Right Wing Supporters Continue to Bash Billionaire George Soros

According to PulseLive.com, many far right-leaning Americans harbor a deep resentment for Mr. Soros. Conservatives to the left, however, view him as just another wealthy billionaire out to grab headlines by funding liberal causes. Right wingers have labeled Soros as the world’s greediest capitalist who values minting the next billion more than he does regular people and learn more about George Soros.

Malaysian Currency Crisis

In supporting their allegations against Soros, the critics always refer to two notable incidences where Soros walked away with billions while millions of investors lost their entire portfolios. The first event is when George Soros placed bets against the British Pound and profited a cool billion dollars when the Bank of England later collapsed. Then there’s the incidence when Soros profited by shorting the Malaysian currency in the 2000’ and read full article.

Joe Uscinski, a political science lecturer at the University of Miami isn’t surprised by the barrage of allegations thrown at George Soros. Professor Joe Uscinski reasons that such kinds of smear campaigns targeting powerful Democratic Party donors are commonplace, and they are usually paid for by the billionaire lobbyists from the other political camps.

Soros Rules!

The Chairman of Soros fund, Michael Vachon is quoted on PulseLive.com saying that Soros vehemently opposed the laid out plans to send troops to invade the oil-rich nation of Iraq by George Bush once elected. According to Michael Vachon, opposing the Iraqi invasion marked the beginning of the Soros conspiracies by the Conservatives. In recent times, far right supporters like, Breitbart, have pointed accusing fingers at George Soros for his role in funding protests all across the nation and more information click here.

Daniel Greenfield echoes the far right opinions expressed by media outlets like the Washington Times. David claims that Soros is an evil person on a mission to subvert global democracies and make the entire planet more liberal leaning. David Greenfield recently penned a scathing attack on Soros in a Business Insider article titled, ‘How George Soros Destroyed the Democratic Party’ and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.


Soros started minting billions in the 1960’s. Soros, 86, possessed an uncanny mastery of the dynamics of the UK financial market. In May 2017, Soros retained his spot on the list of the globe’s top 30 billionaires having a net worth of $25B. Soros has at one time in his past life experienced civil injustice by the invading Germans. At the London School of Economics, Soros was instrumental in deriving a principal economics concept: The Markets Reflexivity Theory. The reflexivity theory would guide Soros all through his fantastic investment career. Soros is genuinely passionate about lifting people from squalor and dictatorships. Check out Soros’ official philanthropy website, the Open Society Forum to learn more about the billionaire’s benevolence and follow his Twitter.

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