Mariah Carey Releases Audio Recording About Her Botched New Year’s Eve Performance

One week after her botched New Year’s performance at Times Square, Mariah Carey released an audio recorded statement on Twitter placing the blame on Dick Clark Productions. A Rolling Stone Magazine article points out that there was a faulty in-ear monitor that caused problems for Mariah during her performance. So far, there is no evidence that Dick Clark Productions did anything to sabotage the event.


Many artists have performed on New Year’s Eve at Times Square over the years. It can get so loud from the noise of the crowd that the artists need to wear ear monitors so they can hear the music. When these ear monitors are not working properly, it makes it hard for the artists to hear the music that is being played. Mariah was having problems with her ear monitor, so she removed it and attempted to sing along with the music. She eventually stopped in the middle of the performance, yet the backing track that she was supposed to lip-sync to kept playing.


In her recorded statement, Mariah mentioned being in great spirits and was looking forward to celebrating New Years with the world. She went on to say the production team chose to hurt and humiliate her to capitalize on the moment. In its defense, a preliminary investigation showed Dick Clark Productions was not involved in the ear monitor malfunction. Dick Clark Productions put out a statement saying technical problems can but rarely occur during live performances, and they had no reason to comprise her performance.


Both sides are pointing the finger at each other. Even though Dick Clark Productions said Mariah’s comments were defamatory and absurd, nothing legal may occur from this incident. This was just an unfortunate circumstance.



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