Don Ressler Starts Online Businesses

The online business world has a large amount of competition. One of the people who has been able to achieve great things despite the remarkable amount of competition has been Don Ressler. He has become one of the most respected people in the online business community in a relatively short period of time. He credits much of his success to his ability to foresee various trends in terms of what consumers will want to buy in the future. This allows him to offer products that will sell in large quantities. Meanwhile, his competitors often miss the mark and incur large amounts of debt by ordering large inventories that sit in a warehouse without being sold.

Don Ressler tends to focus on areas where he has a great deal of experience. This philosophy has served him very well in his career. He feels that many people create startups simply because they want to become involved in a hot industry. Meanwhile, they are not very familiar with the industry itself. Don Ressler believes this type of situation can only result in a negative outcome for the business owner.

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The cosmetics and skincare industries have both been very good to Don over the years. It was in these industries that Don made a very big mark for himself by creating his first very successful business. If was a website called Dermstore. It specialized in offering consumers a very large selection of the latest and most popular cosmetic and skin care products. It did not take long at all for the site to catch on. Don made back all of his original investment much faster than he ever believed possible. Dermstore was a smashing success and made Don a tech startup star overnight.

The success of Dermstore brought a lot of attention to Don Ressler. Many venture capitalists quickly took notice of Don and his business activities. Needless to say, they wanted to be a part of his next website because they were certain that it would be a winning idea. Don felt that he wanted to try something different with his next startup venture. He believed that the massive clothing industry was ripe for the picking. Don was unimpressed with many of the other online clothing retailers. Don Ressler came up with the idea for JustFab when a female friend could not find the clothing she wanted online. Once again, the success of JustFab was overwhelming.

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