The Magnificent Expanded Edition of Purple Rain

The release of an epic album like
“Purple Rain” could have easily become a disaster with the addition of unreleased tracks. Prince may have certainly had his reason for creating a “Purple Rain” soundtrack that only had 9 songs. He did not have a desire to officially release all of the songs that he originally created. Prince would work extensively with the director of the film in order to condense the number of songs that were contained in the film. He would also put a limit to the number of songs that were actually part of the soundtrack.

“Purple Rain” has become a very interesting film over the years because it has spoken to so many generations. This is the type of movie that has been deemed timeless, and people are going to be impressed with the unreleased tracks that have been put in place for this expanded edition.

There are a lot of people that are interested in what he did over the years. So many people have been able to listen to this collection and totally get taken back to in a the era of Prince during this 1984 music explosion. He was definitely on top of his game at that time, and anyone that was a fan of the movie would definitely be interested in hearing more of the songs that have never been available for the public.

Prince was definitely someone that had a habit of hiding some of the tracks that he created. He wanted a vault environment where he could handpick tracks that he might release at any time. He was totally changing his style, and people actually wanted more of the music from this “Purple Rain” era. That is why the expanded edition is such an exciting addition to the Prince music collection.

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