The Return of Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar has announced a new tour featuring D.R.A.M. and Travis Scott. It is a surprising start up for a tour because the artists that he chose to join him are not exactly in the same spectrum as Kendrick Lamar. Many people that are fans of Kendrick Lamar may not even listen to someone like Travis Scott. This is the reason why this line up may be a surprise to so many fans.

Others are surprised by the fact that this is a tour that was announced so quickly. The album that Kendrick dropped for 2017 was just released a couple of weeks ago, and there’s already a host of tour dates that have been put in place. This shows just how much Kendrick Lamar has made plans for this album even before it was released to the public.

The “Damn” album a still be fresh, but Kendrick is already performed tracks from this album in public. When he appeared at the Coachella Festival he was already giving fans a glimpse of what his 2017 sound would be like. This is a North American tour that is going to make quite a few stops. Kendrick is eager to get his new music out to fans, and he appears to have spent a lot of time in the West Coast during summer months.

Kendrick Lamar does have plans to come to cities like Atlanta and Boston, but a large amount of his time will be spent touring on the West Coast. He is having a concert in Oakland, Seattle and Los Angeles. The tour also hit other spots like Chicago, Las Vegas, Brooklyn and Detroit.

Kendrick has wasted no time getting back into the swing of things. He made a critically acclaimed second album after his stunning debut. Lamar is now moving on with the third album that solidifies his spot as a mainstream hip hop artists that has managed to cross over.

There are a lot of people that are going to be quite impressed with Lamar and what he has managed to do for the new album. Kendrick Lamar has quite a few tracks now that he has three albums so it will be easy for him to engage fans in a lengthy concert.

Kendrick Lamar Brings Forth a Hot New Album

Kendrick Lamar has done it again. He has managed to surprise fans with a whole new album that is selling very well. He released the single “Humble” and he decided to bring forth the gritty sound of Compton back to this album. This sound has made this the hottest album of the year.

Kendrick Lamar’s receiving high marks on this album. People are getting a feel of what he is trying to bring back to hip hop. He has gotten back to his gritty narratives that are reminiscent of the debut album. It is obvious that Kendrick has a lot in the plans for 2017, and he is showing fans just how passionate he is about hip hop right now.

The album just dropped, and Kendrick is already going forth with a tour schedule. He has released this schedule that appears to be a hot summer tour that will take him throughout the United States in places like Atlanta, Seattle, Denver, Phoenix, and Houston.

This is going to be one of the hottest tours of the summer, and Kendrick Lamar appears to have a goal in mind. He appears to be coming for the spot that has been held by Drake in terms of record sales. Drake is the person that Kendrick bumped in terms of the number one spot on the Billboard charts. He is following behind Drake when it comes to first week sales for an album, but Kendrick still has the hottest album of 2017.

He has rooted himself in urban culture, but he also receives a lot of love from his fans outside of hip hop. Much of this has to do with the friendship and working relationship that has grown with Taylor Swift. She is one of his biggest fans, and this has given him the ability to branch out side of the hip hop community.

There is a lot of critical Acclaim for this new album that has also been very pleasing to his fans. Kendrick appears to be one of those artists that can transition from one area to the next without losing his fans. He is able to navigate from one area to another and take fans along for the ride with his interesting take on life.

The Return of Kendrick Lamar

The new Kendrick Lamar album is the best selling album of 2017 so far. Kendrick Lamar’s mother predicted the success of the album long before it became a bestseller. She has stated that she is one of the biggest fans of this album and she knew that it would do very well even before it was released. The only other album that has sold more copies in the first week than the new Kendrick Lamar album is the “Views” album by Drake. This is the album that sold more than a staggering 1 million units. Kendrick Lamar moved as many as six hundred thousand units in the first week, and he continues to climb as his album dominates the Billboard charts.

Kendrick has been able to lure a large crowd because he is going back to his roots. His second album sounded a lot like an experimental album with jazz tones and dialogue in between songs. What this third album brings is a reflection that appears to be much like the first album that he created.

Now that fans are excited about the album Kendrick knows that he will have no problem selling tickets for the upcoming tour. There is a summer tour that has already kicked off in order to celebrate the new hottest album of 2017 so far. Kendrick has already appeared at the Coachella Festival, and that is just the first glimpse of what his new sound for this tour will look like.

It was quite a surprise for people to see this album dropping so soon after he released a single some weeks prior to the release of the album. Once he dropped the video for the first single Kendrick did not waste any time releasing the entire album to the public.

Kendrick Lamar has shown that he is more than one hit wonder. The fact that this album has sold so well this quickly shows that fans are really behind Kendrick. It is obvious that he is one of the biggest names in hip hop right now, and he appears to have an abundant amount of material for upcoming years. He is forever the Storyteller that creates honest narratives that have made many fans compare him to rappers like Nas.