How White Shark Media Handles Complaints Raised By Consumers

White Shark Media is a digital marketing firm, which focuses on providing online marketing solutions to small and medium businesses. The company is the fastest growing in the digital marketing space. It has provided businesses across North America with the opportunity to grow their revenues and improve their profitability margins through online marketing. The company was founded in 2011.

White Shark Media has a broad customer base that keeps growing. The corporation receives both compliments and complaints. Both are good for the business as they help the firm to identify what they are doing right and what they should improve. The complaints raised by consumers have helped to transform White Shark Media from a small company to a globally renowned corporation. This article looks into some of the ways that the company has handled the complaints.

The most common complaint from clients is customers losing touch with their AdWord Campaigns. This problem is caused by inadequate reporting procedures used by the firm. Improvements have been made to ensure that the company’s reports are easy to analyze. The company has also put extra efforts in explaining to its customers the ins and outs of their campaigns. This is aimed at ensuring that the customer knows the performance of his campaign before it is optimized. The procedure has made it easier for clients to track their AdWord.

Previously, some customers did not feel that the communication between the company and its clients was good enough. White Shark Media has implemented several steps to improve the communication channels. First, the company holds monthly status calls with its customers. The calls are placed using GoToMeeting, an online conference tool. The platform allows SEM Strategist to share his screen with the client. This makes it easy for the two to analyze the monthly report.


Secondly, the company has installed a phone system with direct extensions. Unlike with the previous system, the new phone system allows clients to call their contact person directly. This move saves time and eliminates frustration. A customer is also provided with the supervisor’s contact in case the contact person is not available. This situation has improved the communication between clients and the firm.

Some customers have also complained about the performance of their ‘optimized’ campaigns. The company’s primary responsibility is to enhance the performance of a business’ AdWord campaign. White Shark Media has taken steps to ensure that these complaints do not arise. First, the strategists analyze the business’ current campaigns to establish their performance. This approach helps the professionals to know which areas to maintain and the ones to optimize. Supervisors handle a maximum of 5 SEM strategists each. This low number of strategists ensures that the supervisors are in a position to follow all their work. The firm provides clients with a new strategist upon request.

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