Kenneth Goodgame, Senior VP of True Value Hardware Company

UPDATE: November 1, 2016

Goodgame is moving to Arizona! Kenneth’s leadership has been characterized by spurring on several different brands to greater growth and the installation of many new stores throughout the country (he helped start an average of 220 stores annually). He was instrumental in leading Home Depot’s Husky brand in finally overtaking Sears in the hand power tool sector. These qualities have more than qualified Kenneth for this relocation!

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Kenneth Goodgame is the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at True Value Hardware Company in Chicago Illinois since 2013. His vast experience in the marketing sphere enabled him in gaining prominence in the profit and loss management department,and also benefited him to develop adept and quality teams to assist him in fulfilling his responsibilities.

He has innovated and elevated True Value to a global brand by depending exclusively on his consumer based principles, expertise, customer awareness and demand. He is acknowledged with constructing ingenious methods and navigated fine tune exclusive commodity implemented methods for True Value that established a profound impact in the pandemic marketplace.

Kenneth Goodgame can be defined as a symbol of unsurpassed authority and is depicted as a man of many attributes in the realm of brand perception and commodity formulation as well as being very resourceful and inventive. His authoritative talents allow him to possess the competence and capability to turn his concepts and insights,as well as those suggested by his associates into a significant collaborated effort. The eagerness he portrays and displays stimulates his associates and they have the utmost respect, trust and belief in him.
His focus on every challenge he faced has been to assist the company he worked for, to become unsurpassed in their objectives and goals.

Goodgame is the primary reason incorporated within the shadows of True Value’s prevalent success. He attained a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Marketing from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville prior to working at True Value, he was general merchandising manager at Ace Hardware in Oak Brook, Illinois from 2010 to 2013 where he was in charge of monitoring profits and losses in global purchasing. From 2008 to 2010 he worked for Tetronic Industries in Anderson, South Carolina in the capacity of President of Direct Tools Factory outlets, where he contributed in a corporate aspect while simultaneously propelling a new retail sector and escalated sales.

From 2002 to 2007 he was Senior Vice President of marketing at Newell Rubbermaid, Huntersville, North Carolina where he was in charge of new commodity evolution strategy, marketing and sales. He also instituted national campaigns and assisted in the company’s growth.

In 2004 Goodgame became President and General Manager of Rubbermaid where his greatest achievement ventures were discovering a modified technology for patented floor mop products, and a guaranteed agreement with Wal-Mart.

He was employed by Home Depot in Atlanta,Georgia from 1994 to 2002 as a Senior Global Product Merchant where he increased consumer purchase and heightened overall perimeters through scheming, utilizing and instigating rebates for power equipment engine provisions. From 1995 to 1999 he was in the capacity of Product Merchant and his task was monitoring all gross sales in the garden section.

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