of the summer of 2017. Kendrick has shown that he is ready to go on tour, and people are certain of this after seeing him at Coachella. He is already performing new songs from the album, and fans are excited about the tour dates that he has announced.

The album is doing exceptionally well on Billboard with all of the tracks from his new album making it to the Billboard charts. This has only been done by a couple of other artists so this is a great accomplishment for Kendrick Lamar. The fact that he has had so many tracks on the Billboard charts at the same time puts him in a category with the Beatles. Kendrick her 14 different songs that are all from the album that are on the Billboard charts at the same time. The only other person that has accomplished more tracks on the Billboard charts at the same time is Drake who has had 24 on Billboard at one time.

A lot of people are going to be interested in what is happening with this type of tour that brings about the unexpected. Kendrick Lamar has been known to do a lot of things that are off the mark, and it appears that this may be a tour that will look different from the last two that he went on for his previous album. This album does not have the jazzy feel that the previous album had, and fans are exploring this new sound as they prep for the tour.

There are going to be a lot of people waiting to get tickets for this tour that hits a lot of spots like Seattle and Chicago. Kendrick is also making an appearance down south in Atlanta. There are even points where the tour will leave the United States as Kendrick travels to Vancouver and Toronto. He has mapped out a plan of action for the summer to get his fans interested in his new sound.

Kendrick Lamar Becomes the Unexpected Crossover Artist

Kendrick Lamar is coming back very strong with a new album. This is the album that has become the hottest album of the year, and fans are hyped about this new sound.

In order to really appreciate this new album one has to look at the evolution of Kendrick Lamar. He is a hip hop artist from Compton that released a gritty debut album that would reflect his life in the projects of California. This album gained a lot of attention that would take him outside of the hip hop community. There were fans like Taylor Swift that would gravitate towards to Kendrick Lamar sound.

By the time that he decided to release a second album there was talk of a sophomore jinx and this talk would propel Kendrick to work even harder. He released a critically acclaimed second album that would get even more attention from Taylor Swift and her fans.

For the return of Kendrick Lamar and 2017 there would be a move back to the gritty hardcore sound of the debut album. This would be a shift that was unexpected after Kendrick had gained so many mainstream followers. He is an artist that unintentionally became a crossover artist just because of the connections that he gained in the industry with Taylor Swift and Adam Levine.

He has appeared on tracks for both of these artists, and that gives him a voice on pop radio. That is why it is easy for fans outside of hip hop community to still embrace what he has to say. That is the obvious reason that he has become so successful with the new album in such a short amount of time. He is comparable to Drake in the sense that he is able to gain airplay on pop radio without a lot of promotion. He doesn’t have to woo this crowd in any type of way in order to get their attention.

It is evident that Kendrick has this type of crossover appeal because his tour dates are unlike anything else that one was see in hip hop. The same man that is planning to have a concert in Oakland for hip-hop crowd is planning to see a hip hop audience in Denver during the summer