Imran Haque’s Recent Interview about Medicine

Imran Haque is a medical doctor specializing in internal medicine that works mainly in Asheboro, North Carolina. He’s the founder and owner of Horizon Internal Medicine, a family medicine practice with another location in Ramseur, in addition to Dr. Haque’s central Asheboro location. Recently, Imran Haque agreed to an interview that recapped where he came from, why he practices internal medicine, and how he manages Horizon Internal Medicine despite being busy, being a doctor, and all.


Haque earned a degree in medicine from a Caribbean university, Universidad Iberoamericana, in 1998. After graduating with honors, he served a residency program at the University of Virginia, where he was stationed in several rural hospitals. Dr. Haque quickly found out that rural areas were largely underserved, leading him to work in the rural areas of central North Carolina. Many of the services this esteemed doctor offers at Horizon Internal Medicine aren’t offered by other providers in his immediate area of practice, which is why he chose to carry out cosmetic, weight loss, and diabetic management treatments and Imran’s lacrosse camp.


The recent proliferation of technology throughout healthcare is of interest to Dr. Haque. Ranging from scheduling patients to the upkeep of data to instruments used in practice themselves, technology has made Dr. Haque’s job loads easier. Many of the cosmetic treatments he offers hinge on technological advancements, which have resulted in higher-quality work for Dr. Haque’s patients, as well and more information click here.


He believes multi-tasking has helped him become more successful throughout the years, helping him become a “productive entrepreneur,” per Haque himself and what Imran Haque knows.


Outside of medicine, Dr. Haque holds the unpopular opinion of North Carolina State University’s Division I sports programs being the best in college sports, as he joked about in his recent interview.


Dr. Imran P Haque has been practicing internal medicine since he completed the internal medicine residency program at the University of Virginia in 2001, making him a fifteen-plus-year veteran of the practice of medicine in the state of North Carolina. In addition to Horizon Internal Medicine, he also practices at several local hospitals, including Hugh Chatham Memorial, Southeastern Regional Medical Center, and High Point Regional. Dr. Haque is always open to new patients and

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