Find Out the Services Provided by Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings was started in 2002. It is a company that is popular for providing lending services, which are based on an individual’s security. The company makes available loans depending on the risk and future performance evaluation. This assessment is based on stocks, bonds and Treasurys.The company has an office that is located in New York City. Its headquarters are in Indianapolis, Indiana. The management of the company comprises of Al Christy Jr., who serves as the president, Jeff Smith who acts as the managing director and Joe McCarthy who performs his duties as the head trader.

The company specializes in development of products that make it easy to provide liquidity in an efficient manner. The company’s policy is to make the lending process as transparent as possible.The company has lately been experiencing growth, and it has managed to process 625 transactions. This has been enabled by the corporation’s unique funding process that provides most of their clients with a lower cost capital. The financing terms are also superior when they are compared with institutions that offer traditional financing.

Equities First Holdings operates internationally, and it has other offices that area located in London, Perth, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Sydney and Singapore. The company is famous for providing financial arrangements that are tailor-made to suit the specific needs of the client. The firm specializes in capital allocation, financial services, and the provision of other financial solutions.Equities First Holdings is a privately held company. As of now, it has 50 employees. The company is a good fit for individuals who are looking for capital or those who do not qualify for loans that are provided by other financial institutions.The corporation has a policy of integrity and transparency. For advice, they frequently consult top legal firms, regulatory institutions and other trading institutions. The company’s goal is to offer loans to clients that will make them achieve their personal and professional financial goals.

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