Rick Smith: Securus Technologies have has enormous growth since 2008

Rick Smith the CEO of Securus Technologies, a provider of prison technology, has announced that the company has more than doubled its Associates population since 2008.Rick Smith continues tat his company values the containment of his employees. He thinks that their hard work and dedication is responsible for the large growth. He views his employees as not just employees, but as partners. They work together to have a good flow of ideas and innovation.Each Associate at Securus get benefits that help them today and tomorrow. The company has spend 45 million US dollars on insurance for their Associates. The company does reimbursement each employee for more education. They will even help them finish their education. Each Associate also gets quarterly bonus payments from the incentive plan.

As long they stay at the company, the higher that their bonuses get. The company has as much 3,000 promotional opportunities for each Associate. With all these benefits and incentives, it is n o wonder that they have tremendous growth of Associates over the years. Securus Technologies is an American company that deals with prison technology and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Other branches of this company can be found in Atlanta, Georgia, Allen, TX and Carrollton, TX. About 1,000 people are employed by this company.In America and Canada, the company has signed contracts with over 2,000 prison facilities. As far as the future, Securus plans to invest in more than 600 million US dollars to improve its technology and to acquire more business.Rick Smith Securus, the CEO of the company, first worked at Global Crossing North America from 1972 to 1998.

He had various positions at Global. He then worked from Eschelon Telecom from 1998 to 2008. He started out as Chief Financial Officer and when he left the company in 2003, he was president/COO of the company. 2008 is when he joined Securus as a CEO and is still the CEO today.He is the member of some boards. He is the board member of a company called Integra Telecom. He may not work there anymore, but he is a board member at Eschelon Telecom.Rick Smith does have some credentials. He has an MBA from University of Rochester. He got a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from the State University of Buffalo. He continued to study Engineering at the State University of New York and got a Master’s Degree. He has an Associate’s Degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology.Rick Smith and Securus Technology should continue to have success in the future.

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