Doe Deree: The Lime Crime Mastermind

Having been born in Russia, she wanted to stretch her wings and go places. At the age of 17, she moved to New York City. She went on to start her career in singing which acted as a stepping stone in marketing for a bigger business that was still on its way. Even after surviving in the music, which is not a walk in the park, she wanted something different. However, Doe Deree was more curious to make a legacy in her life.

It is through music that she met her husband who, just like her, was a songwriter and shared the same dreams as hers, promoting a music band that they were both in. That is how she diversified her thoughts to start Lime Crime, a makeup company. But did her entrepreneurial thoughts start at 17? No, she was born with this mindset. At the age of 13, she was making moves in her mother country, selling temporary tattoos to her classmates, although she ended up wearing them seeing it cool to have temporary tattoos. In 2012, she moved from New York to Manhattan before going to Brooklyn. Learn more:

Doe attributes her success to the passion that she had, and advices her fellow women to not give up since everyone is gifted in one way or the other. She says that once one maximises on the same, then they realise their real self. For one to succeed in this life, one needs to understand who they are, and place a value on their lives no matter how different they might appear to the rest of the society around them. She gives a living testimony of how she at times felt lonely due to the choices that she made, but since she was focused, she pressed on to that direction until her dreams came true.

Stepping into the makeup industry seemed to be a risky venture since the products she was offering were not readily available. But did she pack her stuff and go? Not at all. Her determination to bring the same to the market would mark the success or failure of her business. She had to gamble by bringing in the same to the market by producing them as an entrepreneur. To her surprise, that is what many people were waiting to get. That is what made Lime Crime a huge success in the first few months just after she rolled her products to the market.

According to Doe, makeup means the freedom of expressing herself, together with the other women, without worrying being judged. Women express themselves, not through talking but on what is applied to their bodies; be it hair or their face. Learn more:

Doe Deree remains to the mastermind of Lime Crime makeup industry.

Malini Saba Encourages People To Find Other Ways Of Doing Things

Malini Saba is one of the people that are emerging in this changing world. She brings a lot of messages that are meant to help people adapt to this new culture. One thing that she is stressing is the importance of individuality and being authentic. One of the things she has states that it is not necessary to do things the way other people want it done. This is in fact a big change from the old society that talks about the right way of doing things and the wrong way of doing things. Malini urges people to do things their way.


One of the reasons that Malini is so adamant that people do things the way they feel they want to do it is because this is one of the best ways to learn. Some people need to learn through experience what is effective. Another thing that Malini Saba advises people is to do what is true to their soul. This is in fact something that is very important for people that are trying to pursue what they are after. When people allow others to dictate what they do, then it is going to result in them having a tough time moving forward.


Malini has pursued success in investments. She has taken the time to build a business in which she could use to invest in different companies. With her investments, she has taken the time to make sure that she is very successful with the choices that she has made with her finances. One thing that could be said for making investments is that it is a good activity for people that are passionate about making money.


There is something behind Malini’s passion. This is the desire to change the world for the better of many people. This is part of what fuels her success. She has also set up a foundation to help women and children throughout the globe. She has put together Stree for helping women. With her success, she could encourage other women to move forward with any goals that they have. She in fact shows women that they don’t have to settle for a life that is a major struggle. She could shoot for more.


Surprising Doe Deere Facts and Why She Is So Loved

If anyone were to ask me who I think is one of the greatest female influences of this generation, I would proudly respond with Doe Deere. This woman not only goes against everything that someone labels a female entrepreneur as being, but she is the definition of the successful American dream and all of the twists and turns that comes with it.

Doe Deere is originally from Russia. The girl once had an undying ardor for music, a fervor that resulted in her moving to the United States the moment that she was able. Instantly, she fell in love with New York City and wasted no time in starting her fairytale rock band, Sky Salt. The city was not the only thing she fell in love with, though, and she quickly married one of her bandmates. Playing music in their spare time, Deere could not silence her other artistic abilities for long, so she made dresses that she sold online.

Deere has always had a vibrant personality that reflects in her style choices. From her rainbow hair to the makeup she once made herself, the girl diffuses color, humor, and liveliness. When her dresses began receiving a ton of attention and feedback, her makeup was not exempt from the spotlight. Admitting that she made it herself, the public along with her fans encouraged her to use that to her advantage by launching her own cosmetic line. Using her face as her presentation, the higher ups were quick to sign this Russian, bright-eyed beauty. That very moment was when the immensely popular line, Lime Crime, came to be.

Currently, Deere resides in Los Angeles and works tirelessly each day to ensure that her fans are well taken care of. Makeup was never necessarily her passion, but art always was, and she used that fervor to her full advantage at every opportunity. Known today as the Queen of Unicorns, Deere is regularly recognized for her accomplishments as a female entrepreneur, being young and successful, standing out against all odds, and encouraging her fans to be themselves no matter the situation. So, again, when I am asked why Doe Deere is so inspirational and should be mentioned in every circumstance in which a woman is the hero, I reiterate her interesting story.

To conclude, too few people are courageous enough to be themselves. When Doe Deere rose to fame, she shifted the dynamic of the beauty industry and the very manner that people were able to express themselves creatively each day. With the recommendation for her fans to share their looks and creations with other Unicorns, people are able to feel a sense of purpose on top of boosting their own self-confidence with unique shades of makeup. From a young girl in Russia with a dream of singing her way through life to a CEO of an outrageously successful company, Doe Deere is an iconic woman who will not soon be silenced, quelled in her creative pursuits, or forgotten by those who have loved her since day one or who are just beginning to discover her and her original line.

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