Essentials Concerning Anthony’s Position at Nine9

Nine9 is a firm seeking to revolutionize the representation of the artists and models. Anthony Toma, a successful entrepreneur, serves as the founder and CEO of the venture. Toma’s talent has been exhibited across many industries where he served by owning businesses. His involvement in the entertainment industry seems to have carried him away. He has engaged with various industry leaders. As well, he has an undying passion for helping people with an ambition to invest in themselves. On an interview withideamensch, Tomadiscloses that the idea of Nine9 came about while he was in the grocery venture. He discovered a franchise that seemed related to his and bought it. Although it flopped, he took the ideas and launched his food company, Coral Reef Productions Inc.Coral Reef is currently doing business as Nine9, and that explains the entire formation process.

BasicsAppertaining of Nine9

Nine9 takes the central role in representing upcoming models and artists. It was founded in 2003, with the primary goal being provision of gears and resources necessary for successful endeavors by the potential models. They employ modern day technology in helping their clients.

To ensure instant receipts of castings and opportunities, they use diverse media. Some of the click here opportunities are; T.V and film, commercial, audio-visual music, promotional gigs among others. They also conduct monthly workshops where the models get to meet the prominent industry leaders.


For someone with an inspiration to enroll in the entertainment industry, Nine9 gives you a perfect opportunity. They ensure that you grow yourself with them. As well, they help you to fan the desire and attitude into flames. Most people give up due to lack of a place to begin. At Nine9 Talent Agent you will get an unmatched threshold to get your career growing. With guaranteed motivation and resources, you have no reason to despair in your pursuits.

Key Actors Depart Kong: Skull Island

Universal and Legendary Pictures have delayed filming on their planned monster movie Kong: Skull Island, thanks to the departure of two key members of its cast. Both Michael Keaton and Oscar winner JK. Simmons have exited the production. Principal photography was to have begun this fall, but thats now been pushed back by at least two weeks. Legendary reportedly still plans to begin filming by the end of the year.

The word is they dropped out due to scheduling issues. Brad Reifler agrees that, given the epic nature of the movie, its likely the production would have required a long filming commitment from both actors, which would prevent them from taking on other roles. Theres no word yet on who might replace them.

The film, which will supposedly depict the legendary large apes origin story, still has Tom Hiddleston on board. John Gatins and Max Borenstein penned the script, with Jordan Vogt-Roberts directing. Universal, who is releasing the film, has yet to name a release date.