Troy McQuagge Honored for USHealth Leadership (UPDATED FOR 2017)

UPDATED September 6, 2017

Troy McQuagge was featured on AffiliateDork for his recent accomplishments as the CEO of USHealth Group, and USHealth Advisors.  With all that he’s accomplished, you can bet Troy McQuagge son would be proud of him today.

UPDATED July 31, 2017

Troy McQuagge Honored as Gold Winner in the Annual 2017 CEO World Awards for CEO of the Year. Unsurprisingly, Troy McQuagge of USHealth fame has won another award for his leadership skills as CEO of the company. Read all about this most recent achievement on

UPDATED June 7, 2017

Troy McQuagge has been a visionary and innovator in the U.S. insurance industry for more than three decades now. As the President and CEO of USHEALTH Advisors, McQuagge maintains one of the most prominent positions in the industry and is responsible for the impressive growth of the company during his last seven years of leadership. He also serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the company and is also an executive of Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, one of the major subsidiaries of USHEALTH Advisors.

Ever since McQuagge graduated from Central Florida in 1983, he has displayed an uncanny drive to become the best version of himself possible. He has always taken a proactive approach to advancing his career and finding new ways to excel in whatever industry he chose. Insurance quickly became McQuagge’s true passion after he accepted a position with the Allstate Insurance Company that same year. He has never looked back since and has proven himself more than capable of dominating the insurance industry in exciting ways.

One of the reasons that McQuagge is so well-respected in his position as the leader of the company is that he has such a diverse background in insurance. McQuagge has worn many different hats in his role as the leader of USHEALTH Advisors as well as other large insurance companies. This allows McQuagge to have a more holistic perspective on what is required for the company to continue to be successful for years to come. The sheer number of years that McQuagge has studied the industry also allows him to quickly and accurately assess current trends so that the company is in the best position possible to take advantage of whatever changes arise in the insurance markets. This continues to be one of the driving forces behind the company’s ability to outlast and outrank many of its competitors in terms of profitability and market share.

Since 2010, USHEALTH Advisors has grown to 10 times its previous level. What makes this accomplishment even more significant is that McQuagge was able to contribute to the rapid growth of the company during some of the most restrictive economic times in the past several decades. While other companies in the industry looked for ways to downsize and reduce their overall risk exposure during these difficult economic times, McQuagge continued to be dogged in his pursuit of the next path for growth and development. This steadfast and tenacious approach more than paid off for McQuagge and USHEALTH Advisors in the long run.

In recognition of McQuagge’s remarkable success in the insurance industry, he was awarded one of the gold awards in 2016 from CEO World Awards for the category Most Innovative CEO of the Year: Insurance. Although McQuagge has been praised for decades within the insurance industry as a top executive, the CEO World Awards were a particularly prestigious honor because they include all sizes of companies from many different industries around the globe. This remains a source of personal pride for McQuagge because he has always strived to seek out new opportunities for growth in unconventional ways in the insurance industry. However, McQuagge is always quick to credit his peers at USHEALTH Advisors as well as his employees for the overall success of the company. One of the things that his teammates and employees are quick to say about McQuagge is that he never shies away from an opportunity to recognize his employees for excellence and has maintained his humble and grateful attitude no matter how much success he achieves in his personal and professional life.

Although McQuagge has the unique ability to identify and harness current trends in the insurance industry as chances for growth, he has also had phenomenal success in narrowing his focus to a niche market. For example, much of his success at USHEALTH Advisors was driven by his specialization in marketing health insurance products primarily to potential clients under the age of 65. He dug in and taught himself everything that could be useful in targeting this specific demographic and employed that knowledge and his innate determination to boost the company’s sales to an unprecedented level. McQuagge is known throughout USHEALTH Advisors for his willingness to pass along this knowledge and experience to the next generation of leaders within the company. He is considered a mentor and cheerleader for many of the younger employees and seems to genuinely enjoy teaching his craft so that the company can continue to grow beyond his legacy.

