Don Ressler, Kate Hudson, and Fabletics Continue to Reach Women through Workout

Women’s athletic purchasing reached a high in 2010, yet women were still forced to choose between workout clothes that were functional and comfortable, those that were fashionable, and those that were affordable. Don Ressler and Adam Goldberg took notice of the issues and the trends, leading them to found Fabletics. They sought to revolutionize active wear for women: combining affordability, comfort, functionality, and a look that women would find fun and fashionable.

Looking to truly create a product that women would enjoy purchasing and wearing, they used information from their own focus groups and consumer tests rather than from market trends. These tests revealed the issues women today have with active wear: hideous, low-quality clothes that are ill-fitting on the affordable end of the spectrum, or having to pay more than a gym membership to put together a functional outfit that looked nice.

Working with Kate Hudson was another positive step for the company. The actress proved to be a friendly and confident face that linked Fabletics even further to its buyers. She was even brought on board as a cofound due to her passion for communication with those women whom Fabletics was founded for. Hudson also allowed Fabletics to be one of few sportswear companies that was able to target specifically to women, and she continues to keep the brand at a strong online and in-person presence with its consumers.

Ressler himself, alongside his work with Hudson, strives to better the company no matter the obstacle. His years of experience in the fashion industry allowed him to tackle the complex issue of sportswear for women and its multitude of needs head-on. Other issues, particularly those of funding in the beginning, were also met by Ressler and resolved. Ressler’s understanding of Fabletics need for online presence to be strong and appealing to all, including its grassroots style of marketing, has helped the company to be excellently marketed from the beginning. Beyond the company’s, and Hudson’s, online presence, marketing and sales are done mainly online. The company incorporates a VIP system to its online sales, discounting products it would have sold anyway. Offering introductory promotions, the VIP program requires a $50 monthly fee in exchange for rewards points, discounts, and free shipping. Along with the introductory promotional prices new users can also take a quiz on the website to optimize their purchasing strategies, through both function and fashion.

Ressler is a founder who is proud of the choices he has made, choosing not to exploit women who strive to better their health but also choose to feel good about themselves while doing it – and don’t want to be overcharged for trying to do both. The efficiency of online shopping combined with the enjoyable prints has enabled busy women to find more fun in their workout routine. With the company finding success within its original market, Fabletics will strive to further empower women and add plus size lines to their collections.

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