Surprising Doe Deere Facts and Why She Is So Loved

If anyone were to ask me who I think is one of the greatest female influences of this generation, I would proudly respond with Doe Deere. This woman not only goes against everything that someone labels a female entrepreneur as being, but she is the definition of the successful American dream and all of the twists and turns that comes with it.

Doe Deere is originally from Russia. The girl once had an undying ardor for music, a fervor that resulted in her moving to the United States the moment that she was able. Instantly, she fell in love with New York City and wasted no time in starting her fairytale rock band, Sky Salt. The city was not the only thing she fell in love with, though, and she quickly married one of her bandmates. Playing music in their spare time, Deere could not silence her other artistic abilities for long, so she made dresses that she sold online.

Deere has always had a vibrant personality that reflects in her style choices. From her rainbow hair to the makeup she once made herself, the girl diffuses color, humor, and liveliness. When her dresses began receiving a ton of attention and feedback, her makeup was not exempt from the spotlight. Admitting that she made it herself, the public along with her fans encouraged her to use that to her advantage by launching her own cosmetic line. Using her face as her presentation, the higher ups were quick to sign this Russian, bright-eyed beauty. That very moment was when the immensely popular line, Lime Crime, came to be.

Currently, Deere resides in Los Angeles and works tirelessly each day to ensure that her fans are well taken care of. Makeup was never necessarily her passion, but art always was, and she used that fervor to her full advantage at every opportunity. Known today as the Queen of Unicorns, Deere is regularly recognized for her accomplishments as a female entrepreneur, being young and successful, standing out against all odds, and encouraging her fans to be themselves no matter the situation. So, again, when I am asked why Doe Deere is so inspirational and should be mentioned in every circumstance in which a woman is the hero, I reiterate her interesting story.

To conclude, too few people are courageous enough to be themselves. When Doe Deere rose to fame, she shifted the dynamic of the beauty industry and the very manner that people were able to express themselves creatively each day. With the recommendation for her fans to share their looks and creations with other Unicorns, people are able to feel a sense of purpose on top of boosting their own self-confidence with unique shades of makeup. From a young girl in Russia with a dream of singing her way through life to a CEO of an outrageously successful company, Doe Deere is an iconic woman who will not soon be silenced, quelled in her creative pursuits, or forgotten by those who have loved her since day one or who are just beginning to discover her and her original line.

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