Social Security is a Complex Topic That Must Be Addressed Sufficiently According to David Giertz

Social security is such a serious matter that has to be discussed seriously and in depth. For this reason, most working people, especially those nearing their retirement days, opts to have their social security taken care of by professional financial advisors on About three to four years ago, however, most Americans were sitting uneasily regarding their social security for they felt that their financial advisors were not addressing the issue with the gravity it deserved. Their general feeling was that the financial advisors were deliberately circumventing their primary responsibility of explaining matters social security to their clients. Veronica Dagher of Wall Street Journal interviewed David Giertz on the matter in 2014.

David’s Take on the Topic

David Giertz authenticated the claims that financial advisors were not doing enough to educate their clients on social security. According to him, the advisors denied the customers a chance to benefit maximally from the social security at David quoted a survey that was conducted by Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute that showed high levels of dissatisfaction among the populace. The survey indicated that 4 out of every 5 respondents were considering sourcing for new financial advisors.

A Difficult Topic

As wrong as it was, David Giertz sought to give a fair judgment to the incompetent financial advisors. He noted that most of them were avoiding the social security topic due to its complex nature: not many people understand it. He gave an example of the social security handbook that has over 2,700 rules, which he said is a hard bone to chew for the financial advisors.

David Giertz

David Giertz is a financial genius living in Columbus, Ohio. He has a deep understanding of the American financial landscape, having had the chance to serve as an executive in several reputable financial institutions. Today, David heads the sales and distribution arm of Nationwide Financial Distributors.

Before his present-day position, David has held other positions in his career including being the president of Financial Institutions Distribution Channel and president of Wirehouse Distribution Channel.

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