Freedom Life Insurance Gives the Freedom to Choose

The importance of getting insurance cannot be overstated. It doesn’t matter whether it is health or homeowners insurance. And this is also true of life insurance. Unfortunately, life insurance does not make into the public conversation nearly enough. If something were to happen to a person, especially death, then the survivors are left to deal with life’s expenses. This especially true if the person who has passed on was the main breadwinner. Before making the choice, there are a few things that need to be known about life insurance. There are basically two types; permanent and term life insurance.

Permanent life insurance is for those who want or need life insurance for the entire length of their life. It doesn’t matter if the policyholder were to pass away tomorrow or 50 years from now, the beneficiaries will be compensated. Other benefits include using the insurance policy as a form of collateral. Of course, if something were to happen to the policyholder before the loan is paid off, the insurance company will pay the beneficiary after the loan amount has been taken care of.

Permanent life insurance policies usually come with higher premiums, compared to others. On the other hand, permanent policies usually come with permanent premiums.

Term life insurance policies are generally taken for a specific period of time, 15 or 20 years. Most people do this as a backup plan after they do a big purchase such as a new home. Other scenarios could be when people have children that they plan to send to college. The important thing to remember about term life insurance is that it has a finite lifespan. The only way to continue it after expiration is to renew it. If the policyholder decides to renew it, they can expect to pay a higher premium.

One such company that has a lot of experience in the life insurance policy business is Freedom Life Insurance. Founded in 1956, the company used to be known as Consolidated American Life Insurance before it changed its name in 1986. Freedom Life Insurance continues to serve thousands of satisfied customers by offering them tailor-made insurance solutions. The company is based out of Fort Worth, Texas.

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The Determining Factor That Won US Health A Gold Award From CEO World Awards

 2017 has been a victorious year for the leading health insurance provider, US Health Group Inc. The firm received an honor as the leader in corporate and social matters on a global scale. The Gold award was a recognition that differentiated US Health Group from thousands of entries from participants around the world. According to the awarding platform CEO World Awards, US Health has impeccable leadership abilities, organizational structures and innovative products and services. US Health surpassed other entries due to the unquestionable corporate and social responsibility in society.

The winning factor that put US Health ahead of the completion was its initiative, Month of HOPE. The program entailed changing the lives of more than 170,000 people by inputting the effort of more than 1000 employees. US Health carried out charity events across 80 communities in the United States. CEO World Award’s jury evaluated the performance of 100-499 participants and declared US Health the winner of the Gold award for Social Corporate Responsibility Initiative. The chief executive officer of the firm stated that the award was an honor to US Health’s hard-working staff that worked tirelessly to impact the society in a notable and positive way. He added that working to alienate suffering in the community is the most honorary call for a company.

US Health Group is an insurance providing firm with headquarter offices in Ft.Worth, Texas. The insurance plans serve self-employed individuals and small business owners with limited finances. Troy McQuagge leads the firm towards understanding the intricate needs of the society to offer competitive and affordable plans. The staff works in close collaboration with marketing agents to innovate products and services that meet the changing demands of subscribers.

US Health has insurance services such as Secure Advantage, MedGuard, Life Protector, Accident Protector, PPO Networks and Secure Dental. The firm’s plans cover the various needs of health, wellness and medical care as well are connected factors such as a patient’s income. US Health is a BBB accredited business with a history of constantly revising the customer care services. The firm’s sales agents are readily available through the online portal to guide a client seeking to purchase an insurance package.

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Troy McQuagge Shines As CEO Of The Year

Troy McQuagge seems to be having a good professional year, considering that he was awarded for being one of the best CEO by Planet One Awards. The award was named the CEO of the Year Award and if given every year to those who have made a considerable contribution to their field and alsoto the industry as a whole. Troy McQuagge has a stellar reputation for being an incredible CEO and leader of the company and has played a vital role in the development of the company that he runs. Currently, Troy McQuagge is the CEO of USHealth Group, which is a company that provides top-tier health insurance to people all over America. Troy has been instrumental in bringing the company up to be one of the leading names of its kind.

USHealth is looked up to as the gold standard for health insurance in America. The company has been doing exceptionally well because of several new policies that Troy McQuagge has brought into place. One of the more noticeable changes to the company’s policies was the way that their health insurance worked. Unlike most health insurance companies, USHealth Group offers exceptionally personalized health plans to the people that come to them.

The firm sees millions of people coming to them from all around the country and therefore realized that they could not adopt one size fitted all policy and needed to tailor all the policies that they were giving their clients. The advisors working at USHealth know how to gauge what exactly the people coming to them need regarding health insurance and try to offer them something that resonates with what they need. Troy McQuagge knew that this system would work well for the company, which is why he decided to implement it. USHealth Group has been receiving a lot more customers because of this and has increased their profits significantly as compared to the last few years.

Even though Troy McQuagge was the honorable recipient of such an incredible and noteworthy award, he tried his best to remain as humble as he could during his acceptance speech. He stated that he would not have been able to receive such a prestigious award if it was not for the people that work hard to bring top-tier health insurance services to the people of America. Troy McQuagge has always believed in being a team player and works around motivating his employees to put their best foot forward at the workplace. He is all about boosting the overall morale of the people working at USHealth, which has led to the company is a much more efficient health insurance provider that offers top-tier services to corporate and well as personal clients. Read more: