The Purple Rain Revival Takes Place Through Expanded Edition of Album

Prince may be gone, but his music continues to live on. When he passed the first thing that people started talking about was all the music that was hidden away in the vault. Now there is a chance for people to hear more music from the Purple Rain era with the upcoming expanded edition of this album.

Fans of the “Purple Rain” movie have known for a long time that there were other songs from this era that were just not released yet. Anyone that has seen the director’s cut of “Purple Rain” with the director’s commentary is aware that there were more songs for this movie.

In the commentary for the “Purple Rain” it was stated that there were 100 original finished songs that were created by Prince for the movie. Only 12 of these songs are actually used in the movie so that would leave more than 80 tracks that have never been heard before.

Some songs from the movie will now be put into a remastered and expanded edition. This is one of the best ways to actually extend his estate. There are some songs that have been floating around on the internet for years, but many of these songs like “Electric Intercourse” and never made it to any album.

This is the surprising thing about the songs that are going to be released. There are at least another 11 songs that are going to be featured on the album that dropped in June.

It has not even been determined how many songs are available from the Vault that Prince kept in his Paisley Park home. He has been very secretive about his music, and it is not until now that the public would have a chance to actually get a glimpse into all the songs that he was keeping hidden from the public.

The irony of it all is that many of these songs may have been played in live shows at certain times. He was known for doing songs on stage at times that were not available anywhere else. This is why there are bootleg recordings of live concerts from his early years where these songs come to light. He always kept high level of mystery about his unreleased music.