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Divergent Technologies, Inc. offers staffing services for Information Technology and various solutions to many medium and Fortune 500 Companies in the U.S. the company offers a collection of staffing services for IT companies such as contingent, temporary, IT staff augmentation, design services, and direct hire solutions for permanent and contract solutions. Additionally, the company engages in veteran programs and minority business enterprise. The company also gives a broad range of jobs for those in search of employment opportunities in the world of Information Technology as an application manager, mobile technology developers, database administrators, networking managers, creative designers, and project managers.

Divergent Technologies, Inc. is a fast-growing firm. For the last few years, it has recorded its biggest growth in assets. In the Information Technology industry, it has doubled its growth rate in more than double. This reflects its capabilities to provide efficient solutions to its addressable markets of the middle and Fortune 500 companies. Its consultative approach in dealing with business issues makes it one of the most successful firms in the world. The company views its consultants and customers as their business associates and struggles to understand their needs and problems. As it is suggested in its name, the company promotes diversity in numerous aspects concerning strategic solution development.

The Divergent Technologies, Inc. principal, John Gullet, was named its manager in 2o1o. Because his Info Technology Company merged with Divergent Technologies, Inc., he was appointed as the chief director of the resulting incorporation. In 1994, John Goullet established the company. Divergent Technologies, Inc. focuses on providing solutions to numerous companies including the Fortune 500 in the world. According to the Fortune 500 Magazine list, Info Technologies, Inc. was number eight. This is a privately-held firm that has gained significant expansion in the last five years.

A High-profile entrepreneur, John Goullet has spearheaded the growth of numerous companies in the world of Information Technology. When he started working at an Information Consultancy firm, his career began. He then hopped to Information technology staffing in 1994. He has worked as a consultant in companies including Tsr Consultants and The Costello Group. He has wide knowledge in established market trends in Information Technology.

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