Jane’s Addiction To Release Concert Film

Jane’s Addiction are hard at work preparing the release of a new concert film. Slated for release on August 4, 2017, the film is entitled “Ritual De Lo Habitual At 25.” This film features a full-length live rendition of the band’s classic 1990 album, “Ritual De Lo Habitual.” Recorded on May 30 in Irvine, California, this performance represents a band that has aged gracefully. The concert film comes two years after Jane’s Addiction went on the road to commemorate the 25th anniversary of their signature album. In an interview with a musical journalist, guitarist Dave Navarro noted that revisiting this album helped him remember the benefits of using an unorthodox musical approach.


I think it is refreshing to see artists like these continue to work hard for their fans. Jane’s Addictions have had enough success over the years that it seems the band could easily afford to rest on their laurels. Nevertheless, the band continues to tour tirelessly, refusing to alienate their audience through laziness. Furthermore, each new album the band produces shows professionalism and great attention to detail. Jane’s Addiction has already achieved legendary status and entered the annals of alternative rock. It seems clear that these musicians are poised to become elder statesmen of rock music.


In the current popular culture, I think that we have something you might call a cult of youth. It is far too common for people to reflexively favor things that are new, novel or youthful in nature. Fortunately, bands like Jane’s Addiction continue to demonstrate that you can rock out at any age. I hope this band continues to produce outstanding records for many long years to come. Of course, experience shows that we can lose our favorite musicians at unexpected times. This is why we should take the time to cherish those wonderful bands that add color and variety to our lives. I think that Dave Navarro and Jane’s Addiction have earned the loyalty of the public.


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