A Review of the New Grizzly Bear Record

Rolling Stone Magazine has a review on their website of the new album “Painted Ruins” by indie rockers Grizzly Bear. The review also contains a streaming version of the single from the album, “Mourning Sound”.


This song is aptly named, in my opinion. The reverb on the vocals give it slightly sad feel, and the listener gets the sense that the singer is down about something. Rolling Stone says that the song is similar to the work of U2, but I’m not really hearing that. While there is a driving bass line that is much like some popular U2 tunes, the similarities end there, as far as I’m concerned.


Interestingly, the review contains a link to a recording of Grizzly Bear covering the Grateful Dead along with fellow alternative rockers the National. This is a beautiful cover. The two bands stay faithful to the original vision of the Grateful Dead’s 17-minute song “Terrapin Station” while putting their own spin on the classic material. The recording blends a pleasant beat, laid-back guitars and mellow strings to create something that’s both old and new.


My only complaint with this cover is that the vocalist from Grizzly Bear rather than the vocalist from the National is singing. The guy in the National has such a distinctive baritone voice that it would have really given the song some presence. On the other hand, having such a unique vocal range on the cover might possibly have made it too different from the original.


The Rolling Stone article also mentions that Grizzly Bear is going on the road to promote the record, and there’s a list of all the cities they will be visiting. Basically, the band is hitting select major metropolitan areas in both Europe and the United States. It was intriguing to me that, while the band is travelling through the American Midwest, they aren’t performing in the Chicago area. It seems like that would be a place where they could get a good turnout.