Educational App ClassDojo is Building Connections and Empowering Students, Teachers, and Parents

Launched in 2011, ClassDojo is providing everyone involved in the education process with connection and empowerment, from teachers and students, to parents themselves. Dianna Rhodes, who started her teaching career three years ago, has been using the app her entire time at Bel Aire School. Mrs. Rhodes says the parents love being kept in the loop with what’s going on with their children’s education through her picture posts of art projects and other in class activities. Mrs. Rhodes is hardly alone in her use of ClassDojo, however, as more than two thirds of schools in the United States are currently active on the service.



The communication platform started out as an app to assist teachers educate their students in positive social-emotional behavior and for creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools. And though that aspect is still an integral part of the education app, recently developments in the way ClassDojo provides connection between teachers, students, and parents, has really began a ground-up change in America’s classrooms. Sam Chaudhary, CEO of ClassDojo, emphasizes the effect the app could have on the education system, saying, if we can shift what happens inside the classroom then we can change education on a huge scale. Featured on Inc.’s 2015 30 under 30 list, ClassDojo seems to have the abilities to provide that change.



Developers at ClassDojo have managed to create a user-friendly, fun, communication platform that doubles as a social-emotional growth tool for students, creating communities in classrooms nationwide. Download ClassDojo at ClassDojo’s student focused content, such as their line of videos starring Mojo Monster, are cultivating positive relationships with peers, parents, and teachers. More than anything, however, Chaudhary says the app is to “Help parents guide conversations at home and support and enhance the learning and development their kids are doing in school.” Featuring an interface that allows teachers to reward students for chosen values and skills, as well as offering students access to portfolios to post pictures and videos of their own, ClassDojo is empowering parents, teachers, and students more than ever before.



Having provided this unique service to 2 in 3 schools in America for the past year, the next step for the company is, logically, monetizing the service. Though the company has extensive plans for the monetization of ClassDojo, they are being careful not to rush the process, which should show their commitment to providing the upmost when it comes to educational software in America’s schools. Speaking on monetization of ClassDojo, Chaudhary has been quoted as saying, “Any monetization of for this company needs to be driven by what the parents and teachers need.” See


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Talk Fusion Gives Free Trial

Talk Fusion is a global leader in the world of video marketing solutions. It has been devoted to helping small businesses grow through its special video technology. The technology is patented and developed proprietary at Talk Fusion headquarters. It changes lives through its innovative features. All the company’s products are sold through its network of independent associates on a person-to-person basis. The software is used by companies in more than 140 countries around the world. Talk Fusion has recently launched a free trial of its services, so more people can experience the benefits of using it.

On April 12, Talk Fusion began offering a 30 day free trial of its software. The trial is available in 9 different languages in all countries were Talk Fusion provides service. Curious prospective customers can try the all in one Video Marketing Solution package without any risk to themselves for up to 30 days.

The team at Talk Fusion has worked hard over the years. Their goal has been to show customers the maximum benefits of using a proven video marketing program. The free trial will let customers see how the software works first hand without making a financial commitment.

Bob Reina, the CEO of Talk Fusion, has said that there is no comparison in the market when it comes to the value provided by his company’s suite of products. His aim was to put the software in the hands of as many people around the world as quickly as possible. He knows that once the customer buys his software they will be so impressed that they will upgrade into paying customers.

There are many benefits to using Talk Fusion’s software. Businesses, individuals and charities can all benefit from how quick and easy it is to use the program. The sign-up process is smooth, and personal information such as credit card data are not required. Customers can get started with a free trial immediately by going to and registering with a name and email address. Once the customer is logged in, they can use the software to create Video Email, Video Newsletters, Sign-up Forms, and Live Meetings. Talk Fusion makes everything easy.

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Talk Fusion – Empowering and Giving Back

Talk Fusion offers the world’s very first all-in-one video marketing solution. This video marketing solution was designed with businesses in mind and to help them increase profits as well as keep their customers returning time and time again. Talk Fusion recently won the 2016 Communications Solution Product of the Year Award from the Technology Marketing Corporation. This award was designed to honor the outstanding services available on the market today that offer voice, video, and data communications solutions. The CEO and founder of Talk Fusion Bob Reina was very excited to receive this award and gave credit and gratitude to the talented IT team behind it all. He has also assured the world that their all in one video marketing solution is just the beginning of what is to come from Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion is a leading global entity that is providing marketing services to businesses of all sizes across the world allowing them to increase their profits and gain a loyal customer base. The company was founded upon giving back to the community and they have partnered with many different charities and animal causes to give back to the community in the countries they work in around the world. Whether you are looking for video email services, video newsletters, live meeting platforms, video chat or personalized sign-up forms, Talk Fusion has services and products to help.

Talk Fusion currently provides services to businesses in over 140 countries worldwide and are giving back to the community in all of them through charities and helping empower individuals to follow their dreams.


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