Jason Hope’s Concept On Future Of Technology

Jason hope is a philanthropist living in Arizona. Jason graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in finance. He holds an MBA from ASU’s W.P Carey business school. Currently, he is the CEO of JAWA. He possesses a strong passion for technology. Moreover, he has built many businesses in the community. He examines how politics affects businesses on a national level.

Jason Hope is a futurist and studies all technology facets including gaming, apps, desktop infrastructure, and software. The knowledge helps to predict where the next big growth is going to take place in the industry. Currently, he sees the Internet of Things as the next big technological thing.

The Internet of Things considers how electronic devices will connect to change people’s way of life. The prediction is that it will change how people monitor health, drive, and perform daily tasks like making coffee, turning off lights, etc. As much as there will be challenges to realize the internet of things, it will eventually happen.

The biggest beneficiary will be the hospitality industry. With the increasing use of smart devices and tablets, the public is always considering new applications. Consumers are downloading better apps that do various functions, and it is becoming the norm and expectation. A networked Smartphone will control almost everything in the future, whether it is transportation like Uber, Zipcar, and Lyft or datings like Tinder and OKCupid.

Aside from his technology work, Hope gives back to the community by working with education groups. He provides support to both college and high school students to bring ideas into the marketplace. Also, he works with SENS Foundation which conducts research to cure diseases. SENS Foundation also researches on how to slow the advancement of aging through repairing the damage done to the body before the illness starts.

Jason Hope engages in many activities as a hobby. For examples, he writes technology articles, watches movies, buys lavish cars and homes and keeps tabs in the entertainment industry. At times he hosts parties and invites famous people to attend. In past parties, Caitlyn Jenner, Ludacris, and Snooki were in attendance.

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Chart Topping Success for the Weekend

Canada appears to be a dominant force that just continues to shine in America like never before. For years there have been artists like Tamia and Justin Bieber that are Canadians that have been heavily praised on American charts, but there is another type of dominance from artists like Drake and the Weeknd that seems to solidify that this is not a fluke. There is a level of commitment that the Weeknd has in making music that surpassed a lot of what the other American artists are doing. This is why he seems to be stuck in the number one spot as the “Starboy” album continues to rise.


Some people cannot really see what the Weeknd has that other American artists may not have, but it is not about the fact that he is from Canada. The fact of the matter is that Americans have been listening to songs from the Weeknd for a while. Most people just didn’t know that they were listening to things that he created. He has written songs for Drake early in his career. Most people may not have paid as much attention to it, but he has helped co-write songs for Arianna Grande. His presence has been felt in the music industry for several years before he would become this type of artist that outsells other artists like Bruno Mars. It was just a matter of time. People already knew that he was trying to establish himself in the music world, and he managed to do this with a great amount of commitment.


It was the “Fifty Shades of Grey” soundtrack with the sleeper hit “You Deserve It” that really made the consumers of pop music listen to what the Weednd had to say. It was like he was finally getting the recognition that he had been fighting so hard for. He had already released an album called “Trilogy” that was a combination of 3 records. He still wasn’t getting the respect in the industry at this time though. People even compared his voice to that of the legendary Michael Jackson, but he still wasn’t in a place to top the charts. It would take the “You Deserve It” song to make people realize the potential.

Scott Rocklage: Investing Into Medical Technologies.

With over three decades of work experience, Scott Rocklage proved to be an excellent venture partner when he joined 5 AM Ventures. Starting out in the company in 2003. Scott quickly rose up the ranks and rose to the position of Managing Partner just a year later.

5 AM Ventures is a company that aims to revolutionize scientific studies and research by investing in businesses that are actively working towards developing life sciences. The company seeks to give the necessary backing which a company would need to get off the ground and establish themselves. The primary objective of the company is to help with the progress of the healthcare industry by providing companies with the monetary backing they would need. 5 AM Ventures invests in a range of sectors, right from biopharmaceuticals to research and medical technology implementation. In addition to investing into the company’s, 5 AM Ventures also help companies with the necessary guidance to ensure the success of their business.

Scott is driven by the old fashioned ways of investing and helping companies. He believes in forming close ties with his clients and paying close attention to them, to give them all that they would need to start their business. Because of the extensive knowledge that Scott has on the matter of life sciences and healthcare, he can lead companies in a direction that is beneficial to their growth.

5 AM Ventures functions as a collaborative effort between four venture capitalist, John Diekman, Andy Schwab, Carin Mueller and of course Scott Rocklage. Scott has known his partners for over fifteen years and has been working closely alongside them for en extremely long time. The union of such learned and experienced investors is what has made 5 AM Ventures such a huge success.

Scott’s efforts at 5 AM Ventures have resulted in the company landing a host of big clients. During his first year at 5 AM Ventures, Scott landed companies like Alexa, Ambrx and Chelsea Therapeutics to name a few. Most of the businesses that Scott has made investments into have grown to be leaders in their field. Scotts determination to help the company succeed show in the broad portfolio of companies he has invested into.

In the past, Scott has tremendous experience in the field of medical advances and management. He previously worked with the FDA and helped in the formulation of new policies under the umbrella of the FDA. Scott also worked at Cubist Pharmaceuticals, where he headed the company as the CEO.

Scott Rocklage pursued his Bachelors in Chemistry from the University of California at Berkeley. He has also attained his Ph. D from MIT in Chemistry. Currently, Scott owns over 30 patents of various medical technologies in the United States. He has also had numerous publications regarding chemistry and life sciences.