Having that First Hand Encounter with Honey Birdette

Do you love fashion and glamour? Honey Birdette is your one-stop shop for all the above. Located in Australia, the company has the latest trends in fashion as regards to lingerie. Largely, Honey Birdette as a renowned brand has found its way into the bedrooms of many Australians since the accessories from the company are hardly irresistible to women. Since 2006, Honey Birdette has provided a platform where clients get access to the various categories of items available on the company’s internet site, making the shopping experience much desirable and fulfilling. For the ten years that the corporation has been operational, it has helped carry on the vision of its founder, Eloise Monaghan.


The success by Honey Birdette has gotten felt both far and wide. With the brand being the first of its kind in the region, it has broken even in an area full of financial uncertainties. Currently speaking, the company has opened new branches in countries like America and the United Kingdom. For years, Honey Birdette has thrived on using the latest technology to make more sales, and its actions have fortunately paid off in a big way. Since 2006, the sensuality boutique has been on an upward spiral, making sales of more than 374% in the past one year in its Australian branches alone. Another factor that has made Honey Birdette successful by virtue is its physical stores that help tap deep into the retail markets.


In only ten years, the sensuality boutique has opened up 55 physical stores in Australia and three stores in the United Kingdom. So far, the brand is prospecting on opening up more retail stores in America including 40 more stalls in the United Kingdom. Thanks to Eloise Monaghan, the bedroom atmosphere is now much more pleasant and entertaining than it was in the previous century.

Here and Now: Cassio Audi

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Cassio Audi, for over 23 years, has been a well-known Brazilian expert in Investment Management. He has worked in national and multinational firms. His various management skills include but are not limited to financial planning, project management, management of equities, team leadership, strategic forecasting, and investor relations, and he has held positions as a managing director.

Audi was awarded a B.A. in Business Administration from Pontifical Catholic University and received an MBA from Sao Paulo University. He was the Chief Financial Officer of Brookfield Brazil Real Estate Partners Inc. and worked for JP Morgan Chase, Rossi Residencial, Dow Chemical and GVMI.

The objectives of an investment manager are to teach people, who have money, how to invest. Otherwise, they may become victims of fraudulent schemes and lose all their capital. Investors might be corporations, institutions such as pension funds, insurance companies, and charities, educational establishment or private investors.

Since the world’s economic slowdown because of the financial crisis, between 2007 and 2008, Brazil has suffered an economic downturn. Brazil has benefited from Audi Cassio, as an investment manager, to provide professional advice on how to grow the economy.

An investment manager, like Audi, makes funds in portfolios of different securities on behalf of their clients. The objectives of investment are defined by the clients. Audi creates different securities on behalf of his clients, which include bonds, shares, and real estate.

Cassio Audi, throughout his life, within public and private companies, has developed his expertise in finance, turn-around cases, private equity funds, start-ups, and global multi-billion dollar organizations. He had streamlined business operations and increased their probability of profits and financial growth.

Brazil has the eighth largest economy in the world, which is greater than the United Kingdom. Cassio Audi is a responsible investment manager that can be trusted.


Cassio and Viper.

Ms. DeVos goes to Washington

Had they wanted to, Ms. DeVos’ family could have sent her to the most expensive, exclusive college in the country; they had the resources to do so. She could have spent four years attending parties, spending her parents’ money and taking classes in basket weaving.

Rather, Ms. DeVos attended a small, strict, Christian school called Calvin College a few hours’ drive from her home in Holland, Michigan. She spent her time studying, sleeping in a plain, small, serviceable dorm that housed women exclusively and she graduated with her moral values reinforced rather than abandoned.

In the subsequent years, as a result of her interest in her own children’s’ education, she developed an interest in the education system. In her new home town of Grand Rapids, Michigan, a local school invited her to visit their establishment to see how they managed education.

Read more: http://www.npr.org/sections/ed/2017/01/31/512507538/under-devos-heres-how-school-choice-might-work

After several visits to The Potter’s House, Betsy DeVos was convinced that they were running a successful educational program. Her growing knowledge of the local public school system informed her that the public system was failing parents, children and taxpayers.

She and her husband started donating funds to assist parents to send their children to schools where they were safe and in an environment that cultivated knowledge as well as respectful behavior. Her donations to such schools form almost half of her family’s close to $140 million dollars in donations so far.

Blessed with income sufficient for her family, Betsy DeVos has been able to dedicate her life and time to charitable efforts and endeavors for the public good. One of her most important areas of interest and one into which she has donated years of her life, is education. The Betsy DeVos feels it’s nearly criminal that such a successful country has a failing school system.

Ms. DeVos labored many years to improve the poor education offered in areas in her home state of Michigan such as Grand Rapids and Detroit. She discovered that the institutionalized education structure would not change.

She and her family donated generously to successful Christian schools, enabling hard-working families to continue to pay for the education they needed because of the failure of their local systems to provide a safe, effective environment for learning. DeVos did not set out to support charter schools or alternative schools; she began to support them because the public schools proved impossible to correct.

In addition to her dedication to improving education, Ms. DeVos and her family have donated millions of dollars to other worthy causes including the arts, the Kennedy Center and organizations dedicated to the rights of the individual including the Center for Individual Rights, the Action Institute, the Institute for Justice and the Center for Individual Rights.

A lifetime supporter of infant rights, DeVos has long supported Michigan’s Pregnancy Resource Center, Right to Life Michigan and Baptists for Life.

Until very recently, the extent of the DeVos family philanthropy was unknown. However, because of her nomination as Secretary of Education, Betsy had to divulge much of the generosity she preferred to keep under wraps. Certainly, her experience managing large organizations and many years devoted to educational improvement make her a remarkable choice for her current post.

Visit their foundation at dbdvfoundation.org