Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi trying his hand at full-on classical music

If you thought Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi had already done everything there was to do in modern music, this dynamic guitarist has a surprise for you. As reported in the entertainment press, this legendary guitarist is trying his hand at full-on classical music. Tony Iommi recently wrote a song called “How Good It Is,” a song that features the Birmingham Cathedral choir and professional cellist G. Shilling. This original work was inspired by the lofty themes of Psalm 133. According to news sources in Birmingham, England, this new choral piece deals with themes of piece, interpersonal harmony and the redoubtable Birmingham Cathedral.


If this impassioned choral work is any guide, Iommi is deeply proud of his hometown cathedral, which is widely considered a priceless treasure of British architecture.

Hopefully, Iommi will receive plenty of accolades for this beautiful choral number. “How Good It Is” is so wonderfully composed that it should provide listening pleasure for even the most conservative classical music fan.


A thoughtful reading of hard rock reveals that rock stars are nothing more than entertainers providing harmless fun for music fans. Now we’re finding out what happens when an entertainer attempts to write a piece of music for the ages. For a rock and roll legend like Iommi, branching out into classical music is a fairly risky move. After all, it is bad enough competing with living musicians for the affections of the listening audience. When you step into the realm of classical music, you’re inviting comparisons with figures like Ludwig Van Beethoven and Wolfgang Mozart. Nevertheless, you simply have to appreciate Tony Iommi’s audacity. After years spent riffing repetitively in arenas, providing low-brow thrills for millions, Iommi is taking risks again. Clearly, this guitarist has such a passion for music that he refuses to let genre boundaries get in the way of his art.



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