McQuagge could easily have focused solely on the numbers in leading USHEALTH Advisors to the top of the field. However, he has been a driving force behind the company’s focus on social responsibility and giving back to the community. McQuagge consistently encourages his employees to find ways to improve their local communities and participate in causes that are worthwhile to them. He also instills a commitment to personal customer service in all interactions, which has filtered down to all levels of the company. This is why USHEALTH Advisors continues to receive rave customer reviews and has such a loyal base of clients. No matter how fast the company grows or how many new clients it serves, McQuagge has established a lasting culture of prioritizing customer service and taking care of each client just like family. This has also helped set him apart from his peers during all stages of his career.

Timothy Armour Gives His Two Cents On The Warren Buffet Wager

UPDATED May 12th, 2017 – Tim Armour’s most recent article “Warren Buffett is Wrong About this Investment Strategy” is available to read over at

Warren Buffet said that he would give $1 million to charity if he achieved better returns than a group of hedge fund managers. However, he will only be allowed to invest in a passive index fund of the S&P 500. The bet will be concluded this year, and all indications are that Buffet will win.

Buffet is Right

Right now, the market is saturated with expensive and mediocre funds that are shortchanging investors. Mr Warren Buffet’s commitment to simple and low-cost investments that should be held for long is quite sensible, according to Timothy Armour. His commitment to performing a rigorous analysis of companies and creating a durable portfolio that has proven successful over the decades.

Timothy Armour also commented on the recent wisdom that Buffet shared. According to him, most mutual funds offer poor long-run returns, partly because of excessive trading and high management fees. Additionally, opportunity costs and volatility risks of passive indices are unknown or underestimated. The aim should be to deliver good returns in the long term, which depends heavily on low costs.

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Mr. Tim Armour said it was about time that the safety of passive index returns was challenged. For instance, he noted they have no cushion against down markets. Although the market is in a lengthy bull run, being able to perform well during bad times is what matters most.

Timothy Armour and His Opinion on Trump’s Effect on the Market

According to Tim, markets will begin to experience rising rates, better inflation, and smooth financial progress. According to him, the shock election of Trump has led to a modification in asset costs. He thinks that Trump’s effect on the market will be large and it will be real.

Timothy Armour is the CEO and chair of Capital Group. He has 34 years of experience in investment, all of which he gained at Capital Group. He has a bachelor’s degree in economics that he got from Middlebury College.

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UKV PLC Bring The Best Wines To The Public

UPDATED May 10th, 2017 – UKV PLC just launched a new wine investment blog, as well as a new “Guide to French Wine”. Head over to to learn more.

The wine merchant UKV PLC has grown to become one of the best known providers of wine for people around the world who are looking for wines for a range of needs from drinking for enjoyment to collecting and investing.

UKV PLC has been at the heart of wine supplies for U.K. based and global customers for a number of years and brings a whole host of knowledge to their customers through a small team of experts in wine who can guide customers to their best possible wine choices; as wine investing has become more popular than ever before the experts at this respected wine merchant can assist in finding wines with a great chance of providing a profit in the future.

One of the bonuses of working with UKV PLC is the fact the company has always guarded its independence from wineries and vineyards producing specific wines; the experts and management of the merchant believe they have the chance to explore the many global options for finding wines that best suit the needs of their customers and not those that are simply supplied by a wine producing partner. By remaining independent UKV PLC have remained able to provide its clients with offerings from a range of wine producing regions including Bordeaux, Champagne, Burgundy, as well as excellent choices from Italy and Spain.

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Along with making sure they get the most impressive wines available UKV PLC have also looked to embrace the latest technologies in linking their customers with the latest advances in the wine industry. UKV PLC have become extremely active on Facebook and Instagram as they seek to provide a sense of fun in the wine industry and share the latest articles from high quality news organizations and members of the wine industry to keep clients aware of the latest advances and top wine producing regions of the world.

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