Jeffry Schneider, an Innovative Businessman, and Amazing Personality

The founder of famous Ascendant Capital is Jeffry Schneider. His company is well-known for offering extraordinary services of marketing, education, sales, operational services, and financial structuring. Ascendant Capital is famous for alternative fundraising for established and emerging sponsors. A variety of businesses including, family offices, broker-dealers, private banks, and registered investment advisors work with Ascendant Capital.

Ascendant Capital has evolved as an outstanding company under the leadership of Schneider in a short period of five years. At that time, there were three to four employees, and now there are more than thirty. Different businesses have earned about one billion dollars due to Ascendant Capital. They include investment advisors, broker-dealers, and family offices which are hard to count. Ascendant Capital use their money to purchase different businesses like real estates, auto dealership, tech companies, and others. The future goals of Schneider and his workforce are already set. They want to make more than fifty million dollars in every month of 2017.

Jeffry Schneider often says that alternative investment has countless opportunities in the modern economy. It has diverse holdings and very low volatility. It is why Ascendant Capital has grown over the years, and the company is expected to grow further in next few years. According to Schneider, one of the best way of making money is an alternative investment. As compared to RIA’s, it has more chances of growth. Many times the clients have no idea how much money they are going to make with an alternative investment.

People often ask why Ascendant Capital is so successful. Schneider says it is the company’s culture. The atmosphere encourages people to trust each other and has an open dialogue. It is a great pride for Schneider which he shares with his clients. Investor’s interests are the prime responsibility of Ascendant Capital. Before founding his company, Schneider had worked in different organizations including Axiom Capital Management, Paradigm Global Advisors, Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown, and Smith Barney.

Jeffry Schneider studied bachelor’s in science from University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He is a fitness freak. He does many things to keep himself fit especially eating a healthy diet. He is often seen educating others about the problems of American food. He has been a participant in many marathons, Ironman, and half ironman events. Nowadays, he is preparing for half ironman which will take place in Croatia. He is a person who is passionate about exploring the world. He went to many regions of the world including Europe, South America, Asia, etc. He says rural Thailand and Budapest are the best places to visit. He is also a philanthropist and works with some organizations. He supports charity organizations like God Loves We Deliver, Cherokee Home for Children, The Gazelle Foundation, and Wonder Worries.

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