Troy McQuagge awarded

USHEALTH Group is currently considered to be among the most prominent health insurance companies in the United States. The company has been in this field for decades, and it has won many hearts because it offers clients high quality insurance plans at very affordable rates. The institution has a great team of professionals who are responsible for the activities taking place in the private companies. The USHEALTH Group has a great team of employees who have been working closely to give customers the kind of services they deserve. Troy McQuagge is among these professionals.

As the leader of the insurance company, Troy McQuagge has been working very hard to bring positive reforms into the international company. The businessman is famed for being one of the most influential individuals in the insurance world because of his great accomplishments. The successful company director has a great record when it comes to the matters concerning insurance.

Just recently, the successful leader was honored by the prestigious One Planet Awards due to his numerous accomplishments. According to the company management, the businessman was offered the CEO of the year honor because he has achieved so much in the recent times. Most of his greatest achievements have taken place when the businessman was serving as the chief executive director of the insurance company.

One Planet Awards are extremely prestigious. Getting this award is a very complicated affair. For any chief executive officer to acquire the award, they must prove to the international communities that they have all the qualities of a great leader using their achievements. Very few individuals in the society have been able to get the prestigious honor. This is one of the reasons the insurance company is very happy to be associated with the Troy McQuage.

On the other hand, Troy is very excited to have been given the prestigious award. However, the businessman believes that he only got the honor because he has received a lot of support from his employees in the insurance company. The businessman believes that without the team, he could not have achieved so much in his career life.

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Bob Reina’s Approach to Video Marketing.

Talk Fusion is a video marketing and communications solutions company that was established by CEO Bob Reina back in 2007. Bob Reina has become one of the more vocal and charismatic leaders within the marketing industry and as a result, he has been candid about the path he took to success. Reina knows that every good entrepreneur has something that they can leave behind for the next group of people to learn from. Let’s dive into Bob Reina’s career, where he came from, and what he plans for the future.


Bob Reina had spent the bulk of his professional career working as a police officer. Through this job, which he retired from before taking up marketing, Reina learned several key aspects that entrepreneurs would do well to take notice of. Those aspects were simple, Reina believes. Reina says, “Being a police officer taught me that you always have to be on your toes, you’ve got to be on the lookout at all times.” Reina goes on to cite instruction he received during chases whether in his car or on foot. During those instances Reina was taught, “Look where you’re going, not where you are!” While Bob Reina retired from being a police officer in order to pursue marketing, he never forgot where he came from.


With Talk Fusion, Reina is focused on bringing about real and practical solutions to the industry that most people deal with — marketing. Video marketing has become the cornerstone to most successful brands. From branded video outreach to embedded advertisements, being able to control your video presence is absolutely important. Reina saw the future of this industry before the industry really existed. He started by taking an idea, emails that could embed videos, and growing it into a real marketable solution. The Talk Fusion video marketing suite started with the vaunted Video Email application and has since grown to dozens of different programs. With Talk Fusion the goal has always been simple. Reina says, “We’re providing people with the tools, support, proven system for success, and company culture they need to succeed.” These are big words but they ring true.



Paul Mampilly’s Path From Investment Banking To Stock Advice

Paul Mampilly is one of the most well-known stock experts in the US, but he isn’t a broker who’s only concerned with serving the top 1% and those who can afford high-risk investments. He’s helping people on Main Street understand how they can turn small stock investments into thousands and possibly even over $1 million in returns if they master the art of investing. Paul Mampilly shares how to do this in newsletters that he publishes at Banyan Hill, an independent financial information hub. He’s shared the story of his own private portfolio and how he found small stocks that turned into major profit generators, and learn more about Paul Mampilly.

Paul Mampilly came to the US from India to study economics and finance at Montclair State University, and while there he worked hard at a gas station and cafeteria to pay his way through school. After getting his bachelor’s degree, he found an opening at Deutsche Bank, a big investment bank in the area and after spending some time as a research assistant, he caught on quickly with investing for the bank’s clients. His skill landed him at several other banks including ING and Banker’s Trust. From there, Mampilly landed a big job at a new hedge fund firm, Kinetics International Fund and within months of joining it, he helped the firm raise over $19 billion in investor funds. During Mampilly’s time there, Barron’s magazine also featured the firm as one of the fastest-growing hedge funds.


Mampilly really showed how to make an investment even in a bear market during the 2008 crisis when he won the Templeton Foundation’s investment competition for making a $50 million investment yield 88%. Mampilly also became the founder of Capuchin Consulting during his years as a hedge fund advisor. As a personal investor, he bought stocks in Netflix, Facebook and a startup pharmaceutical company known as Sarepta Therapeutics, and these all turned into big returns that few experts saw coming. He was only in his 40s when he decided to retire from investment banking and hedge funds, but he still kept investing for his own reasons, and he decided it was time to publish his newsletters so that others could learn the tricks of the trade. One newsletter, “Profits Unlimited” climbed to 60,000 subscribers within a short period, many of which reported seeing gains in their investments like they had rarely seen before, and contact him.