Troy McQuagge awarded

USHEALTH Group is currently considered to be among the most prominent health insurance companies in the United States. The company has been in this field for decades, and it has won many hearts because it offers clients high quality insurance plans at very affordable rates. The institution has a great team of professionals who are responsible for the activities taking place in the private companies. The USHEALTH Group has a great team of employees who have been working closely to give customers the kind of services they deserve. Troy McQuagge is among these professionals.

As the leader of the insurance company, Troy McQuagge has been working very hard to bring positive reforms into the international company. The businessman is famed for being one of the most influential individuals in the insurance world because of his great accomplishments. The successful company director has a great record when it comes to the matters concerning insurance.

Just recently, the successful leader was honored by the prestigious One Planet Awards due to his numerous accomplishments. According to the company management, the businessman was offered the CEO of the year honor because he has achieved so much in the recent times. Most of his greatest achievements have taken place when the businessman was serving as the chief executive director of the insurance company.

One Planet Awards are extremely prestigious. Getting this award is a very complicated affair. For any chief executive officer to acquire the award, they must prove to the international communities that they have all the qualities of a great leader using their achievements. Very few individuals in the society have been able to get the prestigious honor. This is one of the reasons the insurance company is very happy to be associated with the Troy McQuage.

On the other hand, Troy is very excited to have been given the prestigious award. However, the businessman believes that he only got the honor because he has received a lot of support from his employees in the insurance company. The businessman believes that without the team, he could not have achieved so much in his career life.

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Troy McQuagge Shines As CEO Of The Year

Troy McQuagge seems to be having a good professional year, considering that he was awarded for being one of the best CEO by Planet One Awards. The award was named the CEO of the Year Award and if given every year to those who have made a considerable contribution to their field and alsoto the industry as a whole. Troy McQuagge has a stellar reputation for being an incredible CEO and leader of the company and has played a vital role in the development of the company that he runs. Currently, Troy McQuagge is the CEO of USHealth Group, which is a company that provides top-tier health insurance to people all over America. Troy has been instrumental in bringing the company up to be one of the leading names of its kind.

USHealth is looked up to as the gold standard for health insurance in America. The company has been doing exceptionally well because of several new policies that Troy McQuagge has brought into place. One of the more noticeable changes to the company’s policies was the way that their health insurance worked. Unlike most health insurance companies, USHealth Group offers exceptionally personalized health plans to the people that come to them.

The firm sees millions of people coming to them from all around the country and therefore realized that they could not adopt one size fitted all policy and needed to tailor all the policies that they were giving their clients. The advisors working at USHealth know how to gauge what exactly the people coming to them need regarding health insurance and try to offer them something that resonates with what they need. Troy McQuagge knew that this system would work well for the company, which is why he decided to implement it. USHealth Group has been receiving a lot more customers because of this and has increased their profits significantly as compared to the last few years.

Even though Troy McQuagge was the honorable recipient of such an incredible and noteworthy award, he tried his best to remain as humble as he could during his acceptance speech. He stated that he would not have been able to receive such a prestigious award if it was not for the people that work hard to bring top-tier health insurance services to the people of America. Troy McQuagge has always believed in being a team player and works around motivating his employees to put their best foot forward at the workplace. He is all about boosting the overall morale of the people working at USHealth, which has led to the company is a much more efficient health insurance provider that offers top-tier services to corporate and well as personal clients. Read more:



A Beauty Sensation!

Lime Crime is an online movement specializing in the make-up world. Not only is it a movement but it is a brand created by Doe Deere who is an online sensation who is responsible for being an inspiration for millions of young people from all around the world. To these beautiful people, being stylish and artistic at the same time makes the day brighter. Doe Deere began like any person would in the prime of their life and searched to find herself. She searched for what she was good at and stuck to it. Sometimes life kicks pretty hard and it can be tough to follow talents and dreams but that never stopped the young artist. Learn more:


Make-up is not just a necessity in life in order to look best for that job interview or for a special occasion. Doe Deere made it into a way of life without much struggle either, so that other enthusiasts could do the same. Doe Deere lives in the United States but she was birthed in Russia, respectively. She grew up being artistic and wanted to find a way to express herself. Art comes in many forms and makeup became her favorite media, rather than paint or watercolor pencil. Amazingly, she began by having a musical interest which is on opposite side of the artistic spectrum, of course. As time passed her interests began to sneak to one after another, and soon landed on the beauty world.


Doe Deere had a love for people and she knew that her gifts could reach out to them by the use of the internet and her beautiful make-up selections. Her style blossomed while her skills did and soon enough she became a huge success. She grew famous, which was probably something she least expected. The idea for Lime Crime was inspired by this and it soon became the lifestyle she had always dreamed of.


Lime Crime is her playground, it is whatever she wants. She uses it to teach, to inspire and bring people together. Over time her name reached the top of the headlines online, gaining so many supporters. So many that not even negativity would get in her way. She is a businesswoman and she worked so hard to be this successful. Despite any complaints or any kind of negativity, Doe Deere inspires many with her work. She is proud of herself and she should be! Learn more: