Cat Stevens New Album Celebrates an Important Musical Milestone

It’s a rare person who can rightfully claim to be the voice of a decade. But for many people, the soundtrack of the 1960s was written by Cat Stevens. His first album was released in 1967 and it gave voice to youth in search of positive cultural growth. A lot’s changed in the world since then. One of the most surprising to many is the simple fact that Cat Stevens now goes by the name Yusuf Islam. However, name changes aren’t exactly new to the musician. He was originally named Steven Demetre Georgiou and only took on the name Cat Stevens when performing.

No matter what the name, the music continues to showcase a running theme. The celebration of his first album should be no different. Early music reviews pay special attention to the message of peace contained in songs such as “See What Love Did to Me”. The continuity of his underlying message is one of the reasons why his new album, The Laughing Apple, can be seen as a bridge between his older and more recent works. It’s not just a celebration of the past. The album also celebrates the present and the future.

Fans should also be excited to hear some older songs finally getting a real studio release. Two tracks, “Mighty Peace” and “Mary and the Little Lamb”, are revised performances of songs which never made it onto an album. The artist also took a moment to describe some of the work which goes into his creative process. It’s readily apparent that he takes his time with a song and only releases when he feels it’s ready. One of his examples details an eight year journey to find the proper way to express some deeply felt sentiments.

In total the new album will contain eleven tracks. This mix of new songs, older works, and revisions should provide a wonderful mix of nostalgia and novelty to any Cat Stevens fan.

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