Rodrigo Terpins Successfully Completes the 22nd Edition of the Sertoes Rally Competition

Rodrigo Terpins and his co-driver finished the recently concluded Bull Sertoes Rally in 8th position. The veteran duo drove a car numbered 326. Rodrigo and Fabricio Bianchini walked away with a podium finish in the prototype category competitions. The rally proved to be quite the challenge to the 38 competitors as only less than 5 cars made it to the finishing line. The cars were to drive for 2,600 kilometers spread out in 2 states. There were a total of 7 stages complete with stops for the drivers to recuperate and perform routine maintenance on their rally cars.

Driving Car #326

Speaking after the successful completion of the grueling race, the drive, Rodrigo Terpins had this to say. “The course was tough, but that just made the event exciting and delicious” Rodrigo went ahead to thank the pit crew for the invaluable support they provided through the 2,600 kilometers. The event attracted a variety of racers. Some came with motorcycles and others raced in prototype T-Rex-like autos. Check out Terra to know more.

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The event is held annually and it has kept on growing over time. The organizers are planning on enlarging the course to encompass other states apart from Goias and Minas Gerais. The racing duo also hinted at investing extra cash to improve the engine and overall performance capacities of their famed number 326 car. To keep proper tabs on the fascinating rally career of the Terpins brothers, just check out their Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or official website.

Tough, But Delicious Race

Michael and Rodrigo cruised their way through the first two stages that included a long stretch in the winding mountainous regions and depressions. Going into the third round, the duo could already taste the victory as most of their competitors had by then dropped out due to a myriad of reasons. The racers pride themselves in being green planet warriors. Their vehicle bore a seal from the Green Initiative and that meant that they would be planting trees to undo the damage caused by the CO2 released by their cars in the 2,600 km journey. The trees were to be planted in the Atlantic Forest. Visit to know more.

Life Line Screening – How To Fully Prepare For Your Screening

At Life Line Screening, you can expect to receive exceptional health care services for your screening needs. They have many different facilities located throughout the United States in addition to traveling to different locations as well. They provide ultrasound screenings that are non-invasive and painless. They also offer EKG services that detect certain issues like irregular heartbeats and can track other abnormalities. The Life Line screenings are easy and painless and generally, require very little preparation. Some screenings may take several hours to complete while other screenings are fairly short-lived. You will also be required to fast for some procedures, however, a Life Line Screening representative will ensure that you’re fully educated on what you should expect when preparing for your screening and follow its Twitter.


Depending on which procedure you are having will depend on how you prepare. If you’re having a screening for carotid artery disease which is most commonly associated with strokes, you will want to ensure that you wear a shirt that has an open collar with short sleeves. In association to strokes, they also do testing for atrial fibrillation, which is most affiliated with irregular heartbeats. For this type of procedure, you need to make sure you wear comfortable clothing, no pantyhose, no watches, no lotions or oils and no cell phones. If you’re being screening for abdominal aortic aneurysm, you need to make sure you fast for at least 4 hours prior to your screening. Again, you want to make sure you wear loose clothing, take your medication as prescribed, and if you’re diabetic make sure you follow your diabetic plan of care. If you’re having any type of glucose screening or cholesterol type of screening, you will need to make sure you fast for at least 12 hours prior to your screening and read full article.


Life Line Screening offers many other types of screenings to help prevent certain issues and diseases from arising. The medical professionals affiliated with the company are fully trained to provide the best services available and will ensure that you understand the requirements prior to your screening. Should you have any questions or concerns you can visit their website at or call them at 800.718.0961.

Talos Energy’s acquisitions and expansion strategy

After more than 8 decades, a private company finally decided to drill a well in the waters of Mexico. This was a way for the country to create competition in the energy industry. Premier Oil, Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas and Talos Energy joined hands and the project began in May. Prior to this venture, the industry was a monopoly which was run by Petroleos Mexicanos. It was a big change in the country considering the norm since 1938.

The well, Zama-1, that was being drilled was expected to produce one hundred to five hundred million crude barrels. The well is located at the Sureste Basin. Drilling was going to take an average of 3 months. The companies won the bid in 2015 when the industry was opened to private investors due to the suffering that this industry was undergoing in Mexico at the time. This investment is been watched closely by many people as it is one of its kind.

Talos Energy holds 35 percent of the Mexico oil drilling venture. It is the second largest investor after Premier Oil. Tim Duncan alongside his partners began Talos Energy with equity worth 600 million dollars and assets from previous investments. This company has been named as one of the ideal workplaces by WorkplaceDynamics when their work and social ethics are taken into place. Even if they are not the best paying employers, they give equity shares to their employees. Duncan is the CEO at Talos Energy and he is focused on building an empowered team through his strategic management.

Talos Energy acquired a Helix Energy Solutions’ subsidiary, Energy Resource Technology GOM Inc., to enhance their productivity in gas and oil. It cost them a sum of 620 million dollars and they are in the market again looking to make an acquisition of yet another company for 475- 500 million dollars. The company’s goal is to expand further as they create more employment opportunities. Duncan is growing Talos into a big company through his experience and leadership skills. He is a known figure in the industry and his opinions have been highly held by people in senior positions. The headquarters of Talos Energy is in Houston. The company continues to acquire gas and oil companies to expand its production in Mexico.