In the entertainment industries, they say that there is truly no such thing as bad publicity. However, rap starlet Nicki Minaj has been wanting to reconsider this optimistic platitude as of late, after coming under fire in a blistering salvo of indignant lyrical artillery commandeered by Terror Squad lieutenant Remy Ma. Last week, the recently-freed female lyricist leveled seven long minutes of accusations, threats and carefully crafted exhibitions of lyrical dexterity at Nicki Minaj over Nas’ classic “Ether” instrumental.


The track, dubbed “SHEther” by Remy Ma’s camp, relentlessly tears into Minaj’s character, skill and musical veracity, ranging in attack from accusations of ghostwriters to claims of Minaj hooking up with her Young Money Records cohorts behind the scenes. While every new allegation of promiscuity can snowball into a desensitizing wall of sound after a while, Remy Ma digs deeper on the thematic end. Ma takes an anecdote about Minaj’s posterior implant imploding near the start of the song and brings it back at the end, highlighting the implications of such a unique medical emergency and painting it as a fate for the impressionable young female minds of the world.


So what must Ms. Minaj do now? While her songwriting abilities, maligned as they may be, have certainly shown to possess chart-topping potential, it is unknown whether or not that same skill can translate into a substantial response. Cleverly covering her bases, Minaj has since acquired the support of former detractor Lil Kim in this ongoing feud. As shown in the scathing verbal attack last week, Remy Ma isn’t afraid to step into the ring. Her history as a prolific battler prior to her untimely incarceration has shown many times over that she’s no slouch with the pen.


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