Jason Halpern on the Road to Dominating the Real Estate Development Market

Jason was not one of the irresponsible kids who used their father’s wealth recklessly, spending money as if there is no tomorrow. Rather, he was and is still an ambitious man who turned his late father’s company into a great success that it is today. Jason is the founder of JMH Development LLC, and since he founded it, he has worked tirelessly to see its success in building unique and high-quality houses, and maintaining a high level of creativity and inventiveness.


Jason’s company, JMH, is one of the most successful companies in real estate development. It has completed projects in the major cities where properties are of high value. They specialize in both commercial building like hotels and residential houses. They also convert warehouse articulately into beautiful residential homes. Among the cities where the company has built and sold properties include Miami, Brooklyn, and Cobble Hill residential properties. MH is a pioneer in making unique designs and strategically located properties for both the interested business people and for the residential townhouses.

Jason- Halpern-Family

Among the best projects that JMH has accomplished is the Aloft South Beach in Miami. The hotel is not only strategically located but also has bigger rooms than its surrounding competitors. Its proximity to the beach, boutiques, art gallery stores and numerous nightclubs makes it very convenient for visitors. This project was completed in collaboration with Madden Real Estate Ventures.


But who is Jason outside work? Jason Halpern is a father to a teenage boy whom he enjoys spending time with. He goes with his son for vacations to enjoy fun activities like scuba dividing in Miami and Costa Rica. He even took his son to watch their family game in New York City. Jason has friends all over the world including Africa where he frequents to meet friends in the same line of business real estate development. Jason is also fascinated by sports car races, a thing he might have inherited from his father who was also a big fan. Jason once tried car-racing game and is looking forward to trying it again; he is a boxing fan too.


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