New Location by Renown Health in Reno

Renown Health’s new location will be set up in Reno and will take up 10,000 feet of space, equating to the size of three vacant storefronts. The new practice is located at The Summit Mall and offers initially offers primary health care services, as well as a well prepared medical laboratory for uses such as drug testing. The Medical Director of Renown Medical Group, Dr. McCormack, explains that the center is meant to be designed in such a way that patients will be as comfortable sitting in their waiting room as they would residing in their own living rooms at home. The center also has enough space set aside for patients to meet with staff to discuss their health care plans and to go over other personal details in private.

Other services will be added to the center in the near future, though for now the center is meant for primary health care to be provided in an affordable manner for local residents to Reno. The location will also be looking to add at least one other physician and one new nurse to their current staff of 11 professionals. Dr. McCormack goes on to say that Renown Health has been meaning to expand their primary health services and that Reno and Spanish Springs are the two main areas that people seem to be moving into, leading to an increased need for affordable health services for the many families living in the area.

Renown Health is the only locally owned an non-profit healthcare network in Reno. The company takes pride in being so localized, due to the added ability to keep any money spent within the healthcare system circulating through the local economy, thereby improving the local communities by keeping this money local. Not only that, but many of the members of the board for Renown Health are locals. There are over 150 members who are part of the local community that serve on the Renown boards or in an advisory capacity.

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