Ms. DeVos goes to Washington

Had they wanted to, Ms. DeVos’ family could have sent her to the most expensive, exclusive college in the country; they had the resources to do so. She could have spent four years attending parties, spending her parents’ money and taking classes in basket weaving.

Rather, Ms. DeVos attended a small, strict, Christian school called Calvin College a few hours’ drive from her home in Holland, Michigan. She spent her time studying, sleeping in a plain, small, serviceable dorm that housed women exclusively and she graduated with her moral values reinforced rather than abandoned.

In the subsequent years, as a result of her interest in her own children’s’ education, she developed an interest in the education system. In her new home town of Grand Rapids, Michigan, a local school invited her to visit their establishment to see how they managed education.

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After several visits to The Potter’s House, Betsy DeVos was convinced that they were running a successful educational program. Her growing knowledge of the local public school system informed her that the public system was failing parents, children and taxpayers.

She and her husband started donating funds to assist parents to send their children to schools where they were safe and in an environment that cultivated knowledge as well as respectful behavior. Her donations to such schools form almost half of her family’s close to $140 million dollars in donations so far.

Blessed with income sufficient for her family, Betsy DeVos has been able to dedicate her life and time to charitable efforts and endeavors for the public good. One of her most important areas of interest and one into which she has donated years of her life, is education. The Betsy DeVos feels it’s nearly criminal that such a successful country has a failing school system.

Ms. DeVos labored many years to improve the poor education offered in areas in her home state of Michigan such as Grand Rapids and Detroit. She discovered that the institutionalized education structure would not change.

She and her family donated generously to successful Christian schools, enabling hard-working families to continue to pay for the education they needed because of the failure of their local systems to provide a safe, effective environment for learning. DeVos did not set out to support charter schools or alternative schools; she began to support them because the public schools proved impossible to correct.

In addition to her dedication to improving education, Ms. DeVos and her family have donated millions of dollars to other worthy causes including the arts, the Kennedy Center and organizations dedicated to the rights of the individual including the Center for Individual Rights, the Action Institute, the Institute for Justice and the Center for Individual Rights.

A lifetime supporter of infant rights, DeVos has long supported Michigan’s Pregnancy Resource Center, Right to Life Michigan and Baptists for Life.

Until very recently, the extent of the DeVos family philanthropy was unknown. However, because of her nomination as Secretary of Education, Betsy had to divulge much of the generosity she preferred to keep under wraps. Certainly, her experience managing large organizations and many years devoted to educational improvement make her a remarkable choice for her current post.

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How Clay Siegel Is Positioning His Medical Firm In The Battle Against Cancer

Seattle has positioned itself as the undisputed cancer research center in the United States, a factor that has even prompted a sitting vice president to visit the research hubs. Some of the research facilities in the region are decades old and have come up with grand theories about the disease. But the latest entrant into the hub’s research sphere in the name Seattle Genetics under the stewardship of Dr. Clay Siegell threatens to outdo them all with a breakthrough after another.

Just recently, the Siegall had its first drug approved by both the FDA and the European market drug agencies for the treat of three types of cancerous Lymphoma. Most importantly, Siegell’s invention in the name of Adcetris is currently undergoing final tests that would make it the sole treatment for the incurable Hodgkin Lymphoma. Currently, the drug is being used to treat three types of classical lymphoma.

What makes Clay Siegall’s discovery evolutionary
Clay believes that the medical benefits of the drug extend way beyond cancer treatment. He believes that the drug can also be used to treatment of non-cancer related illnesses. In line with this claim, Clay intimated that his firm is currently testing Adcetric’s efficiency of the in the treatment of more than 70 other diseases. If it passes FDA’s approval as the primary treatment for Hodgkin Lymphoma, Adcetrics will be one of the most effective cancer treatment options available thus further igniting the already glowing hope for a cure to the cancer menace.

Clay’s entry into cancer research
The current achievements by clay in the field of medicine are just a reflection of years of hard work in the field of cancer research. After graduating with a degree in Zoology, Clay furthered his interests in research with a Ph.D. in genetics from George Washington University. He was introduced to cancer research at the National Cancer Institute where he started his career before furthering this passion with the Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute where he worked for over five years.

Having established a significant cancer research base with these institutions, Clay Siegall set out to build a private research facility, The Seattle Genetics that he has headed for more than a decade in the development of Adcentris and 12 other equally potent drugs that are in currently in various testing stages.

The Development of the OSI Group Into An International Business

OSI Group L.L.C is an internationally recognized company that offers a wide variety of foods and beverages. The primary industry of the food processor is based in Aurora, Illinois. The firm has been operating since 1909, and it has currently expanded to different nations and hired about 20,000 employees. The products that the company processes are vegetable products, fish, pizza, poultry, bacon, and meat patties. OSI Group is a privately owned business, and it has been named by the Forbes Magazine as the 58th enterprise in its list of the top 100 companies.

The company has also been offering top-notch services to its clients, and it was named as the 66th firm in the list of the leading 100 food and beverage processors. The success of the enterprise has been facilitated by its current CEO and chairperson, Sheldon Lavin. He is a highly experienced professional in the corporate world and the Vision World Academy honored him with the Global Visionary Award. Mr. Lavin’s career was formerly in the finance industry before OSI hired him. The input that he has added to the company has been essential in transforming it from a local food processing firm to a multinational corporation that makes profits that are worth billions of dollars. The company is currently located in about 16 countries, and it has built 60 processing factories. Apart from his role at the OSI Group, Sheldon is a trustee of the Rush University Medical Center. He is also a former employee of the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation where he served as a director.

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The company has regularly been ensuring that it develops. It has planned to expand by acquiring a top Chicago-based food processing company. The North America division’s senior executive vice president, Kevin Scott, thinks that buying the business will assist OSI to offer a wide varied of products to its clients. The firm has been working to achieve customer satisfaction, which is the primary objective of most of the top companies.

The OSI Group’s market has been expanded since it acquired Baho Food, which was formerly a Dutch-owned business. It has mainly focused on producing snacks, portable foods, and deli meats. The OSI Group will be able to penetrate Europe by using Baho Foods. The president and COO of the enterprise, David G. McDonalds, believes that the capability of OSI to process more products and brands will be increased by the Baho Foods acquisition.

The Baho Foods consist of five divisions that are based in Netherlands and Germany. These factories are Gelderland Frischwaren, Q Smart Life, Bakx Foods, Henri van de Bilt, and Vital Convenience. The company’s MD, John Balvers, and other top officers will be incorporated into the OSI Group’s executive. This was done to assist the two firms in operating and offering their services to the clients as usual. OSI Group now have a comprehensive collection of products and brands that it will provide to its customers who are based in different parts of the world.

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