Avaaz, A Change Organization

Avaaz is a change organization that works towards the betterment of society. They are a group of people who want to find justice for acts, executive orders and other things that affect society in a negative way. Avaaz is a diverse group of people with one focus. They care about the climate, animal rights, corruption in societies, poverty and conflicts around the world.

Avaaz is a private civic organization built for the people, by the people. They intentionally avoided donations from foundations and political corporations to avoid limitations on how they campaign. A small group of powerful leaders from different backgrounds launched Avaaz in 2007. The way Avaaz work is a “team of campaigners working from over 30 countries” via different forms of communication methods to help be apart of change. (www.wikipedia.com). They have made positive changes around the world creating solutions one problem at a time.

Former President Barack Obama spoke on the topic about the Climate in 2014. He said, “our citizens keep marching. We cannot pretend we do not hear them.” (www.youtube.com). People from all over the world came together in their cities marching to save our climate. The Climate March through Avaaz made History.

Many other worldwide campaigns can be found on avaaz.org. A lifeline for Yemen is a campaign fighting malnutrition. It is said, “every 10 minutes a child dies from malnutrition.” (www.avaaz.org). There are many pro-life individuals that believe in saving lives.

Another campaign is on stopping Trump’s Internet takeover. It saved people’s privacy on the internet. Avaaz members believe “it’s a crucial win for free speech and a free internet!” (avaaz.org). These loyal members are committed to tackling everything that is for the good of society. They are looking for volunteers to help save the world. Visit Avaaz.org today for more information.

Avaaz: A Popular Platform for Change

Popular news publication The Guardian consider Avaaz to be “the globe’s largest and most powerful online activist network“. That’s word for word how the organization is looked upon by the people who support it and benefit from it. Much like Facebook connects people through their location and network of family and friends, Avaaz has been bringing people together since 2007 through their shared interest in world issues like climate change, human rights, and animal rights.

If you have a passionate desire to help the world, Avaaz puts the world at your fingertips and helps you do so. As the site itself documents, there are over 45 million people just like you right now seeking to change the world and make it a better place. That number isn’t shabby by any standard.

Avaaz is just a platform. It’s the people and tools within the platform that makes change happen. One of the most popular tools that Avaaz has at its disposal are the many user-created petitions that let you pick a cause and then gather electronic signatures from around the world. With over 45 million people on the network, many of the petitions can generate a real buzz around a particular cause and serve as pressure on authorities to generate that change.

Everyone has something they’re passionate about, something they want to “get out there” and Avaaz is a great way to do so. Since 2007, millions of people have used Avaaz as a way to let their voice be heard on a number of social change issues. Change campaigns are available in 15 languages worldwide. As more people continue to discover this platform for change, there will be more of what Avaaz viewed as “people-powered politics” around the world. The platform currently powers politics in its own unique way online.

Their Twitter Profile: https://twitter.com/avaaz

Avaaz: Changing the World One Petition at a Time

What started as a small, global initiative in 2007 has turned into a massive movement that has grown to over 45 million members in 194 countries. Avaaz is largely a online platform to reach many people about the political and social issues that impact today’s society such as: global warming, the use of fossil fuels, preservation of natural landmarks, endangered animals, and more.

Even though Avaaz is a large organization with many members, they are a member run organization. Every week a different group of 10,000 members will be asked what issues Avaaz should focus on for that week. Even though they may be focused on the weekly issues, if a last minute situation arises, whether it’s political or social, that needs immediate attention Avaaz staffers can send out an email or text call to action to their millions of members.

It’s those millions of members that can make a difference when signing petitions or taking action. A small group of staff members work with strategic experts in order to streamline alerts to members so that alerts are concise, efficient, and to the point. Avaaz members are kept up to date on the latest issues around the world. Avaaz is published in 15 different languages and is an independent organization with no party funding. They are completely held accountable and founded by members.

Avaaz has been making a difference globally and is the leading online activist site in the world. Here are a few victories for Avaaz:

Avaaz played a massive part in the Paris Peace Accords, moving the world away from fossil fuels to a greener, renewable resource.

Freeinternet from Government censorship and sponsoring across four continents.

Avaaz has help play a role in the biggest Marine conservationist efforts in history.

These are just a few victories for Avaaz,to read more please click their link here.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/avaaz